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Hey anons, I'm in need of some history manga. Just finished picrel and I loved it. When I try to google "historical manga" the results are pretty much just generic samurai story #5693, some gay Victorian romance, or isekai bullshit. Anything interesting that's outside of these would be appreciated.

Series I've read
>Golden Kamuy
>Vinland Saga
Fuck you, How dare you talk down to Victorian romance and Samurai

>Aoi Horus no Hitomi
Palace intrigues of Queen Hatshepsut
By Yasuhiko Yoshikazu. As it says the tin.
Eumenes of Cardia, Alexander's secretary
Siege of Syracuse, 2nd Punic War
Pliny the Elder during the Eruption of Vesuvius
>Waga na wa Nero
By Yasuhiko Yoshikazu. As it says the tin.
By Yasuhiko Yoshikazu. As it says the tin.
Old Swiss Confederacy war of Independence, telling the events leading to the Battle of Mortgarten
>Otome Sensou
Hussite Wars
By Yasuhiko Yoshikazu. As it says the tin.
Cesare Borgia with his University colleague as POV character
>Hyouge Mono
Comedy manga on the Aesthetic and Artistic movements during the Sengoku Jidai, and its usage as instruments of Politics
Female War Orphan acting as the body-double of Takeda Nobukatsu
Manga version of Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi novel. In Hiatus.
>Green Blood
1860s Irish immigrant in New York gangland and the Wild West.
>RED Living on the Edge
Revenge story of sole survivor of a Indian massacre by a rogue US Cavalry unit.
>Yae no Sakura
Yamamoto Yaeko, who fought in the Siege of Aizu-Wakamatsu
Slice-of-life Romance of Central Asian Brides during the Russian Conquest of Turkestan
>Fushigi no Kuni no Bird
Travelogue of a Scottish travel writer through early Meiji-era Japan
>Harukaze no Snegurochka
Wheelchair-bound bastard daughter of Rasputin and her attendant in 1920s Soviet Union
>Kuro Kishi Monogatari
Wehrmacht Tank Crew in WW2 Eastern Front
>War's Unwomanly Face
Manga version of the same nonfictional book, telling the WW2 Soviet women soldiers
>Onwards to Our Noble Deaths
Semi-biographical work of the mangaka's experience as a IJA soldier in New Guinea
>Barefoot Gen
Semi-autobiographical manga of the mangaka's experience during and after the Hiroshima bombing
7 juvvie's prison break and life in post-WW2 defeat Japan
For historicals that are time-travel or have supranatural shenanigans:
Toujuushi Bestiarius
Olympic Circles
Thermae Romae
Kutsuzure Sensen

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