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File: conq4.png (1.29 MB, 1007x628)
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1.29 MB PNG
I already own 3, but never played it. Is it worth buying CoE 4 for $12 or CoE 5 for $30? From what I hear the battle system improved significantly in 4, but there doesn't seem to be many new features to CoE 5.

Also curious to hear anyone elses experiences with 5 or the series in general
All I can say is: check the catalog or the archive cus there is a large CoE thread around. I played maybe 5 hours of CoE5 (the only one in the series I've played) and it's not bad, but it just makes me want to go back to Dominions 5
File: 1599857450598.gif (618 KB, 500x375)
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618 KB GIF
File: 1565799175660.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
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That thread was archived, I only found it right before it died so started a new one now. I actually booted up the CoE 3 while waiting for a few responses and it's fairly fun... but not skeptical it's "$30 for a slightly modified version of what I have already" levels of fun and replayable for me.

Insert "Series" instead if it makes you sleep any better jannylet.
download it from here, https://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=115222&hilit=conquest+of+elysium+5, first to see if you want to buy it.
you'll need an account (which can be made with a throwaway email if you care). im still on an older version, 3DMGAME-Conquest.of.Elysium.5-P2P, but the newer versions should work fine.
i should've also said that the one thing i really cared about going from pirated coe4 to coe5 is that senator was heavily buffed which is the only class i really cared for. other than that, i can't speak on too many other specifics as i only had a dozen hours or so in coe4 before swapping to coe5.
Based, might check this out. I really don't mind buying but just don't want to get swindled by "le micro updating Swede devs" again
Is there a reason to invade the Primal Realm?
Im playing as a Priest of El so can i get anything worthwile while im in there because; I had just conqured a bronze citadel but, I can't recruit troops there
>Being in the primal world has a mystic effect on animals and they will become larger, stronger and more intelligent if they are there long enough. This effect is permanent and the animal will not diminish in power if they leave again.
File: 1529896937325.jpg (51 KB, 640x916)
51 KB
Damm I thought Invading it with the pontiff was a good idea; oh well you live you learn
>buying games after you already pirated them
Imagine being this cucked
I have had a similar problem (I invaded as the Priest King).

In general, I wish there was more reward for invading the planes - at least in terms of cool stuff like weird events or good magic items rather than actual cost/benefit payoffs for winning the game.
File: 1629506551740.jpg (25 KB, 400x402)
25 KB
Are there ways for the Senator to acquire means of Charm?
The only (unreliable) way i can think of is Random Wizard Offer of a Green Sorceress.
Are there wands of charm or items that give that effect?
I was thinking of acquiring at least one Charm-using unit, capture other charming units (maybe Succubi in Hell?) and snowball from there.
>inb4 play another class
Muh 50%gold/trade bonus
If you're going to buy it, just buy CoE5. It's what will get all of the updates from here on out. CoE4 got a number of factions and features added over the course of its lifecycle, and CoE5 has already had some features added after a few weeks.
>he doesnt just overwhelm them with the might of the Roman legion.
File: AAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (15 KB, 474x458)
15 KB
Fuck the cumguzzlers who """"""""""DeSiGnEd"""""""""" this game.
It should unironically be illegal to create something so fun and cool in concept yet so phallus flayingly excruciating to actually try to play.
File: holdout castle.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
What's your beef with it?

I'm strongly considering it, still playing that Necromancer game in CoE3 and quite enjoying it. Even just getting unit/spell descriptions would be a huge upgrade. Currently building up a massive army of catapults and crossbowmen to take a castle. I think I've hit escape velocity to win this game by earning 50 gold per turn. Once this game ends I'll make my call.

I'm a little annoyed by the Necromancer class though. I'm just throwing hordes of low grade human trash (spearmen/bowmen) rather than an undead horde because it feels so expensive to recruit muh skellies since they induce madness in my 2 necromancers (I only had 1 recruitable apprentice the entire game, and it was at the start when I had no money).
3 to 4 is a huge jump. I'd consider 3 unplayable but I have 140 hours in 4.
4 to 5 is not worth it right now but it will be in six months or so once they've added more content and mods.
If you are going to be retarded and buy without a sale, get 5. If you can wait, you might be able to get 4 80% off.
Listen to the dev's advice and play as 2 factions in a team. Pair up all the AI too, with common cause victory settings.
File: 1429612091591.jpg (203 KB, 1600x900)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Can the dwarves tunnel in Agartha, or are they strictly a surface humanoid ant colony?
90% of my beef is the fucking movement system. It takes SO [independents moving] DAMN [independents moving] LONG [independents moving] TO [independents moving] GO [independents moving] ANYWHERE.
If you spawn in the north, you're fucked.
If [independents moving] you [independents moving] are [independents moving] playing [independents moving] hoburghers, [independents moving] [independents moving] your [independents moving] fucked [independents moving] no [independents moving] [independents moving] matter [independents moving] where [independents moving] you [independents moving] are.
Literally giving everyone one more AP across the board would make this game not feel like a fucking slog.
Then their is the random generation. The idea of a roguelike is that every time you play another round, it's different. But three quarters of the rounds in this game are all the fucking same. Spawn somewhere surrounded by mountains and forests with no resources near you. Or spawn surrounded by spider thickets on land and a hungry tatsu in the sea (for now). And FUCKING LOSE turn 4.
>Abloohoohoo little baby doesn't like the game just because it's design is actively hostile to fun?
YEAH ACTUALLY. A game that the community universally agrees must be played with mods to bring you more enjoyment than frustration might be poorly designed! And here's the worst part! I DO like the game! I want to like the game! I love the pixel art! I love the breadth of content! I love the lore, even if it is a shitpost version of their flagship game. Shitposts are all well and good. But if you eat a bar of fucking gold in front of me and present me with the shit log it made, I'm gonna be mad you wasted a bar of gold for it!
In CoE5, where are the Sidhe, in the primal plane? If so, are they considered human?
I ask because they have the witch's spell list and i want to Convert them with my Baron Monks.
Also, is there a cap at how many temples boost my recruitment chances for Monks?
Strictly a surface humanoid ant colony barring their little portal network.

Hope you find a magic shovel.
Damn, what's the point then?
You can turn off showing independents movement in the options. Sure you won't know what they are doing unless they walk into one of your dudes, but it will speed things up.
>If you spawn in the north, you're fucked
When you create the game, you can tweak the percentage of hot & cold regions you want.
File: sweden I kneel.png (387 KB, 1553x334)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
OP here, status update - I have submitted to my Swedish overlords and bought CoE5

I'm a retard and bought without a sale, where I am in life I don't mind losing the 10 or so bucks to enjoy it now. The leap to the new battle system and mods is what sealed the deal for me. That and the fact I was already having so much fun with my CoE3 necromancer run. I'm starting up a new game now and will try the teaming factions format.
Kobolds are the rightful rulers of Elysium
BaronxNecromancer is awesome. Baron has plenty of humanoid troops to kill and revive and they can also upgrade shitty, useless hamlets into fortified towns that give severed hands for rituals.
I like playing Troll King, always take over a good chunk of the map solo until his mom arrives.
Baron can also turn bandit camps into fucking gallows that give 3 hands a pop.
Give me Priest King tips
luv me freespawn factions, simple as
Haven't tried them in CoE5 yet, but in CoE4 chiefs always paid for themselves just sitting on towns and recruiting slaves early game

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