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Help me choose one bros
Endless Legend is boring. I don't know the other game, but one is 70% off and the others and basically full price, so if you are equally interested in the games the only intelligent and cost-efficient choice speaks for itself.
The only one of these I even recognize is Endless Legend and I'm not very fond of it.
Endless Legend is good.

Iratus and Tainted Grail are sit.

Disciples Liberation is okay if you're not a fan of Disciples 1 and 2. If you're expecting something like the first two it's shit though.

I haven't plaued Age of Darkness.
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>I haven't plagued Age of Darkness.
>Endless Legend
Weird 4x that is somehow quest, lore and story focused and yet strangely "gamey" anyway. You would think that they will design some nice main and side quests for it because of this, but aside from text dump they are very generic fetch quests (kill x enemies) with very generic rewards (+x resource) that don't even have any nice script triggers that would heavily change your campaign. They are all so light in their impact in order to not upset potential multiplayer balance. Which is sad. In one main story you are meant to have some supposed bloodthirsty noble that is growing in power and challenging your rule and when he rebels it's just spawns his one weak army and I think not even a single city goes to join him even if you have massive Empire. Other than nice art and comfy music it's rather boring
Just like Darkest Dungeon, it's minigame. Basically mobile tier one in complexity. But save for main character VA it doesn't have the charm of Darkest Dungeon.
Just how bad Liberation is in regards of lore? From what I heard it's about some special bisexual nephilim girl that welcomes refugees into the city of her ancestors.
I still like it more then CIV VI, in multiplayer and even offline its fun to play most of the factions cause they are all unique in their own way
Endless legend

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