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i keep finding new problems that dont work: drawing objects from an angle, positioning, direction...the nose, the hand the arm?
and no matter how often i fix it, they just dont feel natural or correct?

am i missing something? some projective geometry study? what do i do
Sorry, not much of an artist, but you could try asking /ic/, there's a questions thread there.
can you use projective geometry something for this
someone pls help me ask on /ic/ pls

in general just trying to avoid "bad drawing" and only do realistically correct???

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Read the sticky
draw from life
Use design doll. Once you have done enough studies on anatomy, proportion, perspective, gesture, and the other foundational skills, just use a 3D program and “trace” over the models. You don’t want to do this till you have a solid grasp on the foundational skill or when you “trade” over the model it’ll look flat and awkward... actually, best to think of it as drawing on top of the model rather than tracing it. It’ll help you get past a lot of the various errors you’ll come across drawing from nothing, but with a 3d model you’ll have to do what I’ve mentioned above as well as get the proportions right on the 3d model and know how to pose it to avoid any sort of stiffness to your drawings as the model will take the place of your gesture and construction phase.
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which sticky

how about something more calculative?
like how computers define 3d form thru mostly formulaic approaches and defining screenspace view from world space?

the level im looking is not realism...more of shorthand solution to get things to look proportionately correct at least... isnt there one amongst the books?

i mean i trace too but whenever it comes to linearts, the decision making becomes overly complicated than values or shading...
what do you mean
Sounds like you are talking about perspective and construction. One book that helped me a lot in that are was Rapidviz.

But yeah, I’d definitely consider using primitive 3d models. They are just more tools to add to your repertoire and quite a few mangaka’s use them now. You just don’t want to end up like a western comic artist who simply can’t draw without them. So yeah, study perspective, construction, and general form. Get ready though, they are all sort of bland topics that will stretch your drawing muscles and make them ache.
>which sticky
Imagine being so retarded you miss the firts thread on the board
i hate this guy so much

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