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File: makima phone.png (38 KB, 382x283)
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Anime that is genuinely worth my time. Here's some anime that I've already watched and I like:
>Code Geass (and all of the movies)
>Death Note
>Attack on Titan
>JoJo (and the manga is great, too)
>Made in Abyss
>Welcome to the NHK!
>Serial Experiments Lain
>The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya + the movie
>Lucky Star
>Angel Beats
Give me anime that is very essential and classic, maybe. I'm also interested in shounens like the big three, despite people saying they're crap, I don't care, they seem fun and I wanna watch them.

I'm not looking to literally binge watch every single anime in existence, since there's stuff I'm not interested in, like ecchi and erotic stuff especially, because I find it boring.
But anything that is mystery, action, SoL and CGDCT is great. I also like JoJo a lot, even though people hate the fanbase because of being repetitive with memes or whatever (I do think Part 8 is kinda crap though).
Azumanga Daioh.
Cowboy Bebop.
you'r mom
I fucking hate JoJo, not because of the fan base, but because the obvious homo brainwashing.

>Bubblegum Crisis
>Riding Bean
>You're Under Arrest
>Initial D
>Strawberry Marshmallow
>Yamato 2199
>Berserk (the 1997 adaptation)
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Gurren Lagann
>Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
>the Monogatari series
>Showa Genroku Rakugo (S1 is kino, S2 isn't but it is still decent)
>Hunter x Hunter
>Madoka Magica
>Welcome to the NHK
I understand the homo part, but brainwashing???
Also seconding You're Under Arrest, and Initial D but only the first season
And Ashita no Joe
Nobody ever brings up how JoJo has a lot of gay shit in it, so I only assume that they've been brainwashed into believing that shit is normal.
this is such a flaccid and pathetic list. i feel bad for zoomers
Based on what you already enjoyed, you will probably like Steins;Gate. It takes a little while to set up, but once shit hits the fan, you'll see why it's so popular.
Then give me shit to spice it up, retard.
File: 1590033148448.jpg (1.35 MB, 1800x1778)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
This entire chart
Literally everything by Leiji Matsumoto. Most of his works inspired a lot of anime today. He even worked with Daft Punk.
it doesn't, the only canon fag in it is valentine's wife and she's portrayed as a pedophile

everything else is your headcanon bullshit
Dio is canonically bisexual.
Tiziano and Squalo from Part 5? Another gay couple from the assasination team?
Not agreeing with his homophobia, but to say that Jojo doesn't have LGBT characters is apsurd.
>Dio is canonically bisexual.
Then you'll have no bother presenting evidence of him bisexing.
Araki had an interview in 2007 where he was asked about Dio's sexuality and he said he could go with either a man or a woman.
Also, Pucci and Dio from Part 6 radiate gay energy, but ok, that's just a headcannon.
By that logic, wizards "canonically" teleport shit out their arseholes.
>Ghost in the Shell (first one and 2:Innocence)(the main inspiration for The Matrix)
>Paprika (main inspiration for Inception) & Perfect Blue (Black Swan)
>Princess Mononoke & Grave of the Fireflies
>Lupin the 3rd
>Dead Leaves
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Gurren Lagaan
>Great Teacher Onizuka
>Rurouni Kenshin

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