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File: 1587377031898.jpg (1.04 MB, 1050x3022)
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What would you like to see in Dominions 6? I know that we will probably just get an overpriced glorified patch, but let's entertain the thought that illfraud will create something worthwhile.
Dominions 6 will have 3d maps
I want magic sites that have a wider variety of special effects, nothing you'd design a nation around, but bonuses that could be modified by dominion strength, or the nation owner. Eg) An astral pool that grants gems based on the number of mages reflecting on it, but if Ryleth or a blood nation conquer it they can taint the well causing a chance of insanity for anyone who scrys the province or uses a similar site power.
Nations with forge bonuses lose the forge discount in exchange for being able to customize items with the crafters paths, frostbrand->wind brand, etc just a elemental damage and gem shift.
Ability to configure commander/sacred mount status, summon larger shade dogs for Censors, dryad hoplites riding centaurs, let mindflayers ride sharks. Mainly for nations with size 1-2 commanders to use a mid game summon, animal with a dead rider, or a nation specific mount-ish unit, to strengthen a normal unit that may have gained a great Hero power, "upgrade" chaff commanders as midgame goes on, boost movement of a small squad, or insulate mages from assassination more (kraken mount?)
LA ys
I'd like to see a LA Machaka, maybe themed after Ethiopia, and maybe involving the last colossi from Phaecia.
As far as mechanics, something like the different spheres you can travel to in COE would be cool.
For me it's
>battlefield terrain (bridges, hills, trees in a forest)
>different siege battles depending on the type of fort
>some kind of basic economy and infrastructure management
>multi faction battles for disciples
>some kind of in game diplomacy where you can set factions as allies (can be revoked any time) and to allow for province trading
>more macro tools to make the late game less click heavy
>basic firearms in LA
I want expanded crosspath blessings, they added a really interesting system but then didn't take it far enough.
most likely a overpriced glorified patch with maybe 1-2 new features added.

I'd like to see one of the additions being overhauled diplomacy between pretenders, and i'd like to see more province management and development rather than it being on rails.
>>some kind of in game diplomacy where you can set factions as allies (can be revoked any time)
This would be the biggest addition, specifically if you could allow allies to cross your territory peacefully without conquering it. It would make the alliance making way more dynamic rather than just be based on borders.

Not sure what the benefit of firearms in LA would be though
>Dominions 6
Never ever.
I think there need to be another pretender/bless overhaul, maybe the game been figured out but it feels thats 90% of pretenders are cool and flavorful, but just not viable.
A better way to organize armies and scripting to reduce tedium. Maybe a way to assign subcommanders with their separate squads to a single general in a sort of order of battle. Also needs an RPG/roguelite spinoff game set in the same universe.

unpopular opinion: i want more buildings and fr mages or commanders to act as governers, increasing income. basically, more 4x-alike
>Not sure what the benefit of firearms in LA would be though
to create pike and shot kino and because armor piercing guns make infinitely more sense than armor piercing crossbows
I wouldn't mind some basic 4x elements as long as they don't go overboard with it.
One thing I thought would be nice is some kind of unit customization. Rather than having a billion different kinds of Infantries of Ulm, you could have a single chassis and decide what kind of equipment you want to use with it (obviously limited by what your nation can use). You could swap the equipement of already existing troops by getting them to a fort and paying a gold/resource fee.
they've been steadily churning out a dominions or CoE for years, what makes you think you won't get a new dominions? It is the more popular of the two as well

>new era is gunpowder era
>more machines and tech, less magic
>tercios of marignon vs those of ulm
>suicide constructs that explode
>tank wagin summonses {a-la hussites)
>GA Arco and Pythium with Byzantine aesthetics and Sauro and Marignon Pronoiai, and Jotunheim guard
>Rus streltsy and cossacks and ironskin monks (rasputin lol)
>Commonwealth of Man with peak sealed knot aesthetics
>C'tis Jannisaries and Mamluks

i'd buy it
>Last magical holdouts are R'lyeh, Atlantis and a new kingdom based on either ayys or angels
>actual ships, cannons and naval combat
>underwater troops can launch attacks on ships sailing over them either by boarding them or destroying the ship itself
Only way that this would work is if something like >>788395 is included. Otherwise you would either have way too many unit types, or you'd not have enough unit specialization to make use of the focus on equipment, at least for the construct idea.
I like the idea, but after the bless rework I don't think Illwinter or their beta team have the skill to make that kind of change work well. If it happened most likely the result would be a reduction in the variety of units you see, as everyone makes the best possible combination of equipment (basically heavy infantry with a high-damage weapon).

If they were going to do this they'd need to do a lot of work balancing out troop equipment so that there isn't a general best option and instead different pieces have differing utility against different situations.

If you implemented unit customization with the current equipment, making units would mainly consist of
>select heaviest armor
>select highest damage weapon (or highest damage 1h weapon + strongest shield)
>click done

A lot of units are also balanced around having highly suboptimal equipment or unit chassis, which will be a major challenge if you're allowing people to mix and match the best parts. E.g. imagine flagellants with armor.

These issues can be worked around but I just don't think Illwinter has the ability to do so well.
>Not LA Machaka, Return of the Kings
Besides, there's already an Ethiopia in Dominions.
competent AI algos
+ mod/scriptable AI
+ a full civ4 style diplomacy system

comp stomp with a friend would become fun
single player more fun
people going AI more fun
Yeah, comp stomp really needs to be improved. It's probably the part that holds back this game the most. MP is always going to be better, but it just takes too much time and you have to commit to it for weeks.
a quasi 4x mode
competent AI
honestly I just want better singleplayer content
right now dom5 sp is basically like playing a warcraft3 with retarderd AI
setting factions as allies would be a terrible addition, massive part of the appeal is the raw diplomacy without hokey alliance mechanics, honest to goodness province trading would be nice though
If you really wanna shake up the game and also piss people off: Add separate planes kind of like CoE.
Designing pretenders is already long enough bro. I don’t want to spend hours designing my soldier dudes too.
to be fair seperate planes kinda exist already
A ground-up overhaul of the UI that more easily facilitates recruiting and shuffling around very large numbers of units late game.
I don't see how letting allies through your lands or fighting battles together could damage the game. How is not being able to do these a "massive part of the appeal"?
I think he meant on the map, and they kinda don't exist on the map.
That nation being...?
>Ability to sort units and commanders
>flavor text on magic sites
>reworks for the weaker nations
>ability to see the stats of summoned units from the spell page
>improvememts to AI recruitment and the ability to be diplomatic with them, there are enough flaky bastards that the AI matters in multiplayer
Please let allies fight together for disciples games at least. It's already in CoE, why not dominions.
Cleanup/rebalance the spells, so many are useless. Make casting ai prioritise evocations over buffs.
Some kinda tactical ui improvement, like combining commanders together into one group that has shared orders and a basic battle simulator to let you know you didnt fuck up your scripting. A button that says "take as many gems as you need to cast your script" and another one that says "don't spend a gem more than I told you" yes I know about conservative spending, but the ai spends gems on fatigue reduction anyway. Some automation for delivering gems to the frontline/bloodhunting. A way to leave notes on provinces, maybe with a timer message reminder for x turns in the future.
Late game needs to be less of a slog for this game to be enjoyable. The more you grow, the more overwhelming the micromanagement becomes.
People ask for diplomacy but I really don't see how the fuck would that work in a game where your goal is to kill all the other gods and become the Only True God

Allying another player in a game like this really wouldn't make sense, in the end all nations are your enemies, just some haven't attacked you yet (or you haven't invaded them yet)
You've never cooperated with someone in dominions? I doubt it. If it made sense for you in order to win the game, then it made sense for your god in order to ascend. The idea is not to be best buddies forever, but to temporarily work together to improve your chances of winning the game alone later. There is nothing un-dominions about it. People are already doing it as it is, just clumsily because the lack of tools like like province trading, multifaction battles or military access.
File: big comfy peep.png (18 KB, 533x497)
18 KB
the real question is, why did he need to explain this to you on a strategy game board? are you a brainlet?
Prestor John's kingdom was rumored to have been in a bunch of places though, only the Portugese believed it to be in Ethiopia IIRC.
File: wonderfull pepe.jpg (96 KB, 810x1080)
96 KB

Have you read the lore for the various pretenders in the game? All of them had their place within the order of the previous Pantokrator, as such it would make sense for them to compromise, give up ambitions of supreme power and help another pretender ascend in exchange for an esteemed position within the NEW order. Think of it like a revolution, you help your fellow general become dictator and in return he propels you and your family to the highest strata of society, those who oppose you are banished to the shadow realm and a new order is established.

Maybe we'll see something of the sort in Dominions 9: Double the Sprite resolution Edition
Game filtered me hard. I have 4 and 5 and can’t figure out the controls for the life of me and can’t be assed to look them up
just press ? in game
My favourite thing in Dominions is reading the unit and magic lists and thinking really hard about research paths, cool combos and interesting counters.

One of my first Dominions games, back in Dom 3, A much stronger, more teched up opponent sent a massive army of constructs and golems against me. I had no way to stop it with my weak, conventional forces, and I was short on magic. After reading the tech tree very carefully I found the 'Shatter' spell - I had easy access to it, and it was a strong counter to the golem army. What I loved about this was finding a highly niche strategy that would hardly ever be relevant (most nations didn't have easy high-path earth access, and its rare to fight a full construct army). The payoff for thinking hard about strategies is what is fun for me.

So for me, the ideal Dom6 feature would be something to mix up the magic and item lists. Some combination of:

- Random item/magic effects each game;

- Randomize item/spell position in the tech tree - perhaps combined with a shakeup to research to make it less predictable when you will unlock stuff (perhaps you could simply apply a research budget along with a broad research direction, and have your mages unlock spells/items continuously rather than as distinct magic levels);

- Disable or enable magic based on world conditions, or change the effect of magic based on this. Globals could unlock or bar certain spells, spells could become cheaper or more expensive, or more or less powerful, based on world events. Special summons could only be available under particular conditions ('Mother Oak' unlocks special Treant summons, or weird death-termite summons or whatever)

- Anything else on this theme.

In short, I want more complexity in the game such that it is harder to find 'optimal' builds or 'ideal' plays, to give more incentive to reacting to changing world conditions, and to reward players who think very hard about all the options open to them at any time.
File: autumn 11.jpg (270 KB, 4608x2592)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
I'd like to get more crosspath blesses. Preferably enough to give something unique for every crosspath. Here's a few of my own shitty ideas:

Fire/Air: Unstoppable Force. Cannot be slowed or stunned by any physical means.
Fire/Water: Caustic Weapons: Attacks do some additional acid damage.
Fire/Nature: Animal Awe. Blessed unit's get (1) animal awe.
Air/Water: Battle Glamour. Blessed units have mirror image.
Air/Death: Plague Bearer. Blessed units have a cloud of disease.
Air/ Nature: Shadow Walking. Sacred units have stealth.
Water/Earth: Immovable Object. Counts as one size higher when affected by trample or swallow.
Water/Astral: Stellar Navigation. Sacred leaders have sailing (30)
Water/Blood: Fetid Adornment. Blessed units gain slimer.
Earth/Astral: Worldly Wisdom. Sacred leaders get adept researcher.
Earth/Blood: Immutable Health. Sacred units have major disease resistance.
Astral/Nature: Death Curse. Enemies that kill a blessed unit get cursed.
Astral/Blood: Eye for an Eye. Enemies that attack a blessed unit have a chance to lose an eye.
Death/Nature: Black Blood. Blessed units get poison armor.
Death/Blood: Psuedo-vampirism. Blessed units heal 20% of damage dealt (minimum of 1).
Nature/Blood: War Fugue. Blessed units have the benefits of the mindless trait, but will route instead of die when leadership is deprived.

Critique or add your own.
Really, "Competent" AI ought to be pretty simple-just make the AI prefer to cast spells that are higher level research rather than basic spells. Suddenly you might actually have to compete for global slots in singleplayer, and those indy titans on the big thrones might do something more impactful than cast shards until they pass out.
Tauron was reliably casting Armageddon in master of magic in 1994, it isn't an impossible goal to have an AI that actually casts valuable spells.
that would help but there's so many more low-hanging fruit with making a fun AI to play against

simple stuff like tech tree/global spell weighting, expansion direction etc
also a codified diplomacy system with territory visualisation so you can get a sense of being allied/at peace/at war with particular factions
it doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just have a 'relationship' variable where the AI will be biased to attacking factions closer to winning, factions who've attacked them and factions who have neighboring territories they like

add a bit of moddable scripting so people can tell AI to assemble and use thugs and raider armies etc
Loving all of these. I particularly like

> Water/Astral: Stellar Navigation. Sacred leaders have sailing (30)

Anything that can add more variety to the game and make familiar nations play very differently is great.

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