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Can we have SRPG thread?
sure why not
I am playing Eternal Poison on emulator
combat is decent - biggest problem is leveling auxiliary units but I like voice acting and characters
First time hearing about it actually, SRPG as genre seems to be a black hole you always find something new from time they were made huge amounts.
SRW F Final
File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (174 KB, 1280x720)
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Does sunrider count?
why not, looks like SRPG to me
those attacks is one hell of a "tight budget" type, brings a tear to my eyes
File: file.png (1.95 MB, 1280x720)
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Mercenary Saga is okay FF-wannabe franchise from japanese indie devs, have been going since 3DS, with fresh ports to Switch.
File: file.png (645 KB, 680x444)
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645 KB PNG
I thought Dark Deity was good. Not amazing, but good. There are some balance issues though, and the game is even more broken with a low or 1 character run with weapon upgrades and buyable stat increases. At least the characters that are genuinely capable of soloing need to at least make it to level 10 first.
How is the actual gameplay? How much of it is a Visual Novel compared to actual gameplay? I am interested in playing it mechanically, but I am not sure if I want to play through a whole visual novel for it.
I thought it was terrible. Horrible balance aside, it was just plain boring. The maps had nothing going on. No side objectives; well they couldn't have side objectives anyway since they structured things so there was no way to actually reward you. Weapons are inherent to the character so you can't find fun loot and characters auto-join. The maps never 'evolved,' what you saw at the beginning of the stage was what you got. Nothing pushed you. 95% of the game was just throwing your character out there and hitting the skip turn button. And some of the things made it so blatantly obvious that they released it as soon as they could once they got shown off at E3. Like some of the save buttons just straight up didn't work. "But they fixed it later!"

It's one of those games that ended up so bad that I looked into its development history because I was genuinely a bit annoyed. Reading over the things they claimed in their kickstarter was just hilarious. "No map is just 'kill the enemies'" they said; oops, almost every map is just that. Apparently two of the main devs were business students who had just graduated. Well I guess they learned that with marketing and rubbing elbows with the right people, they can get a ton of sales even if their product sucks. Now I'm angry again.

Sorry anon, I'm not trying to shit on you, I just really don't want anyone to get tricked into buying this game because, in my opinion, there are no redeeming qualities. Even the plot was bad.
Try it. The first one was nice, after that it goes downhill.

They cut the english voice-over, the VN parts get progressively more harem-y. The combat breaks down in later missions when there are too many enemies at once. Most of your actions no longer matter and it's just about placing your few AoE attacks properly.
And then they proceed to do nothing about its ridiculous range the next time it shows up
File: 1455200647620.gif (933 KB, 180x135)
933 KB
933 KB GIF
I mean, why they would do anything about it?
It's the Ideon.
Seems like fair treatment to me.
I got Chaos Galaxy on the recommendation of one of the anons here and have been enjoying it. Best way I can describe it would be a Pokemon Conquest spiritual successor with a competent ai and more strategic depth.
Spanish RPGs?
I really want to play a bunch of SRPGs but I'm autistic and I have to start every game with the first original entry
I find that a lot of famicom and SNES srpgs are extremely samey after the first 5 to 6 chapters and then give up and never continue the series sadly
I only played the first. It had some nice ideas, some not so nice ideas. The combat was best early on, in my opinion.

I liked how armor got progressively worse as ships got damaged, that was a nice mechanic that unfortunately wasn't as relevant as I'd have liked.

The worst mechanic was enemy missiles and flak. You basically had to clump your entire fleet together if you didn't want to get obliterated by them, which really hurt the tactics.

From memory, it was definitely weighted heavily towards the combat elements over the visual novel elements.

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