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Please help me anons. I ordered a computer from best buy because I am sick and can't go to the store for a while. I have searched all over my apartment complex and it is nowhere to be found. Is it possible to get best buy to refund you for this? It's so hard to talk to a person. The UPS site says delivered but there's no description of where. I can't afford to buy another and I need this computer, please help me.
You'll have to put on your big boy pants and tell Best Buy that you didn't receive their package, so they can start to track it down through UPS
How many days has it been that the laptop was supposed to be delivered? If its only been the next day there's a chance they screwed up with the tracking information and marked it delivered when it hasn't been. I've received packages the next day or a few days later after receiving some BS tracking information.

Also when something like this happens you want to contact UPS immediately so they can figure out if something went wrong. Sucks you when you have to receive packages at an apartment complex. I think you can request having your packages delivered to a drop zone.

Does your apartment complex have an office where large packages get dropped off? If so you should really figure out.
It's only been a day now, less than a day. I submitted a ticket to UPS, now I guess I'll submit one to Best Buy too.

I contacted them and they referred me to this online form that I submit to open a claim, but I don't know how long that will take and it probably won't be immediate.

I was told I wouldn't be able to ship it to a drop zone from best buy unless they missed my order, I was going to try that.

I'm going to check that today.

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