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Never heard of Reloaded. What does it do?
I know it’s a total conversion mod
>Please check the readme and the notes located here
>Could not obtain post/user information

I still don't know what it does
>I still don't know what it does
neither do I
Just won a game as Empire.

EXCEPT I didnt't fucking win yet. It's year 1300 something, I got every star system scouted (either green or has a ship on it), destroyed the base, got mothma and leia.. but where the fuck is luke and do i really have to micro manage every star systems's unrest while I wait to show his ugly nose?

I mean wtf. Can't you just give me the win, every system that flips is either taken over in a second or could be death star'd

I'm seriously considering starting to blow up every neutral planet (and soon every empire planet) until nothing exists to end this fucking game. Jesus
Just because you scouted a system doesn't mean the intel is up to date. When it's time to find someone like this I build 20 of the ship with the highest hyperspace speed (I think it's the small troop transporter) and send them, one group clockwise and the other anti-clockwise, to every planet in a sector until the entire outer rim is explored. Luke can't be in an unoccupied planet so you can discard those. Keep an eye on the personnel tab, it'll tell you where he is when someone spots him.

But I agree, this endgame whack-a-mole is annoying as fuck.

I think you didnt get what I meant, I have a ship in every system of the galaxy, at every planet.
I wonder if the game bugged or something..
What the fuck...then the personnel tab should report where he is. Or maybe he's on a diplomacy/uprising mission somewhere? It's the only thing I can think of.

Fucking finally. I must have missed one or two planets the first time around. Turn 1600-1700.. Neutral outer rim planets started flipping, so I decided to turn them back one by one by diplomacy and ridiculous troop spamming. When 5 or so planets were left, I took them all in one turn to make sure no more planets flipped on the same turn or something.

And yes, the whole screen was blue or green at one point, and I think I had a ship on every planet at that time.. I wonder what happened. I guess I must have had some ships enroute to those planets who had a rebel base constructed after I initially scouted.

What a chore.
Yeah, the endgame isn't really fun at all. You always need to hunt down the major characters down to the last planet and it's a pain in the ass. Same thing with the Rebel HQ.

Only way to avoid this is to choose HQ victory only and play as Rebels. But then it's too easy to take Coruscant. Heck, sometimes you can do it even with the forces you start with. I did it once at day 40.

A victory at turn 40? :) Hat's off to you, good chap

By the way, are you by any chance someone called the SR wiki fagoot?
Wish my laptop could play this.
I started writing a reply that i'm sure any existant PC can run it, then when looking it up, i see reloaded is some remake? I'd not heard of this, but several years back i got my old original copy of rebellion running on windows 7 - there is a patch floating around somewhere.
The natural disasters drive me nuts in this game.
Don't know what you mean, in like 100 hours of playing I only had it happen to me once.
There’s natural disasters?

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