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File: stronghold3.png (502 KB, 616x353)
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What went so horribly wrong?
Did they go bankrupt midway through development or what?
It was already going downhill from part 2
>Did they go bankrupt midway through development or what?
I think so. The publisher also reamed the team in the ass hard
File: DePuceFamily.png (360 KB, 456x532)
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>The publisher also reamed the team in the ass hard
Guess that explains why the campaign cutscenes look like storyboard pictures.
File: 4928.jpg (126 KB, 1200x1200)
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>the Wolf left no heirs
>the Snake left no heirs
>the Rat left multiple
>the Pig also, and his sons became high ranking churchmen
What the fuck
Rat confirmed for mad pussy slayer.
Pig worked part time as a hentai game character.
Snake was probably gay so no heirs.
Warlords could be the redemption arc desu, i like the new features in concept, even tho the execution is poorly done, also i wish they move on from the samey units to different unit trees, i could see they create different unit tree for each faction that are (somewhat) already in the game(in form of AIs), the Dai Viet, Japan, China, and the Mongols. also they still doesnt Implement unit collision in this game, i hate it when chokepoint here doesnt matter because u can cram 50 soldiers in a single tile
I kind of liked the demo. So maybe warlords is worth a shot once it’s on sale. In skirmish mode do the different lords use different army compositions like in previous titles?
File: absoluteunit.png (230 KB, 360x450)
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Are you implying this magnificent unit of a man wouldn't have left norf England filled with little piglets?
I wonder if there was a chance for the game to end up decent if Firefly had been given more time.

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