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File: vst.jpg (634 KB, 832x429)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
We've got a server running:

>name: /vst/
>password: trains

OpenTTD is a free, open source reverse engineering of Transport Tycoon Deluxe. You can get it here:

I ran a poll a while back in the other thread >>502894 asking what people wanted from a server. Hard or noob friendly. It was split 50/50, so it's an intermediate server, but nothing a new player couldn't jump into.
>New trains, planes, ships and road vehicles
>Many newGRFs for making pretty stations
>FIRS 4 industry replacement set (basic). Flowchart here: https://bundles.openttdcoop.org/firs/releases/LATEST/docs/html/economies.html#temperate_basic
>Renewed Village Growth script: Towns and Cities have certain passenger and cargo requirements you need to meet before they will grow. No more blobbing with 4 bus stations.
>Nerfed planes, nerfed passengers (still pretty OP), increased costs for infrastructure upkeep, expensive water terraforming
>Cargo distribution for passengers and mail (i.e they have real destinations)

If you are new, you can watch these tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX9TPVcxrORP8EOLYBgnhzxK6VbncNil7 (ignore the ugly graphics set)
More advanced stuff: https://www.youtube.com/c/LugnutsK/playlists
Also go ahead and ask lots of questions here, or while playing.
Can you post a grf list? What are you using?
Here are the newGRFs
Let me know if you have any suggestions that might fit well. Server resets at 2050 game year, so I can always add more stuff and make changes.
File: uHatl9I[1].png (698 KB, 1920x1017)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
I'm trying to transfer valuables from Saltbasse Woods to Saltbasse Airport, so I can fly the valuables to another city. The problem is, the valuables disappear from the Airport inventory immediately, so no plane can pick anything up. What am I doing wrong?
An OpenTTD server? How would that work?
Do players cooperatively design and build optimal logistic networks and stuff? Do they compete against each other?
t. never played the game but I've always found it interesting. Perhaps after I'm done with my W&R city I'll give openttd a shot
Put the trucks on "transfer and leave empty" at the airport

It's up to the players really. Without coordination like on this server everyone does their own thing, so you compete to grow the biggest town or have the biggest monthly profit or the most rail/trains. Ultimately whoever hashighest company rating wins by 2050. You can benefit from stuff other players do, like build an airport in a large town someone else grew or deliver secondary goods from a factory that's supplied but it's output is not used. You could join another player's company and then you'll share everything you build and coop directly. Some servers like openttdcoop are all about putting all players in one company and then building a meganetwork serving every possible bussiness.
Okay that helped, the valuables stay there now. But is it then impossible for me to setup a valuables route from Town1Airport->Town2Airport->Town2Bank that also works they other way, starting from the bank?
Sounds like my kind of fun. I'll be joining you guys in a week or two
You could enable cargo distribution and then remove "leave empty" from "transfer". Should become something like "transfer and load any". cargo. Could remove transfer altogether probably, and just have a unload and load any with cargodist. Sadly it'll fuck up all kinds of cargo in the long term, with the local coal mine deciding that five transfers to a power station next to itself is just what it needs.

Another option is building extra airports and stations on both ends, one for loading one for unloading.

With just one station, the best bet you got is timetables. Queue your plane to wait for 60 days at the airport or something like that and have trucks unload for 30 days, then load for 30 days then wait for plane to fly there and back, so your orders are load airport 1->fly->unload airport 2->load airport 2->fly->unload airport 1 with plenty of time between each step.

Or don't do valuables, without mods their number doesn't grow so your profit will stay the same unlike any other bussiness.
Okay thanks, I will probably just build another airport, seems easier.
File: grflist.png (114 KB, 1383x825)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
I'm currently using these. I can't remember which one had the german stations. Maybe it city objects. Anyway those stations are animated to the platforms actually fill when there's people waiting. You could also use beach objects and have beaches as industries, this is supported by firs.
Might give the beach industry a try on the server as that sounds interesting. I know the Japanese station set we're using has the animated passengers.
File: Bamberg station.png (76 KB, 600x400)
76 KB
I figured it out. It's the NewStations v0.6 that has the animated, mostly german stations. Pic related is one of my favourite stations to build in medium sized mountain towns. It also has to be built on a slope.

I don't know if beach industry needs beach objects to work. As an industry it accepts passengers and in FIRS it should also accept sand.
File: 1411567006519.jpg (243 KB, 800x525)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
To the anon who's building up H-something-field, we probably need to pull in more passenger and mail trains because it has capped out at 5k. I also funded a steelworks to deal with the steel from the foundry you funded.
With our server people can compete to have the most profitable company, while cooperating to grow the towns, like >>636078
bumping this because of course
Cheers, I'll get around to improving the station in Huddersfield today. Good to hear about the goods factory, I have another huge smelter at the north end of the map in Coppull that I'm going to ship to Basildon which is my main town I'm really trying to grow. Good that you're supplying goods in Huddersfield, it's probably the next requirement. It seems like you have to connect two towns of about the same size to grow both, so if you do Huddersfield and me Basildon they should both grow equal pace.
I like the way this station evenly distributes the trains to the outside tracks.
Looking forward to Monday when I can start playing again. The Yogurt Consortium is currently a shadow of it's potential glory.
By the way, some important info:
The server resets at in-game year 2050, but pauses when nobody is connected.
File: file.png (498 KB, 1409x782)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
must've not seen the Basildon station then, or Basildon West.

Hope I don't run the timer to 2050 on my own. I assume it'll be possible to change the end date if people keep playing?
Tomorrow at lunch (8pm here) I'll jump on and bump the reset year up to 2200 or something, if its getting close.
Thanks for hosting anon. I've joined in and built around, stopped at 1999 because I don't want to push the timer further without other anons around.
I've just jumped on and increased it to 2200 so no worries. Maybe now someone gets rich enough to have a full network of Vacuum tube maglevs
File: file.png (559 KB, 1790x836)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
The trains must flow
File: map.png (72 KB, 1665x897)
72 KB
The rail system as of 2022
Very nice.
Good stuff. I'm gunna try and get on tonight and grow my dairy network a bit in prep for delivering food to all the towns we are growing
That's pretty good, the two biggest towns are short on food but good on everything else.
The gap you've given them so there is just enough room to move up into the stations. Perfect.
One of your planes crashed a bit after you left.
How do I get into games like this? It's my first time with a citybuilder/transport type game so be gentle
play the tutorial scenario.
the game is super easy to get into if you have the ability to navigate oldschool menus.
beyond babby's first truck route, the game gets as complex as you want it to be
Jump on this server and mess around. No pressure at all. You make your own company, and just don't build right next to someone else's stuff if you are worried about messing something up. Also what >>641158 said. The tutorial scenario is in the online content downloader. There's also links to video tutorials in the OP. You can usually learn all the basics except train signals pretty quick. Those took me a bit longer.

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