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E Eb D E Eb D E E Eb D B F# B D C# B
these are the notes, it's something classical, all i know is this bit right here that splaying on loop. string instruments. If any of you can find this song, I will buy thee a game, (don't go above 20 dollars). I am seriously at my wits end, i have been searching for a full week, can not find it.
Have you tried looking for it using Parsons code?
I am unsure how to use this site, i don't know how to specifically put in the notes to it,
File: parsons.png (53 KB, 666x426)
53 KB
Use the Gross Contour field. We can assume that the notes you typed aren't exactly these, but you know whether the next note is up, down or of the same value as the previous one

Yous aid it went like E Eb D E
So after E you go _d_own to Eb, then _d_own again to D, but then you go _u_p to E. Putting this together we get
>_d_own _d_own _u_p
or written shortly
If you do this for every note you can end up with string like dduddusd or similar. The exact string of notes you typed doesn't show any result, but you may try some shorter part you are exactly sure of.
ok, i've used it, unfortunately i couldnt find the song through this method. still looking
Hard to tell what it is without knowing the octaves or rhythm. Can you hum/whistle it on Vocaroo or use virtualpiano or something?

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