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Recently found 4chan. Tried it on iPad. reCaptacha doesn't work for shit and the layout of the page is not that well suited (lots of zooming in and out to read stuff). I'm on PC rn and it's flawless. Any advice on making iPad experience better? Thanks
are you using an app to go on 4chan?
Nope, Safari browser. Is there a good app you'd recommend?
i heard good things about the mobile app clover, idk if it's the same for ipad
>reCaptacha doesn't work for shit
It should work fine. You're not using an iPad with an OS from 2010 or something?
>(lots of zooming in and out to read stuff)
Ironically, you should go to the bottom of the page and disable mobile view. Then it will be exactly like it is on the PC. I don't know what mobile view is actually for, maybe nokias or something?
iPad Air 3 on iOS 14.5, so newest OS. I have to solve like 20 captchas before it accepts something. On my PC I rarely even have to solce one.
I'll try, but I think it's disabled on default. iPad shows Desktop sites.

Thanks to all of you :)
>I have to solve like 20 captchas before it accepts something
settings-> privacy-> tracking-> allow apps to request to track
Flip the button on and off again, then force-close Safari and toggle airplane mode. Google will lose track of you, and now you're a new user who can just check the box.

Alternatively, sign into google on your ipad like you have done on your PC.
>iPad shows Desktop sites
4chan's desktop/mobile is not the same as iOS's desktop/mobile (though I think iPads on 14.x pretend to be macs because websites can't be trusted with the knowledge it's an ipad and will try to send it a shitty mobile site).
Yeah no I ain't logged into google. But I'll try ur method with settings

OK thx

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