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>Supposed "new golden age" of RTS games
>Unparalleled technology and features that allow one amateur to accomplish more than gaming studios 30 years ago couldn't even dreamt of
>No innovations that changed and shaped the genre like in Tiberian Dawn, no groundbreaking features like in Perimeter: Geometry of War or Star Wars: Empire at War, no good story like in Tiberian Sun or StarCraft, no fun gameplay like in Generals, no sandbox and creativity potential like in Warcraft 3, no competitive and PVP potential like in StarCraft 2 or Age of Empires 2
>Just the same shitty "spiritual successors" and "just like in C&C/StarCraft" over and over and over again
LMAO even
I haven't heard anyone say anything about a new golden age.
It's pretty much just Slitherine somehow landing the rights to lots of great 80s sci-fi movies and giving them the RTS games they always deserved: Starship Troopers, Terminator, Stargate. Great move on their part. They'll become the new Paradox, so hopefully they don't cuck out.
>Unparalleled technology and features that allow one amateur to accomplish more than gaming studios 30 years ago couldn't even dreamt of
News to me
It's a golden age of RTS copycats. Nothing more.
File: 1685223626896343.gif (2.43 MB, 498x266)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB GIF
>unable to even remake all the spells from a 1994 game because reasons
The only good RTS is Men of War 2 and it's not even out yet.
Everything else has been shit.
Wow it's almost as if pandering to nostalgiadrones is a dead-end strategy, who could've guessed.
Stormgate, Tempest Rising, Red Chaos - The Strict Order, ZeroSpace, Global Conflagration, Dying Breed, D.O.R.F. RTS, IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre, Men of War II, Starship Troopers: Terran Command, Terminator: Dark Fate, Stargate: Timekeepers.

So far only D.O.R.F. RTS has anything unique and innovative about itself with promised production lines and conveyor system like in Factorio, and also underground tunnels and combat like in Earth 2150. And also Men of War 2.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command, Terminator: Dark Fate and Stargate: Timekeepers are licensed games, dunno about other two but Starship Troopers: Terran Command is pretty good.
hot diarrhea
>Tempest Rising
uninspired trash
>Red Chaos - The Strict Order
low effort c&c clone
low effort sc2 clone
>Global Conflagration
didnt know that one might be cool we'll see
>Dying Breed
really? do i even have to comment on this one
might be cool might be jank trash we'll see
>IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre
low effort sc2 mobile tier clone
>Men of War II
compiling shaders
>Starship Troopers: Terran Command
no basebuilding, not an RTS
>Terminator: Dark Fate
no basebuilding, not an RTS
>Stargate: Timekeepers
no basebuilding, not an RTS, cursed with stargate license, will never come out
>golden age
more like the dark age
Global Conflagration is just another low effort C&C clone

>more like the dark age
That's why i called it "supposed", in a way that everyone is saying that RTS are back, but they are probably even more dead than before
generic SC2 clone
generic C&C clone
generic C&C clone
generic SC2 clone
generic Generals clone
generic C&C1 clone
two people working on it
generic SC2 clone
The vidya industry's gonna crash any day now
Lots of one man projects out there, anon. Rarely RTSes tho...
It no longer takes a savant to put some code together, flip some assets, and leverage an experimental idea.
anyone calling it a new golden age is either delusional or a shill for any of those shameless clones
and you niggers who refuse to play mp are a part of the issue too
Singleplayer was the main selling point of RTS games since the dawn of era.

Even now the popularity of RTS games and mods for them, especially mods since there's not many RTS games out there anyway, is determined whether they have singleplayer campaign or not and/or what changes does they bring to original campaigns and skirmish.

People were buying StarCraft 2 not for multiplayer, the game didn't lived for long after it became free-to-play, with almost no new players coming even after multiplayer became free, but i do wonder if new players will come if they make rest of the campaigns free.
>It's all about single player my dude
>All the current played RTS, old or new have multiplayer
>All the media of those RTS games is focused around multiplayer
Single player only RTS die immediately after launch. Syrian Warfare is single player only, cheaper and has a much better campaign than Gates of Hell yet more people own and play Gates of Hell despite it being released later.
A further counter point is Wargame RD. Which has a dogshit campaign that was broken by balancing patches yet it's alive purely because of multiplayer. For Multiplayer people will do shit like make 3rd party software to keep a middling game alive.
People who cry about focusing on single player fail to realize that most people don't even finish the campaign and out of those who do barely anyone plays those campaigns again. Meanwhile Multiplayer gives you theoretical infinite multiplayer.
Normgroids don't buy RTS games. There's no profit for a big studio to make one, and theres no way for a indie/AA studio to advertise anything unless its nostalgia bait. Unless RTSs become extremely popular for no reason, all that unparalleled technology is gonna be used on FPS's or side scrolling pixel games about depression and being a homosexual
Multiplayer gives you theoretical infinite dick up your ass multifag.

Neither Syrian Warfare and Gates of Hell are true RTS games, they are more of RTT.

C&C community for example did multiple surveys amongst the player base, and more than 60%-70% of the players prefer to play fan campaigns and mods that have their own campaigns or greatly expand original campaigns, also the same people prefer when mods expand skirmish aspects of the game since usually mods are not very balanced for multiplayer but perfect for compstomp and custom games.
And the most popular SC2 content on YouTube now are moded and custom campaigns, more over, few of the most prominent SC2 YouTubers gathered to make a new SC2 styled RTS with focus on custom games and campaign - ZeroSpace. Meanwhile ex-Blizzard devs are making new not-StarCraft name Stormgate that can be the best described as D.Va vs Diablo, and it ponders not only to the worst aspects of SC2 itself, but to the worst aspects of multiplayer SC2 with deployed not-Siege Tank drop being one of the features they used to showcase their game, a thing that was patched from the SC2 for how revolting and OP it was.
And if you wanted to say something about C&C, no, C&C didn't died because it was just a shitty singleplayer with no competitive potential. Command & Conquer was the best known for its campaigns and story with live action cutscenes. C&C died the very moment when Electronic Arts who hold the rights to the series, decided to ponder to competitive niggers in hopes of getting the SC audience for themselves and released C&C 3 and RA3 with considerably shittier story than in previous games with mediocre campaign and dumbed down cutscenes where almost nothing happens, then released multiple multiplier patches that failed to fix the game for those few competitive players that the game had, but broke campaign few times, and also the money that could have been spent on the game itself, were wasted on ESports TV show Battlecast Primetime oriented on competitive audience. Not even talking about C&C 4 that was originally supposed to be multiplayer-only MOBA RTS for Koreans that EA shipped as mainline entry and final game in the series when Korean publisher broke the contract.
>Did multiple surveys
Because what people claim they do and what they actually do are the same thing.
>most popular is modded
>my proof, it came to me in a dream

>Zero Space
Never coming out nigger. And if it does it won't be good.
Further proof. Most Games have achievements for completing the campaign Most of them are like 5% of the players who played the game finished a campaign. Now games released before 2018 when they tracked percentage of players achieving them are wonky but most people don't even finish the dogshit campaigns soo many of you claim you want.
>source "trust me bro"

Honestly, kill yourself mutlifag, your useless existence only stains the interment, this website, this board and this planet, you only came here to this board to bitch because you will never be a pro at SC2 or AoE2 multiplayer, so you try fucking with those who find enjoyment in singleplayer, trying to bring RTT games such as Wargame and Syrian Warfare to RTS discussion only because you have no other argument. Kill yourself and free some of that ozone and living space for us, you worthless faggot.

Honestly, i could have said that trying to make new multiplayer focused RTS game these days is useless, because no matter how dead SC2 is, people will still play it over anything new, StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft 2, Age of Empires 2 and its Definitive Edition and Supreme Commander to lesser extent are the staples of multiplayer and competitive experience these days, and Generals Zero Hour with Age of Empires 1 and its Definitive Edition in lesser scale. But i didn't, because its useless to argue with retards like you, you can only bitch that "stupid single fags ruined the strategy games" when i brought you the prime example when big publisher tried to turn singleplayer oriented franchise into multiplayer one and it died that very instant.

Your parents should be ashamed for a such ESL faggot-nigger disappointment they brought to this world, even MOBA niggers are not as fucked up and retarded as unironic strategy game competitive niggers like you
Most people that buy RTS's don't even get past the tutorial before giving up on learning new mechanics, of course the number of people completing it will be low, its not like FPS games where theres a standard control scheme that makes pretty much every FPS play the same.
The people that say they want a campaign DO complete it, its just that Earth is bloated with people who play games for 2 hours and don't refund
>The people who keep games like TA alive are useless
>I'm gonna call Wargame RTT cause if it ain't got a base my low IQ brain can't figure out it's an RTS
>Crying about ESL
>Freeing up Ozone
>Nigger so stupid he can't even breathe the right Oxygen molecule
You're a walking stereotype you pathetic little man. The fact that you still talk about Sup Com and Brood War in the same sentence as Starcraft 2 or AoE 2 shows that you don't even play these games anymore. I sincerely doubt you have played any RTS in the past century. Also to update your garbage arguments to current year the stack for most player RTS today is: Starcraft, AoE 2, 4, 3, CoH 2, Gates of Hell, MoWAS2, CoH3, Wargame
I never said competitive, most people in this thread haven't said it. It's a tell tale sign of slow brain that as soon as you hear multiplayer you immediately think of getting ass fucked on a ladder system. But it's understandable only someone as dumb as brick can pretend to enjoy the dogshit RTS AI.
File: NVPDcak91FU.jpg (173 KB, 999x1077)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
File: intro-1659535486.jpg (82 KB, 780x438)
82 KB
I mean I get it This literally what the players wanted a New c&c and StarCraft games and these Indy studios are trying to take the opportunity that there isn't a New video game from both of these popular franchises and try to milk the cow and dry it faster as they could it's literally :
>Starconquer : attack of the clones
Emphasis on theoretical? Because these hardcore multiplayer enthusiasts are sure quick to abandon games, provided they pick them up at all, and then they go back to microing archers on 1v1 Arena for the billionth time. Immediately after launch you get a dead game with dead PvP.
What a waste of time to develop such an ephemeral mode instead of delivering excellent SP. Good singleplayer never dies. You can pick up an old game that nobody plays, and guess what, you can play it just fine.
>Get's BTFO
>Starts talking about Trannies
Every time
Innovation is such a buzzword. You can bend over backwards to give players something they haven't seen and they'll just ignore it, or bluntly equate it to something that already exists, or better yet, dislike it for being weird and different because 'why reinvent the wheel?'.
You will never be neither a woman or a pro, multifag.

At first i thought that only multiplayer oriented FPS games have this kind of problems with min-maxing faggots and pseudo-pros, with prime examples being Rainbow Six: Siege where during a tournament entire team of "pros" lost to a one guy with one hitpoint and a pistol, because this guy picked up a character whose special ability was to come back to life once with one hitpoint and a pistol, five "pros" lost to a handicapped enemy with a pistol, and then said team of "pros" demanded devs to nerf the character, and devs did, and then again and again. Or a more recent example with Battle Bit, where a bunch of min-maxing faggots and pseudo pros upon being kicked from ESports teams multiple times for cheating and lying about their actual skill level, joined the game and started abusing movement mechanics to "own the libs and casuals" while getting as many kills as possible while not helping the team to win.

You will never be happy, you will get owned again and again by some random who rushed you with Photon Cannons in SC2, or towers in AoE2.

Meanwhile i will relive again the final moments of Overmind and sacrifice of Tassadar, destruction of Philadelphia space station and launch of World Altering Missile, awakening of Masari city ship from the depths of sea, the final stand of forces of good at the Black Gates of Mordor, arc ships escaping the Earth consumed by the Sun, Consortium's assault on San-Francisco, end of Stalin and his regime under the smoldering rubbles of Kremlin, Chinese Overlord tanks marching through the freed cities of Europe, and many, many other events, including the countless mods and fan campaigns, while you will be clinging to AoE2 and SC2 multiplayer controlled by a bunch of actual pros unlike you, but pros who in their greed and evil developed biases and favoritism to factions and even maps.
>Still sperging about trannies
I just played some Kane's Wrath with Freinds all you have done is cope and seethe about shit I didn't even write.
Since all Incels become Trannies in the end maybe do a speed run and find some rope.
RTS are not good games period
Can you stop posting here?
Oh yeah, Kane's Wrath, a game with revolting plot and even more disgusting multiplayer balance, with "pro"-players being literal trannies, but at least you got the rockets, amirite?
It's not even a RTS, and its just a rethread of the old MoW
>Cries about muh single player
>The first thing he talks about is how the single player of a game is shit
>Starts telling me how balance is fucked
Really sending a message there.
Is your cope for being too slow for Multiplayer going full sour grapes and looking for the meta?
>I don't even want your multiplayer
>It's probably not even balanced
How come that KW multiplayer isn't as popular as SC2? Maybe because majority of players "are filthy singlecucks", or maybe because multiplayer there sucks more than your mother?
Maybe cause SC2 is one of the most popular games of all times with units sold order of magnitude more than the entire CnC series ductaped together. Also because Kane's Math requires a third party piece of software.
Are you really this fucking stupid and petty to try and make this argument?
If Kane's "Math" is such a good multiplayer game, then why EA didn't replaced the defunct GameSpy servers with their own?
The problem is that people associate "RTS" with C&C, Starcraft, and Warcraft. Games like Total War are technically RTS, and even many Paradox games can be contorted into being called real-time, but people don't consider them part of that genre.

It's a weird problem, where a general label is used only to refer to a specific sub-genre.
>Why didn't EA support their products after release
A real fucking mystery. Next you will act surprised if I call EA a company.
Plus I can't think of many games no matter the genre that ever bothered to back port MP after Game Spy went bust.
>I mean I get it This literally what the players wanted a New c&c and StarCraft games
no, it's not what they wanted.
it's what braindead creatively bankrupt retards led by clueless suits sitting on hugely inflated budgets wanted.
>Games like Total War are technically RTS
but they don't feature resource gathering or base building on a single persistent battlefield map. They're closer to a grand strategy (turn-based might I add) with a real-time tactics battle mode than an RTS.
>resource gathering or base building on a single persistent battlefield map
That's exactly what I meant in my initial point. RTS is too often used to mean "base building on a persistent battlefield map" and not "real-time strategy", despite its name.

But I think Total War is an apt comparison, since OP mentioned Star Wars: Empire at War as an example of an RTS.
>Resource Gathering
>Base Building
That's not what makes an RTS you tard. It's unit control and acquisition in real time.
I've seen it used in that specific context for as long as I can remember. On the other side you have Steam, where 'RTS' doesn't mean anything in particular, so you have city builders, sports managers, vehicle simulators, idle games, autobattlers, MOBA, etc, all lumped in as games where the action happens to be in real time.
>I've seen it used in that specific context for as long as I can remember
And I won't contest it. RTS is a misnomer, but it still describes that specific genre for most people.

>games where the action happens to be in real time.
I would add "strategy games" where the action happens in real time as a requirement, but that definition is better overall. The only problem is, as you said, that it doesn't mean anything in particular.
Turn-based strategy has the same problem, though - it could refer to games like Total War or Dominions, to Civilization, to skirmish games like Battle Brothers, and even debatably to Paradox games (where 1 day=1 turn). Time management should describe a design choice rather than a genre.
This. No one cared about Archon but that innovated.
File: 1645626954031.webm (1.14 MB, 464x848)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB WEBM
>respect my headcanon authoritah
Plenty of genres are confusingly labelled, like [point-and-click] adventure games (more like puzzle games that often aren't particularly adventurous), or 4X (the Xes describe a great number of non-4X strategy games), and players just go with it.
>Turn-based strategy has the same problem
Does it? Unlike with RTS, I've never seen it used as anything but this large category of strategy games that are played in turns.
so what? since when tech improvements means improvement in games value? fucking gaming industry has been pooping out exact same fucking fpses for i dont even know how long and its all just rehashes of the same ideas from 2000s
>still no multi threading in rtses
sad but true
also this. Every time a person describes some regular ass music as being weird coz it used an instrument that is not usually used in a genre that piece of music apparently belongs to for 5 seconds one peaceful rabbit dies

when people say they want a open world game they dont mean open world game they mean a Bethesda clone

when people say they want a ground breaking open world game they dont mean a ground breaking open world game they mean a Bethesda clone with a bigger map and randomly generated quests

when people say they want a ground breaking innovative open world game with an amazing story they dont mean ground breaking innovative open world game with an amazing story they mean a Bethesda clone with a bigger map and randomly generated quests with a like 2 or 3 QoL features and quirky characters

same applies to all genres of all media
File: IMG_9682.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
The term of RTS was literally invented to market Dune 2 and Dune 2 likes

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