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Hear me out, so I was walking over the park and saw some.. guys... setting a brick on fire.
It's literally a red brick which is used for walls and it burns quite a big flame as if you're setting wood on fire.

there isn't any other tinder or wood fuel around either, just a single brick on the ground.
and even if said bricks were to be soaked in gas it shouldn't be orange-ish flame isn't it?
any other thought how they can get said brick on fire?

no I'm not drunk or high at the moment.
bricks may crack or even explode under high enough heat, but they do not burn. those people must have been burning something else that was on the brick
That's what I thought too, but when I get join them it was literally just a brick. I'm still pretty disturbed by it.

and no, I don't even know those people. I just mingle with them out of curiosity on what's burning but didn't asked how they did it.
Maybe it wasn't a concrete brick but some other compressed material that was flammable and just brick shaped
There are fire starters that kind of resemble bricks. Are you sure it wasn't this?
I know of compressed firestarter, memory wise I am sure it isn't one that day. but I might be wrong.
it makes "grug grug" sound when moved not "klak klak" sound a compressed block does.. oh I'm used to the wood chipping version, that one that looks like a fiber bar.
concrete is made by firing lime in a kiln, this changes it chemically so that when you get it wet it gets the chemical stuff that was heated out and hardens into cement
when you burn concrete you do the same thing, and the concrete looses its hardness and breaks down chemical wise

tried to dumb it down for you OP
red brick is made out of clay not cement, bricks /can/ be porous, its called 'damp' and you can leech saltpeter through old basement walls
so the brick could have been acting like a wick if they had soaked it in something flammable
Do you even read what you posted?
Modern ones aren't. Know most are dyed concrete and are weak and porous. Old ones are unbreakable.

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