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I would like someone to relate with out of my demoralized state
Also get a job faggot
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Welcome to the NHK
Why not to try to get out? To change yourself?

You know that the problem is a misconception of the world, anon. Because in fact, if you have no existencially determinative beliefs, there's no other thing than just conceptions of reality.
But if you do believe, once again, what are you doing, fren?

Cheer up, dummy!
You probably feel tired, and with reason. You've accepted how you feel innerly, and that relieves the weight of falsety.

The way out of the endless pit, I guess, is managing to in some way find activities that provide the immediate satisfaction that you need as you are right now, but that also you find valuable, important and help you feel respectable at your own eyes.
Hipocrisy is no way out, that's certain. And it is always up to you to find it, anon.
But I do think that you can do it.
Keep it on. Good luck! God bless.
Nice blog fag
like others said, welcome to the nhk but its anime adaptation is SHIT, the book is better and you can easily get a copy online
you should also probably check out evangelion + end of eva if you haven't, try to see the series dealing with the kind of character you're looking for, put through the most extreme wringer while coming out on top (even though it may not immediately seen so)
manga is better for this subject though so here's some:
molester man
i sold my life for 10000 yen
(some light sorta wish fulfilment fluff to ease on the depressive shit) yofukashi no uta
do you know of any like berserk?
>guy alone through hellworld or struggles
The Devil is A Part Timer
i find berserk fuck boring personally in retrospect, but let me try and remember shit i find personally entertaining for either nightmare worlds, self-driven loner shit, or both, go read the synopses for them and see if they interest you enough:
fire punch
devilman/devilman lady/violence jack (blatantly violent and horrible, start with devilman before trying either lady or jack)
kokou no hito
sangatsu no lion
14-sai (umezu kazuo)
all of nobuyuki fukumoto's work (start with kaiji or strongest man kurosawa)
Not OP but both of these are horrible.
Well if you aren't the target audience then why even post?
how to spot a redditor in one word
try Wanitokagegisu, or strongest man Kurosawa like the other anon said
stop being a fucking faggot tourist for once you fucking cunt
Boys on the run

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