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File: CHOKURUK.png (1.01 MB, 922x475)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
does anybody feel like civ 6 would work well as a simcity-like management without competing against other civs
File: CHOKURK 2.png (1.24 MB, 767x744)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
another example
No, the game was designed as a 4x, out of that only the expansion and exploitation part is relevant. There are too many abstractions that make no sense in city builder, for example why is the central tile so much more important than the rest of the city, take it and you take the city, whereas in a more competent city builder, space being a resource, what you build in the centre won't be radically more important than the periphery.
so you would take a bad game and remove the least bad part?
>civ 6 niggers actually just want sim city
File: CHOKURUK.png (2.68 MB, 1277x959)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
another one
File: CHOKEARDISM VICTORY.png (1.47 MB, 1277x857)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
i also won!
you're a big boy
For you.
File: RA-CHOKEDET VICTORY.png (1.83 MB, 1919x1079)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
btw same thing with egypt
File: RA-CHOKEDET.png (2.16 MB, 1182x662)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
You're the worst kind of Civ player, the one who just sits in a corner doing their own thing all game
You always complain when someone brings an army to your door because you never build one
christ, how did they manage to make this game SO fucking ugly? its crazy how much better civ v looks
>You always complain when someone brings an army to your door because you never build one
Actually, I built an entire large army out of faith points in my playthrough of Sumeria. It was very fun.
You're wrong anyways as I aim to win and create a nice looking city
Not trying to be mean towards you anon friend :)
> not playing mountain-biased civs to tech rush in the corner and make chokepoints spammed with ranged units
not gonna make what? A snoozefest?
File: CHOKSATHENS.png (3.69 MB, 1398x1041)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
ok this one was harder
File: CHOKSATHENS VICTORY.png (563 KB, 802x477)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
File: WASHINGTON.png (1.41 MB, 837x682)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
the reason why it was hard was because of america and its freakin religion, no jokes intended
File: CHOKSATHENS VICTORY hd.png (1.62 MB, 1397x1035)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
better resolution
>that guy who keeps replying to himself
It helps me share my images to my nephews. 4chan is good for sharing images if you have your loved ones banned from other sites.
Ok im currently playing as the aztecs, it's so far harder than any civ I have played so far.
kek saved
File: TENOCHOKITLAN.png (3.5 MB, 1395x1041)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PNG
OK finally
File: AZTEC VICTORY.png (1.91 MB, 1395x1036)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
to explain how i won using the aztecs, i decided to try a few stuff.
now before i explain my probably dumb way of winning, i know some of you on this site would be saying 'im not reading this' while reading this. so to save you some time, dont read it if you want to do something else. for anyone else, i really don't care, i just like explaining stuff since im bored.
i first of all chose huge true start earth location, since i wanted to be the aztecs and settle near cocoa. of course, i wanted to make it feel different, like settling near rainforest too. in the same logic, when i played egypt i settled near a desert or if i were to play russia or canada i would settle near snow. i then chose 'no barbarians' because i felt that would change the game to make it more interesting. i chose 6 civs with no teddy roosevelt as he was a big menace during lots of my playthroughs. hes easy to ally but if you wish to go for domination, he sucks. even if you wish to exclude his foreign policy.
hmmm, so i pressed 'start game' and had problems. first of all, i wasnt totally sure if had cocoa near me so i saved the game and tried to find cocoa. the big problem i have had was with la venta and being near the rainforest. the games rule is if you go to any rainforest, it takes two of your movements which sucks as i only had a settler and an eagle warrior. still, i tried to find cocoa, and i found cocoa in south america. i wasted many turns trying to find cocoa, which was worth it as i could load back to my turn 1 save file. i loaded back my save file and made settling in south america my top priority. even if i knew where i was going, i still had the rainforest problems. i spawned near la venta and it took me around 18 turns to settle near cocoa. this was awful as the aztecs unique units were awesome only for the ancient era, so it would be a waste to not to use them. 1/??
luckly, the ancient era didnt finish too fast. i instantly went and tried to produce as much eagle warriors as possible. no builders, no buildings, just eagle warriors. i though of conquering la venta, but then i found brazil. brazil was a big boost towards helping me, as they had two nice cities, and a weak defense with lots of units. those units that brazil had were inferior to the eagle warrior, and that meant i was very fortunate. the eagle warriors special ability to convert killed units into builders. those builders would then later be used for improving my tiles and speeding up production, by either clearing stuff in my city or contributing to districts which was the aztecs' unique ability. one very important thing i did after preparing my army of eagle warriors was to gain a settle, so i can be near brazil. after i settled, i waited a few turns and then attacked brazil. it was quite scary at first, but it became a breeze later on. of course, my original 2nd city had a problem with producing units. i relied on my capital to produce units so i can conquer brazil. my units gained a lot of builders as they very superior to what brazil was producing, meaning i could improve or remove or contribute. after i took over brazils main capital, i kinda felt that i was a bit too weak. i went and achieved peace with brazil. i also found another city-state, bueno aires. bueno aires was less useful than le venta and i felt he would be a good city to conquer. i still tried to focus on my research and preparing an army once again, however after the peace was over i quickly took over their other city and brazil was gone. after i researched construction, i felt scared if some other civ would finish the terracota army first. i decided to not conquer bueno aires instantly as they had a good bonus for building wonders. fortunatly, i built the terracota army before other civs. i had my army around beuno airs, and took it over, with all of their units becoming my builders.
I'm not reading this.
after that, i felt there was peace. there were no other civs in my continent, and i could build safely whenever i wish to without fear. i also made good use of my eagle warriors even if their potential wasnt the greatest. i didnt want to upgrade them however, as i needed gold. i settle in north america as i wanted to try and conquer all my continent so no other civ would conquer it. after many turns, trying to research shipbuilding so i can go to another continent, checking the score board to see if im doing well and improving much of my civ, england met me. i knew england would be a problem, they had one agenda that quickly made them their enemy and another one that depended if they had the same governement i had. i was still fortunate, as england was kinda weak. i also met russia and japan. both were friendly towards me as a i had a decent size of science and culture. russia liked me because i was advancing my production, and that helped their heavy industry agenda. i also knew japan would like me because i was going to focus on air power. overall, my biggest focus was science and culture. i wanted to research many tech fast, and while i wasnt falling behind, i had a problem with research many of the later tech while leaving behind my past tech. for example, i would research industrialization without researching castles. it became a bigger problem during the modern era and trying to advance towards the atomic era. i had an idea of settling in africa, as it proved good resources and there were not many settlements to worry about. i set sail and i found that england was settling near my setllements, that was a problem. i asked for them not to settle but my relationship with them was unfriendly. i also wanted to be near japan, meaning i had to also settle near them. while this was bad. i was more worried of them declaring war against me, and that would quickly make me lose progress. and since i was playing vanilla, the warmongering system was crap.
i fully tried my best to advance my settlements. i also met gilgamesh, and i allied with him. after many turns have passed, i felt that it would be a good time to declare war against britain, they had settled near my settlements and denouced me many times which put me on my edge against a declaration of war, and one very important thing was me doing a joint war with gilgamesh. as i was naive at that time to think that if you had a joint war with an allied civ, you wouldnt get any warmongering penalty. of course, that was wrong but it made me feel confident against britain. i took over multiple of britain's cities, and this was the atomic-information era btw. most of my units werent great and i put an eye on my revenue to not head towards bankruptcy. after conquering many of britains cities, i wanted to establish a peace deal with them. i decided to take over hull which was not in africa but on england, that put me on a good position to invade britain if i wanted to. i did not conquer York, which was in west africa near the pink dot thing, though closer to the west. i felt proud of my accomplishments but got lots of warmongering penalties for it. that was no problem for gilgamesh as it was 30, and i only had like over 50 good relations. i wanted to focus on improving on the cities i took over, as they were damaged and needed walls for defense. i took some time, but city states bugged me as they were somehow more advanced than the civs, in warlord difficulty appearently. i waited and tried to see how i would attack russia, as russia seemed like the biggest threat. i know for a domination game you have to conquer the capital, but in my playthrough i want every civ gone from brazil to sumeria. it would be very fitting for a civ like the aztecs, who had lots of amenities, were very aggresive and had a good combat bonus. i still put my eye on the gold, as the units were becoming more and more expensive. i wanted to focus on my civics, because of air deployment.
when i developed air deployment, i noticed that england had allied with japan. that was bad news for me, so i decided to start planning on conquering japan and dealing with their city states they control. japan was very weak, the weakest out of all civs. they had a very bad military and every city had no wall defense, so conquering their cities was certainly going to be easy. one problem however, i focused mostly on getting rocket artillery. after i played the greeks, i found out that the best strategy for conquering cities was seige and either heavy cavalry/good infantry. while that strategy was good, i also found out that transporting units between cities is hard, especially when you have got one city in western india near a southern city state having low production for units, and i always put an eye on my treasury. that all changed when airplanes were produced, and my entire view of warfare changed entirely. bombers were op but they couldnt attack any fog, that was job belonged to the fighters. any time i would deploy a fighter near an enemy city, they would clear the fog/dark-ish territory, which would allow in theory for my bombers to attack a city. they could deal massive blows for japan, with the help of a modern armor to conquer the city. so by that logic, i felt confident in declearing war against japan with sumeria, because i was still naive to believe that joint wars with your allies remove warmongering penalties with those very same allies. still, i declared war and took over all of japans cities, and i felt very happy. england however, was still problem.
when i finsihed the war with japan, i instantly prepared my army and declared war against england. england was very weak and had very little army, compared to before i declared war against england which had like around 1100 military points compared to my 900 points so i can save gold. i also found out that commercial hubs are very profitable, one stock exchange gave me 14 gold and since i had lots of cities, i could get multiple stock exchanges. i also felt proud of taking japan's cities because it meant more luxery resources which meant more combat strength for my army. after i declared, i found invading england harder as they had lots of sea around them, and i needed a land unit like melee/cavalry/anti-cavalry so i can conquer their cities without just adding more damage. i also developed multiples nukes because i was afraid of russia. i had the idea that after i would remove england, i can instantly declare war against russia with gilgamesh. even when the warmongering penalty was around -100, anytime an alliance ended with sumeria, their relations towards me didnt change instantly, only after i press next turn, they would be instantly unfriendly to me as thats how the game likes to play. after i conquered bistol located near norway, i declared war on russia. to ensure success, i had finsihed making the nukes and decided to use them to my advantage. i used the nukes to attack russian cities and their city states, so they dont distract me. it was very easy but a bit of an awful idea. it took many turns until the cities were decontaminated, which was awful because at that time i only had around 80-70 turns left until the game ends. i waited and attack many of their other cities using the air fighter + air bombers + modern armors combo. it very op and i quickly took most of their cities, which was in metaphorical terms, in rubbles. i tried to conquer all of russia before my alliance with gilgamesh would end.
so far, before my alliance with gilgamesh would end, i put my army near his cities and nuked multiple of his city states. and instead of me taking over the cities, i would just leave them be and when they were decontaminated, another nuke would be deployed. anyways, after i finished taking over all of russia, i felt that gilgamesh would have an unfriendly face after my alliance with him would end, but to my surprise he still had a friendly face. i decided to ally with him as i did not feel confident declaring war against him. of course, i did kinda regret that decision, but i also felt happy knowing i could rebult all the cities i took from russia. the last city before russia was removed i liberated to preslav, while it was being decontaminated with thermo-nuke radiation. of course, i put my top priority preparing for war against sumeria, first repairing the walls for my cities in russia and secondly, preparing multiple of my army near sumeria. the best part was that a sumerian city, located in kazakhstan russia and japan, i put my military in russia near the capital of sumeria and i put my military which consisted of mech infantry + rocket artillery from japan near their other city. that way, it was a two front war speeding up my invasion of sumeria. before the alliance was going to end, i tried to make sure they werent gonna win a religious victory. despite my civ's religion having a dumb name, i named it that because i wanted to emphasize how large it would be. CHOKLARGISM with an 'L' didn't sound great, so CHOKARGISM was born. while the name does sound inappropiate and silly, i actually still like it because it does give that feeling thats its 'large'. anyways, i felt like conquering all of sumeria would allow for sumeria to win a religious victory. to combat this, i felt more secured convering their cities to eastern orthodoxy, as my main religion was in south america and it would take a long time for me to even start spreading the religion in africa.
of course, the religion part doesnt matter anyways as my cities start converting chokargism with the help of inquistors. this is actually my first time using inquistors to help convert my cities, and i found out theyre very helpful in coverting cities you just conquered with a different religion. and sumeria was pretty weak in religion. so after a while, i began to wait for my alliance to end with sumeria. then turn 466 came, the last turn before i need to renew an alliance with sumeria (which i obviously wont). after that, i declared war instantly. i put a spy in one of their cities thats covered in fog/dark-ish color so i can view it and attack it using my bombers. they were the only civ and had an awful infrastucture, which was mostly their tiles being just ziggurats. defeating was extremely easy. i only took their city in kazakhstan and razed their other cities. and when i finished taking other cities, i focused on uruk which i easily took. after all of that, i won. they were gone and i dominated their civ easily. i wanted to raze uruk but it was a capital so i could not.
after all of this, i can safely say this is my best playthrough of any civ ever. i feel immense pride and great honor just taking every single city step by step. i won 4 civs each with different victories fitting their culture, which is why some make sense with their abilities and others dont.
this essay took pretty long to make, with spelling errors because of how fast im typing. so if you read this, thank you. if you did not, i really dont care but a little bit of thank you is still given to you :)
btw for my other civs
sumeria - i chose a religious victory because i felt it was quite fitting for the first civ to be a religious one. i turned off turn limits. i used the war carts to defeat any other civ that threatened my religious victory.
egypt - i decided it would be cool if i had a small map with only one civ, sumeria. in all of my other playthroughs of other civs i chose a civ i wanted and then let the game decide my rival civ(s). not for egypt though. i wanted to start near cocoa and near desert to make egypts location look fitting. i aimed for a cultural victory because it was also the most fitting for egypt, even if its bonuses said otherwise.
greeks - this one was a little harder because i chose prince. of course for my other civs, i first chose settler and then chieftein. so why instantly in my third playthrough, i would choose a prince? because its fitting title for a civ that would go for a science victory. the most fitting location i felt for the greeks would be being near mountains and cocoa. i wanted to go a little slow so i chose epic speed. i had a good military, but i accidentially set the domination ending because i conquered egypts capital city. i still won the game using science.
aztecs - i explained my playthrough of the aztecs. since i completed greeks on prince, i felt safe getting an extra boost from the warlord difficulty. i was still new to military and felt that domination was the hardest victory achieve, especially with 6 different civs. i chose no barbarians and thats it. settled near cocoa and rainforest.
anyways that was a good thread, i might/might not reply to this thread anymore. dependings on whether i should gathering storm or not. maybe i could discuss gathering storm on another thread, i dont know but goodbye. sorry if the amount of my replies and taking to each other bugs you, i was just enthusiastic to speak about my plathroughs of the game.

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