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How do I download Nick's shows for free?

Seriously, "asking for a friend".

I know some people who would like the shows but ain't gonna put CC info online for it, and ain't gonna wait to hear "live" so WTF a nigger to do?

Me paying $5 then sending them shows not really practical.

Downloading on home PC and putting on phone is what needs to be.
lel you have to pay for subscription because that's literally the only way for you to see his new content. Doesnt he literally own his video-hosting services? Unless someone finds vunerability on his website or if you have a friend to download them via youtube-dl, I doubt that anyone will give them for free. Who cares anyway, he's most definitely compromised at this point
You want to downloads the replay shows?

You can do it with youtube-dl, but you need the right URL. The page you linked, the corect video URL is: https://cdn2.foxtrotstream.xyz/vod_local/af/2021-05-03/index.m3u8
what >>1019724 said
but also you can find them on telegram
or on https://archive.org/download/america_first_2 but that page lags behind quite a bit
also you might be able to find them on youtube if you sort by upload date
thx, they are also on Bitchute but seems lagging lately.

just some fan posting his stuff

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