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Perhaps the best game relic ever made. What are your favorite creature combos?
I think in theory it's great but in practice it's less good. I wish more RTS games would take the idea of having customizable armies though.
For me it's basically anything x lobster. They're nearly flawless beings.
I tried playing it again and had fun until the last missions where the pathfinder is so atrocious i felt like li was fighting the programming more than the enemy

Still though, I want some sort of spiritual successor
I could accept something more marketable like a military rts that allows me to customize my units, but part of the fun is making godless abominations.

Most of my armies end up just being hybrids because I think taser gorillas are funny.
IIRC this is a gamebryo game
look nifty
I love my mantis mammoths
Giant stronk tanks that make up for slow speed with huge jumps
They're expensive though
Dunno why but I loved making Orca Gorillas, and chameleon with archerfish
so is civ4

it's not the engine, it's bethesda (and obsidian)
this game has bad pacing
Didn't it not have a cooldown on unit voice lines? I remember going through the campaign and having my dude speak every single time I selected him or gave an order
For me, it's Komodo Dragon + Skunk.
I had the same compulsion when I played it.
I was convinced the any animal could be improved by giving it an exoskeleton and giant, snapping claws.
whaleverines were always fun, and I loved dragonflies and anaconda mixes

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