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I am trying to find an anime I saw a little while back. My gut told me the name was Pandora or Pandemonium or at least had one of those words in it but I haven't it found searching around.

It involves a devastated world with what I think are giant alien bugs, one or more being enormous possibly as tall or taller than skyscrapers. People fight them with mecha and/or robots though superhuman abilities may also be involved. I think the main character(s) live in some sort of wreckage or dilapidated structure, age possibly ranging around teens to twenties. The art style is more on the realistic side. I believe it is from the 2010's and not really popular, I think it might have had a release that wasn't your standard seasonal anime kind which might have contributed to it's lack of popularity.

I'm at a loss, I thought I had enough to go on but can't find it. Pic kind of related, in that it involves alien bugs.
Wow, right on the money, and Pandora is in the original Japanese! This had been bugging me for a while, thanks

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