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Thoughts on this game? Is it actually good besides the waifu wars?
Unfortunately, no.

Pretty much every aspect of the game is good or at least entertaining, but the actual RTS gameplay is garbage.
>The RTS part was pretty undercooked. Played somewhat worse than Rise of Nations, a game about a decade older.

>As RTS it was weak.

>Dragon Commander spawned out of what was intended to be the second half of Divinity 2. You were going to travel around the world forming alliances, and command them against Damian in a pseudo-RTS battle. They threw out a year worth of finished map design when their publisher dropped them.

>Another fun fact. Larian thought that Dragon Commander would save the company, while D:OS would only turn a small profit. D:OS ended up saving the company, while Dragon Commander was a huge bomb.

>>The RTS part was pretty undercooked
>yeah this. felt like a tug of war where you just keep spamming units at the enemy which also just spams units and sends them your way in a stream on those shitty tiny maps. and you mainly make progress by just occasionally intervening with your dragon and tipping the scales in your favor until you push the enemy back towards his base and win. come to think of it, it felt sort of like a moba, not that i've played much of those. i genuinely hate this type of hyper fast gameplay where units are piss easy to spam and die easily so the only strat is to spam units at the enemy and slowly grind them down by having superior human micro. other games that felt this way for me were spellforce 3 and empire at war ground combat

>Almost every unit had an activatable ability, some more than one. I played most of the game without using dragon, and the battles felt similar to Warcraft 3. As micro-intensive as you want them to be, the important stuff can be put on autocast but the AI isn't as good as you at using them.
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It's an absolutely terrible RTS. But it indeed has top tier waifus and the writing is very funny
It was a shit RTS.

Writing was a fun ride, tho.
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The most disappointing thing would be the absolute lack of porn.
You'd think there'd be hundreds of with what with all the waifus, but NOOOOOOOOOO

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