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Post cigarette aesthetics

>PS: If you smoke or used to smoke cigarettes tell your story of how and why you started smoking and why you enjoyed it in a green text format.
>stress from school
>if you inhale the carbon monoxide gives you a slight calmness that reduces emotions of adgetation
File: 1579839360447.webm (2.99 MB, 544x544)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
>had been wanting to try it a while
>see joker
>get pack after movie
>like it and continue
stop smoking zoomer
underage b&
File: tenor.gif (722 KB, 640x480)
722 KB
722 KB GIF
File: 923809234.gif (97 KB, 1280x992)
97 KB
>Be me 15
>Craving some attention from classmates
>Quiet kid but not weird, actually good looking. Just fucked up from some family issues.
>Become acquaintances with a group of seniors during art class
>They smoke so I ask if I can try a cig
>The main guy says yeah just don't snitch if caught
>I take it and tell my 2 friends to meet after school
>We walk to an "alley" in the neighborhood
>Take my first puff, cough to the point of needing puke
>Don't puke cause I'm not a bitch
>Same for my 2 friends
>Ask for another cig the next day
>Becomes a routine with my friends as well
>Start giving money so we can get a pack instead
>2 years go by nothing's changed
>10/10 girl sees me with the lit cig
>Have had small talk here and there with her but way out of my league
>Finds me the next day and says "think you look cool anon?"
>Feeling attacked "no, that's why I go to the "alley" so no one sees"
>She smiles and shakes her head as she walks away to class.
>She's beautiful but whatever no need to dwell on it
>She begins to actively look for me and walk with me between periods.
>She ends up liking me.
>we have a nice fling but i know my place and never make it official
>Pleasant memories were made
>At 20 I was smoking 1 pack every 2 days.
>Fell in real love and lost the girl. Dropped out of college after that. Also quit smoking.
>5 years later I have a good job, still think about the shorty and cigs have popped back into my mind
>Think I might have mouth cancer because of tiny patches in my mouth.
>Care but don't care at the same time.
>Found out Vaped weed has a similar taste to cigs when rolled into a joint.
File: looplong.webm (1.44 MB, 1280x720)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB WEBM
I smoked one a day for a summer, then a pack a week for an autumn, then a pack a day for the whole winter then my throat started feeling funny and I stopped buying them without even thinking about it really. Never had any cravings whatsoever, just quit CT after a year with no problems whatsoever. Now if I try and smoke one the taste disgusts me and I can't finish it. When people smoke around me I tend to try and avoid them until they're finished w their cig cause the smell is really offputting. While smoking them I fucking loved them though and constantly looked forward to one
I've been at it for a month now. Probabaly smoke a small pack or 2 every week- roughly. I have started to noticed it's not as good as the first week- losing that initial pleasure from when I started. Menthal smokes feel more rough compared to when I started now.

Addiction has already settled in. I get intruding thoughts ( cravings ). If I push them aside I can usually wait
been smoking for 7 years since I was 13. My first job was stressing me out so my manager offered me a cigarette and I took it and everything went down from there. I smonk unfiltered luckies and camels if I can get my hands on some filter-less camels. There really is nothing like staring out at the sky or a sunset or the moon while taking a long drag off a cigarette.

peak kino.
>There really is nothing like staring out at the sky or a sunset or the moon while taking a long drag off a cigarette.

peak kino.

I know right?
File: ash.gif (1.25 MB, 498x368)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
when you quit, remember the addiction is not about nico nico nicotine but about the meditation moment that you need to replace something with, you may not even die younger due smoking but you will stink and have a flu more often and 9001 other issues so I recommend quitting already, it's ofcourse not that bad to smoke one pack a year and being an tobacco autist than smoke two packs daily
File: animebeats.webm (524 KB, 640x272)
524 KB
how long does it take until i get cancer?
>dad smoked my whole life, but I never really associated it with being cool
>never really wanted to start
>the smell never really bothered me much, if anything it tends to make me feel a bit nostalgic for when I was a kid and hanging out with my dad
>HS gf for some reason wants to smoke
>start buying packs when I hit 18, one for me one for her
>start off with 1 or 2 a day, slowly increases from there but I can't smoke too much living at home
>just wanted to avoid drama with my mom if she found out I guess, she wouldn't let me hear the end of it
>move out, keep smoking
>later on when I'm hitting the bar with friends everyone smokes, it's easy to talk to people when you leave the inside of the bar where the music is too loud to think and can just relax and smoke
>people are much more friendly when you can give them a cig or a light
>get up to a pack a day eventually
>it costs way too much and makes me feel like shit, plus I hate having to go outside when it's hot as fuck or cold, and the smell really sticks to you
>get into vaping and do that now instead, but I should probably quit altogether
File: 1382084957441.gif (1.95 MB, 300x376)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
File: daphné.webm (2.39 MB, 640x480)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB WEBM
i never had a flu or otherwise got sick when i smoked
Canadian smokes are disgusting.
>fetishizing a dangerous habit
Anon, anime characters smoking is not the same thing as fucking up your lungs
the lungs are a self restoring oragans. they heal and clear eventually.
File: 1607784780857.gif (2.46 MB, 360x270)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF
I switched to pipe tobacco last month after 13 years of cigarettes..Was spending 7-8$ every 3-4 days for a pack of cigarettes but I spent $7 on a bag of tobacco around 5 weeks ago and still have over a third of it left..I've only had 2 cigarettes since switching and will only use cigs when I'm not at home from now on
File: bunta.gif (945 KB, 369x252)
945 KB
945 KB GIF
InitialD has such a nice aesthetic
File: neverknowsbest.gif (983 KB, 500x376)
983 KB
983 KB GIF
File: Mamimismoking.gif (99 KB, 500x375)
99 KB
Classic gif. Anyway, my cigarette story is that I've never smoked and the ones i've met that do usually want to stop or change to a vaporisator. I once asked a smoker why he smoked. His answer: to feel how it felt before he started the habit.
>17 yo feggit
>girl I fell for was smoking at the time
>wanted to connect with her so I started to go on smokes with her during breaks in school
>5 years later and I finnaly stoped smoking

It might look cool and aesthetic but it's a really expensive and bad habit... don't pick it up, people usually don't enjoy presence of someone who smells like an ashtray.
True.. but the other things kinda suck. Smell for example or the cost. Also your vocal cords and teeth ain't gonna restore.
File: 1519531695655.gif (971 KB, 500x374)
971 KB
971 KB GIF
I hate that I am a smoker. Been trying to quit for a long time!
The mind is not easy to silence when it it craving what feels desirable.

Hard to see the shit when standing in it.
I hate that I am a smoker. Been trying to quit for a long time!
The mind is not easy to silence when it it craving what feels desirable.

Die with one never without one
Hard to see the shit when standing in it.
dream gf
Know a girl like this Irl just less of a pyro to bad she's gay
bump for cancer
>the lungs are a self restoring oragans. they heal and clear eventually.
They only heal if you don't smoke.
A cigarette's worth of tabacco fucks up your lungs for a long while.
its so fucking anoying was a smoker and quit because of the fucking coofing and money smoke a pack a day thats 135 euros a month thats serious money serious money
Whole family smokes. I never did. Always hated being around it. Smelling it, being exposed to it. Suddenly around 30 smoking was a huge turn on for me. Women who smoked always stood out. Hated the smell, hated the kissing and tasting it, yet somehow still couldn't get over the fact that I loved them for the habit. Vape was the best thing to ever happen. No nasty flavor, no lingering smells, and I still get high from fetishizing smoking.

I will never smoke, and will never vape.
File: 1575236852187.webm (3.83 MB, 1024x576)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB WEBM
>turned 18 and hit up a 7/11 for some camel blues
>tried them out on the roof and thought it was kinda gross but liked the vibe
>fast forward a few years
>I'm in the navy and deal with more stress than your average tween
>pick smoking back up when a friend on a ship offered me a cigarette every break
>now smoke 2-4 cigs everyday
French women don't even exhale, they just absorb all the smoke.
New pipe smoker here. I didn't know there was a learning curve to it and am having the damnedest time getting the thing to light and stay lit.

Got any tips? I don't know how Gandalf makes it look so easy.
it seems most people in this thread are a lot young
not gonna advise you to stop smoking since you do whatever you want with your life but try to keep it low or you will soon be smoking a pack a day like me and besides fucking your lungs its expensive
yep. i smoke two cigs per day and its what i would recommend. you can cut down yourself.
File: 1594352262355.gif (987 KB, 500x300)
987 KB
987 KB GIF
>all my friends from the age of 12+ smoke
>parents smoke
>their parents smoked
>their parents smoked
>their parents invented smoking
>never be interested in smoking even with everyone around me doing it
>become welder
>smoke breaks are paid
>become smoker
Thank you cigarettes.
>still think about the shorty
File: 1583528229299.gif (297 KB, 480x319)
297 KB
297 KB GIF
Naww, I don't smoke weed anymore but I basically just treat it like smoking weed out of a pipe except taking really small hits with a lighter, giving myself a good 30-45 second break before taking another hit...Instead of taking 15 or so puffs off a cigarette once an hour I just take 5 small hits off the pipe every 30-45 minutes and don't really see a reason too try and keep it lit
Fuck I smoked Candian Classic Silvers for years. They were rough.
Get a corncob, if you're using a churchwarden or something memey. They're like $5. Mind how you tamp the tobacco; you should be able to inhale through it (unlit) pretty easily. You should have the bowl of the pipe half filled or so. Try to get it decently dry, you can do prelights to dry it out a little before your actual light. You will need to keep pulling on it now and then to keep it lit, but once you get into the groove you will understand better how to keep an ember going. Be sure to buy pipe tobacco, not just loose tobacco for handrolling cigarettes. Use matches over lighters; lighters can damage your pipe, unless you have a specific one or know what you're doing, and it's easier to put a match into the bowl and you won't inhale butane shit. Just be sure to let the striker portion of the match burn for a second before you use it.
You fucking idiot.
so, what was it like growing up in indonesia?
>used to smoke 2 packs a day
>one day I wake up and light my morning cig like always
>the cigarette makes me sick as fuck felt like the first time you chew tobacco as a kid
>try again later and get sick again
>now I no longer smoke since it makes me physically ill to smoke
I used to love every cig I smoked and now I can't do it without getting sick.
Shit sucks man.
got a pack of American ciggies once good god they are so much better
File: 1596551617323.gif (1.53 MB, 480x270)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB GIF
sudden inexplicable change like that could be a medical condition
>live in third world shithole
>get conscripted
>don't get along with most people and training is exhausting
>at least get to go home on weekends can also meet up with friends living near barracks
>rules get a lot stricter
>essentially locked in barracks all day with people i don't get along with
>cannot sleep well anymore so i'm up all night watching anime on my laptop
>sleep deprived
>one day while washing my clothes i notice blood on the inside of my pants pockets
>look at my hands
>bloody knuckles
>have been punching my locker every morning for a 2 months
>haven't realized i was bleeding before
>start smoking
>drink a lot more
>feel like shit everyday
but hey at least i got to watch every episode of the Monogatari Series
also stopped smoking afterwards and i now drink even less than before
I was in highschool in the upper western corner of Washington State, very close to the canadian border.
My highschool wasn't more than about 200 kids.
I was an awkward kid from a nice gated community but somehow at 16 I found myself dating a redneck girl from an alcoholic whitetrash family.
She had 5 brothers, 4 older and they were the typical 6-pack abs cig smoking ne'er do wells. They were a few years older so I was afraid of them, especially since there were four of them. The little brother was something of a storm trooper for the clan, they'd send him out to steal fish from the nets that the natives set in the channels - shit like that.
Anyway, we were 16 and 15 and the brothers were 17-20. Well, every-fucking-one smoked at least a pack or two a day, smoking cigs was basically their passtime.

I remember sitting in their 1991 geo metro hatchback with the windows rolled completely up in the winter, smashed between two of her older brothers in the back seat - everyone smoking camel turkish golds. "A cig hotbox" they called it.

lots of fun stories with that hillbilly family, but they are the reason I started smoking as a teen. Later gave it up when I moved abroad.
Now i'm 36 and I don't smoke, but I do take huge bong rips.

I'll always remember turkish golds and sitting in that geo metro hotboxed by nicotine.
>be me 19 in Tokyo
>attending language school
>friend is an aussie and another american who both left during break to smoke
>never had the urge or interest to partake until one day we went to an Izakaya.
>under the legal age but never get ID'd
>everyone is smoking in doors an drinking
>shooting the shit, get plastered
>aussie offers me a smoke, lucky strikes.
>take it, just one won't be so bad right?
>light it up, start puffing, get the spins, almost pass the fuck out wtf.jpg this is what cigarettes feel like?
>start smoking on night outs, soon turn into full time full fledged smoker, start joining them smoking out a break
>2 year later come back to US
>everyone thinks im a faggot
>the romance of smoking dies instantly
>switch to vaping
>still vaping
>smoking is for faggots
The way you deal with hardship sounds relly cringe bro. What grown-ass adult punches shit when he's frustrated.
>started smoking at 17
>quit at 21, 10 years ago
>still regret taking up the habit

It's just a bad deal all-round. In hindsight it really did give me nothing and only took a toll on my wallet and health.
i agree
File: neverknowsbest.gif (51 KB, 300x225)
51 KB
>be me
>32 years old
>my relationship of almost 7 years ended last year
>girlfriend basically kicked me out
>it wasn't the worst thing that ever happened to me but god damn it it hurts
>I have no money, no social life, very few friends online, dealing with depression
>smoke cigarettes to deal with the bad feels
>works sometimes, try not to smoke often
>now I get urges daily but still only smoke when it feels at its worst
>hate smoking, it tastes like shit, but the nicotine high helps a bit with the depression
File: 1586998647207.webm (580 KB, 720x406)
580 KB
vaping is for faggots
your mom is a faggot

isn't that the guy that eats old MREs
File: 1611120760867.webm (1.1 MB, 656x480)
1.1 MB
Anyone have sauce?
Since i was a kid i had unexplained chronic headache but one day my best friend offered me a cigarette and for the first time my head didn’t hurt
And so i started smoking
>be 17ish
>watching cowboy bebop with friends
>older friend has a tradition where they smoke at the first ep, the start of a 2 parter (Jupiter Jazz) and then one final one when spike leaves for Vicious
>still have that pack
>only smoke at night listening to Space Lion if my week has been fucking horrible
File: 1609083207726.gif (1.43 MB, 360x238)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
Fuck the other guy anon, I liked your story
>First year of highschool
>I dont know anyone in my school
>start talking to some new people in my class
>we all plan to meet behind the cafeteria to hang out after school
>one guy pulls up a cig and lights it
>"Do you smoke?"
>I say no and he offers it to me
>inhale and proceed to cough
>we all have a laugh and pass it around
>we start doing this everyday after lunch or after school
>the habit stuck
>smoke every evening or when friends are around, trying to keep it to 2 a day
If I was you I'd quit while I still could, as much enjoyment as smoking provides you'll realize one day that you don't even get anything out of the nicotine due to tolerance and all you're doing is killing yourself slowly

But do what you want, idc
fucks your tastebuds too
Like other anon said, corncob is the way to go for beginners. Personally I always packed using 3 layer method, did a charring light for 3-5 seconds, let it go mostly out, then did the 'final' light with another few seconds. Lighting took longer and was more unreliable when I used matches so I usually used a butane lighter and was just careful not to burn my tobacco. Practice makes perfect.
One more thing, a rule that always worked for me when tamping was 'sipping' the pipe should take about as much effort as sipping soda through a straw.
9 seconds.
French people come out of the womb with a lit fag.
File: BlackLagoon.webm (2.15 MB, 1280x720)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB WEBM
>Be me, 17
>Constantly suffering from obsessive thoughts
>Meet girl that goes to alternative school for expelled kids that my brother goes to
>We get to know each other and start hanging out a lot
>She smokes, but I don't see the appeal
>One day she sees how stressed I am and wheedles me down into trying
>Take puff of her cigarette
>First thing I notice is the burning in my lungs, my body using every resource it can to tell me to exhale, but I hold it anyways
>A few seconds later, I feel it and I focus on that feeling
>For the first time in my life, I don't feel like a prisoner in my own mind, being able to focus solely on smoking
>Here I am eight years later, now depressed and trying to quit
>baccy bongs
>baccy bucketys
>baccy bucketys
>no more headspins or even coughing
>29yo now
>$60 aud every 4-5 days.
>be 15
>older cousin offers me cigarette
>feels good
>for first time in my life i feel my avolition stops
>immediately buys pack and down it one after another
>spent two hours in my attic
>decide to continue to make myself look more mature in public since everyone treats me like child and thinks im retard because of resticted and slow vocabulary
>helps me raise dopamine
>7 years after get diagnosed for schizotypal(schizo are severly addicted to nicotine) though never treated it was just some test i did in millitary that rejected me
>all my teeth went to shit because i cant feel toothache and there is no exterior decay
i feel like i can finaly quit and have actually more motivation than before but im shuttin hikki and nothing ever happens in my life its just hard helps me go though days
i just tried a ciggarete because i went to a high school where alot of people were hipsterfags and artfags. i liked the feeling it gave me when i was buzzed. i stopped because its a waste of money, unhealthy and not that fun. i just bum one off my friends if we are out drinking every once in a while. i buy weed tho. but that is better if u eat it anyway
File: gmafdggfdfdgdfggik.gif (3.08 MB, 375x280)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB GIF
>be me, age 18 conscripted into the army. Surrounded by smokers at every corner
>only smoked once when I learnt a guy I knew got killed by an ambush in that little thing we had in Gaza in 2014
>didn't like, made me nauseous
>after being released worked in a kibbutz in the desert on the date farm, started smoking weed
>started mooching cigarettes here and there from the other guy working with me, still made me sick and rarely finished them
>couple of years go by, am now a certified stoner, backpacking in in India and Nepal
>do the Annapurna track, run out of jaras(Indian hash) around 10 days in
>have a cigarette from a friend, felt good
>started sharing half a cigarette then rolling my own, buying my own tabacoo etc etc..
>start having cigarettes on more occasions, morning coffee and cigarettes, after shit cigarettes, after sex cigarettes, going out to drink
>go back to my stressful job as a scuba instructor after traveling
>started really craving having cigarettes when I could squeeze it between dives
>a lot of the people working there were smokers
>we had a smoking area, some tables and vending machines
>people would leave half smoked cigarettes in the ashtrays if the were called down or ran out of break time
>we would literally scavenge used cigarettes for just that little puff
>was hilarious and disgusting in hindsight
>was an unspoken rule that you wouldn't deny someone a puff if they ask
>still smoke cigarettes, usually roll from camel lite tobacco
>at least really laid off the weed


>i started smoking weed then added cigarettes as well, now rarely touch weed but smoke a lot of cigarettes daily because of it
Show tits
>18/19 years old
>started smoking with friends when drinking
>got sick of bumming so bought my own packs, still only smoked when drinking
>studied software engineering so not a lot of people I actually cared hanging out with
>the ones that I did enjoy spending time sith would take smokebreaks in between class while the rest of the class was either programming so they'd be done early or watching youtube videos
>started smoking during the day as well
Not much happened after that, until I started working at restaurants
>start washing dishes at a restaurant
>fucking horrible job, starts at 5pm ends at 1 am, only break is at 6pm to eat dinner which means you get to work 8 hours with no breaks, unless you wanted to smoke real quick (no longer than 1-2 minutes though)
Also worked as a sous chef in a michelin star restaurant for a month, and that got me hooked even more.

The stress of those jobs and the relief of cigarettes combined have made me love cigarettes so much, gotta have em.
File: guitar jams.webm (1.48 MB, 500x350)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB WEBM
Be mindful of what brand tobacco you buy. Many people assume it is healthier than cigs, but the preservatives they put in pipe tobacco to keep it moist is actually much worse than cigs.
Natty pipe tobacco is pretty based though.
>Quit smoking got bored of it
>Those cigs with some aroma ball in them is banned anyway thanks to the EU
>Go to AliExpress
>See I can actually buy cigarette balls there
>It's cheap
>Just one order, for the nostalgia
>Addicted again
look for porn.
nbsplv - imprint
>started smoking when I was 12 because I saw my older brother smoking and thought it was cool
>tried it, didn't like at first but grew on it after a couple of tries
>always liked deep, flavorful, red cigs
>started with Lucky Reds, then went to Marlboro reds and Carlton Reds
>stopped smoking after 8 years of chain smoking
>remained clean for another 7 years
>graduated Uni, had no job
>started working at a craft beer bar (my own, founded with a childhood friend)
>stress was far too much, also was always drinking and people were always offering me cigs
>so after a couple of months went back to smoking
>went back to Marlboro, didn't like the way they stated, also thought Lucky was weird
>switched to Camel Reds
>absolutely loved them
>dat sweet Turkish tobacco
>smoked for 2 more years before deciding it was time to quit

>why you enjoyed

Couple of reasons
>when I was a teen, it was used to pass time or to help me indulge in other activities
>later on, I'd often smoke with my gf's mother late at night at her house
>she was a sweet old lady and would often give me cigs lol
>at the bar, being able to smoke and drink while working was nice
>however, I noticed I was using the cigs as stress relief
>another good aspect of cigs is removing yourself from unwanted social interactions, always loved it for that aspect.
>miss the deep, sweet turkish tobacco...

I have a bicuspid aortic valve so smoking really isn't the best for me.. I wish cigs weren't so harmful.
smoking is effay but fuck me it smells like shit and it doesn't even makes you high.
>it doesn't even makes you high.
correct it makes you alert, angry, and willing to work.

Weed is "nigger grass". When whites and asians do drugs they prefer nicotine, caffeine, amphetamine, and cocaine because they have some sort of brain and like to make it go faster.
i'd use caffeine at this point or cocaine.
I noticed the first bag I bought was fine, the tobacco was dry and the blend was just "regular" in a red bag..Still thought it was a bit harsh and wanted to go for a bit lighter smoke so bought the same brand but got the gold blend since it's supposed to be lighter but did notice it's moist compared to the red and not sure I like it that much
wow, a jew that gasses itself
what'll they think of next
God I love getting this kind of response, glad there's at least some stuff in 4chan that doesn't change

>also, based dubs
Damn son, I wish I had more Grim Fandango to post but I don't, so ill share what I can about pipes.

When I bought my first pipe, there was a guy out the front of the shop smoking a pipe with his dog and he told me that "If you want to be a great pipe smoker, you should have started 20 years ago".

I laughed at the time but I know now that he meant that it can be really tricky in the begining, and you will take some time to figure out how to pack it, how to light it, how to keep it lit, how to pick the right tobaccos for what you like, and how to pick the right pipe for your needs.

All the other advice people have given is great (though take all advice with a grain of salt, even mine), and pipe smoking is the cheapest way to smoke, but at the end of the day you just have to try it and work it out for yourself.

My first year or so I had a lot of trouble and ended up wasting a lot of tobacco and far too many matches, untill one day things started to just sort of "click". Now I love collecting pipes and if it wasn't for the nights I spent with some good booze and a pipe out in my backyard I would have gone insane during lockdown.
File: 1603566996269.gif (1.96 MB, 220x165)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
Drive with my images and video died last week and I've yet to try and save anything from it but I got stories
>Got into a serious relationship for the first time
>After two years the ended up passing away in an accident
>Felt like shit all of highschool
>Started to get e-cigs in the last year of highschool because they emotionally numbed be and calmed me down, helping me think straight and relax
>Guy at the local station thought they didn't have nicoteine in them so he never ID'd
>End up having nearly one a day
>They're meant to last as long as a pack
>Try to quit for a while
>After about a year off and on, decide to get a pack of normal smokes
>It's a bit rough but after a few I figure out you can't let it sit in your throat and start going through them faster
>Spend nights on the back deck smoking and thinking to myself
>It's peaceful and helps me collect my thoughts
>Met a girl a few months ago and got pretty close
>She vehemently hates smoking
>Says she wouldn't leave me because of it but continously badgers me to quit
>Decide to give it a shot since she's really been there for me constantly over the last few months
>Now I hardly ever smoke unless someone offers
>Mostly stick to vape sticks, since they last a while and the juice is cheaper
>Not quite the same effect but it deals with the craving
Stopped smoking 5 years ago...
Yup, I'm still a smoker inside.
You probably just have ulcers
Try Canadian chug smokes. The lights are like regular Canadian smokes, and the regulars are like huffing on a bead blaster. $35/carton for the menthols though, which are like inhaling a cool winter breeze. I'd post a picture of smokes, but it's not a .gif so I guess I'm not allowed to upload it.
File: 1585011753495.webm (3.74 MB, 500x300)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB WEBM
File: slim.webm (601 KB, 984x720)
601 KB
>Be about 16. All my friends are 18/19
>One day one of my mates wants to try ciggies.
>We split a pack of 20 between 4 of us.
>Friends didn't really like it but I liked the flavour and the feeling.

Now I smoke about a pack a year when Uni goes on break and I have time to go out and do shit.
Hmm. I kinda will someday probably lol. I would like to check out some reserves too, and try Goose Canadians. I hear indians got some goodies and you don't see dying people on the box- which by the way should be banned, it's disgusting and harassment
oh ya bud, buddy of mine got a massive gallon ziploc bag of cigarettes for like 10$, be warned, harsh smokum
>be 15
>parents divorced 4 years earlier
>started high school; bullied a lot
>living with dad who was still very depressed always angry, bordering on abusive although not quite
>failed a test, got rejected by oneitis, and got in a fight on the same day
>walk by store, buy a water bottle, see a pack of short yellow camel in the box, the packaging looked cool and since I live in a eastern yuro country I get them no problem
>never heard of the brand
>"this will calm me down probably"
>light one up for the first time on my way home
>suck on the cig and exhale
>at the bus stop a homeless dude stops me and tells me I'm not doing it right
>inhale the smoke for the first time
>dizzy, cough once
>felt good, enjoyed the taste, enjoyed seeing the smoke and seeing the cigarette in my hand, enjoyed having the pack in my pocket and grabbing on the paper, nice tacticle feel
>bus comes
>go home
I'm 19 now, almost 20 and I just failed 3 out of 5 finals, going on 5 for 5, I'll probably never stop smoking
File: All Right With Me.webm (3.59 MB, 1280x720)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB WEBM
File: Midnight.gif (494 KB, 500x363)
494 KB
494 KB GIF

>Stated smoking out of boredom. I was repeatedly stuck in Vienna working on a temporary basis and everything was closed at the end of the day. Bought smokes from a vending machine because it was novel and I needed something to do in the evenings as I walked about. There was no internet available (just AOL) and I didn't speak German. Seemed to fill the void and it was relaxing and they were cheap (about $2/pack equivalent price) - I quit after a couple of years because a couple of puffs was enough to be relaxed and throwing away a mostly unused smoke seemed wasteful and I didn't like the smell on my hands when I ate.
File: 1586401012371.gif (201 KB, 260x195)
201 KB
201 KB GIF
>be me
>have first toke on 16th Bday when mate offers rollie
>getting into smoking weed (a lot)
>slowly start smoking straights
>smoking in bars is cool
>smoking ban in UK restaurants and bars/clubs
>move into harder drugs
>buy the ticket take the ride.wav
>mate dies of overdose
>have massive depression and self harm
>find solace in alcohol
>spend years in and out of therapy
>you only adopted the darkness.mp4
>cut to now
>been smoking 19 years
>majority of people i know smoke, move up in employment quicker due to management smoking and having smoke break chats.
>life on track
>smoking only consistent thing of time being alive
>realise I'll die younger in the end
Poor folk buy pipe tobacco for rolling cigs, it's really nasty. It's rare you find a good tasting brand that packs a cig well.
>be 15 buy pack from older kid
>smoke them and get caught
>be 17 get into weed
>if I cover the weed smoke with tobacco my parents won't know
>parents know
>keep smoking weed so I keep smoking tobacco
>college time I start smoking tobacco to relieve stress
>quit weed but keep smoking cigs for a few months
>pick up weed again and start smoking a pack a day
>"quit" October 2020
>"quit" again December 2020
>currently 1.5 months smoke free
>quitting all THC (been cutting down for months) today
I really want a fucking cigarette right now. I made a pact with myself to only smoke twice per year on Christmas and on my birthday which are roughly 6 months apart. Sounds fair to me. 6 months 'till my next indulgence.

What's your poison of choice, fellas?
>American Spirit - Dark Green
I can't be fucked to drive out of state or county for Luckys but I might for my new pact.
Love it actually. Daily smoking is not doable for me after some days. I buy and smoke over a period of a couple days and then be done with it for a while.

Except for my 6 months in Japan. Cigs were 400 Yen, which is in the 3 something euro/dollar range. Loved smoking in Japan. Smoking inside establishments and on my balcony (not allowed, cat and mouse game with the building manager) were peak smoking aesthetic.

was able to do a marathon fine while smoking cigs and weed daily

With cigs now in the 7.70 euro range and realizing its not nice after a while of smoking, I decided I wont buy any starting this year, except during LSD trips.

The little breaks every 1-2 hours were nice, but get soulless after a while. More fun with friends.

Did some messed up and borderline junkie things when I was younger and didnt want to buy a pack tho holy shit.
File: 1601756122168.gif (949 KB, 500x375)
949 KB
949 KB GIF
Honestly I've found that smoking the tobacco from a pipe even unfiltered tastes better than pretty much any cig I've ever had..Also bonus points for not making your fingers smell..I used to have a habit of washing my hands with soap and rinsing my mouth out with water after every cig but when using a pipe I don't do anything after smoking (cept maybe take a drink of something nearby)
try posting on facebook
File: Fallen Angels.webm (2.9 MB, 900x496)
2.9 MB
fuckin amazing
>just treat it like smoking weed out of a pipe except taking really small hits with a lighter,
lmao I just smoke the whole bowl in one rip
>be me
>for some reason society made me think there was something, anything good about smoking
>why would anyone smoke if there wasn't any pros?
>anyways start smoking
>fast forward 11 years
>realize that the feeling of pleasure is a lie
>you only calm the feeling of the nicotine slowly leaving your body
>finally quit smoking
>mfw out of the simulation
>be me
>131 IQ
>outcast at my school
>constant victim of bullying
>get the idea it will stop when you're smoking like the other kids
>get accepted by classmates, bullying stopped
>quit a year later because I changed school, didn't need it anymore

>be me
>bought a box of smokes after girlfriends mum called me, telling me she and her grandparents died that morning in a car accident

>be me
>wanted to stop, wasn't able to
>hated it, hated the taste, hated the smell, hated the feeling in my body after a smoke
>get new colleague at work whose using e-cigarette (Proper vape, not the small ones from the gas-station)
>started getting into it, trashed my smokes the day my e-cigarette arrived
>started with 18mg of nicotine
>dropped nicotine-content of liquid constantly because it started to feel like shit to inhale
>from 18mg down to 3mg in 5 months
>started mixing my own liquids with base-liquid, nicotine-liquid and aroma, still on 3mg

>be me
>surgery on my toe
>ran out of nicotine-liquid
>fuck it, I'll just vape the base-liquid with aroma
>nicotine-free for 3 months

>be me
>stopped vaping entirely when I found out that my wife cheated on me
>never touched any cigarette or e-cigarette since then

>be me
>free for 4 years

You can do it, too. Break free from that mental prison.
How long does it take to quit? I smoked for 2 months straight. Haven't smoked in 2 days and I'm constantly thinking about a smoke, how ever I am noticing a steady reduction in urges.

Has anyone quit successfully? Did you eventually stop caring for nicotine and re wire your brain back to what it was?

How long did it take for you?
When I switched from cigarettes to vaping, I realized pretty fast that it's not nicotine that my body craves but the ritual of dropping everything you're doing at the moment and just to remove yourself from reality for 5 minutes.

I started with 18mg of nicotine in my vape-liquid which was absolutely fine in the beginning but already 1.5 weeks later it just felt too strong. It felt unpleasant to inhale and my body gave me the feeling of "I think it's enough" after only 3 hits. So I reduced it to 12mg and everything was fine again. Took another 3 weeks and the thing started all over again. In the end it only took 5 months to go from 18mg to 3mg and I didn't do it because I wanted to, I did it because my body told me to do it.
And if your body starts to reject the daily nicotine dose all by itself, then no, there is no NICOTINE-addiction going on.

You're addicted to the 5 minutes of peace and of course you'll only take them in a socially acceptable manner:
>Guys, I have to take my mind away from this work-stuff for 5 minutes, brb
and you're fired.
>Guys, I'll have a quick smoke, brb
that's OK.
File: smoking.gif (770 KB, 500x340)
770 KB
770 KB GIF
>Everyone in my family besides my grandparents smoke
Besides I enjoy it, and I want to fucking die anyways.
nicotine is addictive substance. but yes, that moment of serenity along with the smoke is also really nice, after a meal or when things in your day are going rough.

I don't ever want to touch a vape lulz. they smell bad im and i can't even handle that much, i'd probably throw up.
File: gaga smoking.gif (1.25 MB, 498x477)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
File: Verdun Gondola.webm (999 KB, 623x350)
999 KB
I hope it makes you feel better to know that one random anon across the world is pulling for you anon, I'm pulling for all us.
it is possible to limit yourself.
I recently got back into smoking but probably will quit soon, anyway here's my story on how I started. It happened 1 year ago around this time
>be me 23
>meet girl on bumble
>hook up with said girl
>she's a smoker
>make nothing of it
>drink alcohol and have fun all night
>go to her place
>have sex, lose virginity
>we go on the front porch, she rolls herself a cig
>"can I have one of those?"
>"sure, didn't know you smoked"
>"I'don't, just wanted to try one"
>enjoy a smoke after sex
>start smoking regularly after that
>break up with girl
>still smoking
>quit cold turkey after 6 months
as an american, probably the single biggest piece of culture shock in japan for me was that EVERYONE smokes. in bars, restaurants, wherever. obviously we have smokers here but it's basically not allowed indoors anywhere except your home.
>be me, fat nerdy good girl raised with a bunch of older brothers so somewhat of a tomboy.
>get job babysitting to save up for ps2, end up being a nanny for most my teens. Get into lifting and crossfit, now in my 20s with ugly duckling syndrome so feel like a weirdo fatty tomboy despite not looking like one anymore.
>become nanny to a french bougie stripper who had a penthouse apartment on the beach
>takes me under her whore wing, go to parties for the first time and get glammed up and into feminine clothing/styles.
>on eve on 21st birthday decide to smoke one of her fancy spiced cigs, some euro brand. Just for the heck of it. Wanted to feel grown, and kinda hoped it would deepen my silly baby voice. (Never did, lol)
>Smoked that cig and ended up puking, it was too strong and I puffed too quickly.
>Decide to pick up a variety at the gas station, menthols and cloved. Decide I like the really minty menthols and the cloves are nice but never smoke the whole things at one go.
>Smoke off and on for the past 12 years now only when I am in a certain mood and drinking. Keep packs in the freezer, go months not smoking at all.
>never seem to crave cigs if not drinking and in a mood
File: 0_alonewithacost.webm (3.4 MB, 640x426)
3.4 MB
>qt goth doomer girl
>she wanted me to smoke with her
>i already wanted to smoke for the aesthetic
>been smoking for the aesthetic since
i love lithuanians
2-4 isnt even a lot u good
File: No Guns Life S2.webm (1.8 MB, 1280x720)
1.8 MB
>2-4 a day

consider yourself blessed.
File: bilbo smoke.gif (445 KB, 960x400)
445 KB
445 KB GIF
>dad has alot of friends who smoked
>like the smell
>try one cough
>a little while later try again and like the buzz
File: z34sqwoedhpx.gif (998 KB, 500x345)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
File: marlon-gif.gif (493 KB, 500x336)
493 KB
493 KB GIF
Lauren Bacall? What film, anon?
dark passage
File: uranus smoking.webm (2.42 MB, 600x720)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB WEBM
where are you out of?
File: fr3sh.webm (3.97 MB, 320x180)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB WEBM
i quit smoking 3 weeks ago. i dont know why i decided to torture myself by looking at this thread.
>be me
>see colleagues taking smoke breaks any given opportunity
>think "fuck those slackers"
>start smoking
After that it's become a thing to accompany drinking beer & coffee, aside from having a moment to wind down.
File: Hedy Lamarr.gif (955 KB, 480x370)
955 KB
955 KB GIF
>>Bought my uncle a pack of American Spirit Menthol.
>>Tried one before I gave him the pack
>>Liked the taste, enjoy the nicotine.
>>Have a few drags once every few months, been about a year at this point.
>> Usually smoke socially at parties
>>Corona, no parties

I will smoke again eventually
File: I love you.webm (3.84 MB, 1280x720)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB WEBM
>be 20
>meet girl and fall madly in love with her
>hit it off
>shes a smoker
>she really likes to exhale smoke into my mouth via kisses or just breathing an inch from my mouth
>turns into asking me to share cigarettes with her
>dumps me and leaves me with a habit
Source on the webm?
good job you big dumb fucking idiot
t. been smoking for 12 years
Is there a way to smoke cigarettes without getting thoroughly addicted?
If I smoke 3 cigarettes a week, for example, will I be able to quit whenever I want? If not, what about 1 or 2 cigarettes a week?
Try Belmonts, they're expensive but taste way better than pall malls and classics.
This is the only comfy smoking aesthetic. Smoking should be outright illegal for women.
>work shit retail at 17
>deal with literal retards daily
>want to quit cause stress
>co worker offers ciggy and accept
>suddenly calm, no more irritaion with customers.
>leave work, buy pack smoke one on the ride
>continue til about 2013
>keep coughing nasty green flem up and cant run for shit.
>3 packs a day.
I stopped but fuck sometimes i really miss that first drag.

sit on your porch in autumn at 3am and smoke you really have time to enjoy it.
What are you guys thoughts on American Spirit full flavor (light blue pack?)

It's hard for me to find this brand but this seems interesting enough that I want to try it.

Also, should I get cigs or RYO?

>>Med school stress
>>Nicotine boost during study only
>>Pack could last 3 months, trying to not make it a habbit
>noooo I must decorate some terms
>aaaaah save me I'm going insane
>never smoked before
>get job
>half my co workers smoke daily
>eventually wonder whats so appealing about smoking
>go to gas station and nervously buy lighter and pack of winston lights
>drive to a park & light up
>smoke a few other times to relax or just try different cigs
>stopped smoking because Im an alkie & I don't need another vice
what is this from?
since you have smoked for 2 months and not 2 years thats a good starting point. If you want to kick this in the butt right now I suggest going on the patch now and quit smoking cold turkey. If you don't succeed no problem keep trying.

For me it took 5 years to quit. I smoked 1-2 cigs a day for a few years but went up to half a pack a day during a rough time in my life. I decided to quite and I took up vaping, which i do not recommend and you will vape way more nicotine than you ever smoked. I then switched to lozenges/gum which are easier to moderate but but once again still alot of nicotine a day and no real plan to cut down/quit. Finally I switched to patches which are great since the nicotine hit is provided steadily throughout the day instead on in big jumps like other methods.

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