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Post here any games that you know of where the prime goal is saving lives instead of taking them Anons
For firefighters only actions there is Emergency Fire Response (also released as Fire Department in Europe and Fire Chief in UK) from 2003. I think it's decent. I didn't get far into missions tho.
I finished it whole.
The burning forest is xcom terror mission of difficulty jump.
I used to love this game as a kid, but as above-mentioned I never finished it due to the forest fire mission. I think I'll replay it and see if I can finally beat this nightmare from my childhood.
Through the years there was a couple hospital management video games. The only one I played is Theme Hospital, a real classic from back when Peter Molyneux was making good games. From the newer stuff there is Two Point Hospital which seems to be even more cartoonish than Theme Hospital and Project Hospital which unlike the two other games appears to have more realistic tone. I can't tell more about them because, like I said, I haven't played them. I guess there is also Hospital Tycoon from 2007, but I heard it's not good.
File: hqdefault[1].jpg (28 KB, 480x360)
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WW1 Medic, idk why no one ever made a polished version of this. Quite addicting, and was always cool to see the battlefield turned into an absolute hell mess of craters and corpses by the end
I want a game similar to Cultivation, Rimworld, and Prison Architect, but instead of building a Prison, School of Cultivation, or Settlement on an alien planet you build a school of magic a-la Hogwarts.

>Main goal is to take in students and teach them magic without having them not die in the process.
>Hire teachers and employees with different traits and skills to staff your school with.
>Build facilities like modern universities or ancient castles, some of which may have magical elements to them, like non-euclidean geometry and portals to different dimensions.
>Fill your school with all manner of requirements for learning, teaching, and leisure of your students and staff.
>Take in of multiple types of students, with different backgrounds and "races".
>Obtain over time different knowledge on magic and integrate them into the school curriculum to improve your school's prestige.
>Make decisions like whether your school will have dormitories or if the students go to their homes after classes are done.
>Set up the quality of your installations and payment. You can be a good director that attempts to give the best to his employees, or you can hire a union-busting magical law firm to ensure the ratlings working your kitchen don't unionize.
>Eventually reach an advanced level of magic where you work more as a college where students and teachers can do magical research of their own.
>Get indebted to banking goblins due to absurd loans.
>Get into politics. Obtain grants from the magical council and use them as they were intended, or pocket them and ensure your corruption doesn't come to light by buttering up the rick, powerful councilor whose son happens to go to school and needs some misdeed swept under the rug.
>Make sure your students have a pleasant time at your school or risk that pureblood kid from going Columbine on the mudbloods after he got knowledge on how to make a magical nuke from magical supremacists on the outside.
A game like that exists, it's absolute dogshit though.
Shame. What's the name tho.
Spellcaster University, it's early access garbage and not like Rimworld though.
Soviet Republic. You save the human lives from opressive capitalism
File: fromdust.jpg (56 KB, 380x509)
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It was disappointing for me that From Dust wasn't a god game, as I hoped, but a physics puzzle game, but it isn't a bad game and it fits the thread. Your main goal is to save and help survive your tribal worshipers and let them through the levels. Mostly by picking up and placing dirt, water and lava, plus some additional limited powers that come later. There is no enemies to fight beside natural disasters.

It wasn't that way when I played it
i really like emergency
the aliens in em2 were quite kino
I remember playing first Emergency ages ago after borrowing it off a schoolfriend and never finnished it - the money management required from the puzzlie like guessing involved in some missions design was really bothersome at times - and the random crashes mid-cutscenes certainly didnt help me to not hate it either...

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