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File: setons.png (1.74 MB, 1360x1678)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
I'm newish to Supreme Commander. I've watched casts and messed around against the AI and got to a point where I could reasonably beat the easy and regular AI in skirmishes. So, I decided to do multiplayer 1v1s on FAF. This is how it went:

>match 1
>me (rating 0) vs a smurf account (rating 15)
>lose in 20 minutes
>see in replay he's expanded far faster and further than me

>match 2
>me (now rating -213) vs some guy (rating 325)
>lose in 15 minutes
>expanded further, but ACU got sniped by gunship spam
>get a gg 2 minutes before the match ends

I love Supreme Commander. I think it's great, but playing against these guys is making me feel genuinely retarded. Any tips?
Find a friend and practice le meta with him. Like a (second) job. Because repeating the same things is fun.
Welcome to competitive "gaming".
>tfw practicing the meta of playing piano every day
ugh, this sucks its like a second job. I just want to play Schubert FFS.
Supcom is a game, games are meant to be fun. Playing piano is a skill, it's not meant to be fun in and of itself.
I see it differently from that anon. Your skill at playing piano allows you to replicate works of art, and potentially even create your own. Your skills at pwning n00bz reliably give you Carpal tunnel syndrome and inflate your ego a bit.
>Playing piano is a skill, it's not meant to be fun in and of itself.
thats the dumbest thing youve ever written
Use your tiny brain for just a few seconds before your post. Is it fun to sit down at a piano and just mash on the keys? No it fucking isn't. Is it fun to autistically study notes and learn how to play a piano just to experience the studying and learning? No it fucking isn't. The fun comes from getting better at the skill, improving and feeling that you are achieving something, and then being able to actually play the piano and possibly also impress and entertain other people. Contrast with games that are ideally easy to learn and hard to master, so that you know what to do pretty much right away and can have fun from just the experience of playing the game. There's no games that I can think of where the fun is designed to come from showing off to other people how good you are at the game, or from impressing other people (or just yourself) with how good you are at the game.
>it's a shitter cope episode
Change the channel.
Based analogy.
Just play with Loud AI.
It is both filtering you and you sound retarded.
You're a retarded petulant child that wants everything handed down to you from the hand of God in silver platter while a cohort of trannies pamper your sorry ass 'cuz you're shit at videogames. Face it. You're trash and complaining about is the first step in getting your ass to do something about it.

Are you gonna fight, or are you gonna blame everyone else on it like a bitch?
1v1 ladder is pretty hard in any RTS. Stick with it if you like it, you always improve the fastest when you're starting out. It's a good thing you're watching replays, you'll improve a lot faster.
I got up to about 800 rating in 1v1 before I got sick of how long I had to queue to get a game in my timezone. Apparently there's a healthy aus clan but all they play is teamgames.
>playing a game is not a skill comparable to learning to play a piano on a high level

Who's the child here, lmao. Stop putting too much of your self worth in how well you play a fucking game, it's literally just a game
>on a high level
>how well
Nobody said anything about the level you dimwit. It's about the attitude toward the hobby, something that normalfaggots like you are unable to understand.
>playing games
>a hobby
File: selen_disgust.jpg (92 KB, 432x410)
92 KB
>a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation
>an activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working
>eating food is a hobby
>masturbating is a hobby
Cooking, eating out in various places, masturbating with various toys and techniques - all of this counts as a hobby and is practiced by many people.
can you fuck off already to other board, /r9k/ or /lbgt/ suits more retarded faggots like you
Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was the strategy games board, not the tryhard autismal sweatlord board
Supcom is a difficult game basically because the economy scales quadratically, so if you fall a little bit behind in economy that compounds on itself until you're very far behind. Singeplayer also teaches you nothing because in multi you must move fast but moving fast is actively punished in campaign.
If you're going to play an older, less played RTS, you're only going to play against the best players, because that's all who's left playing. Your best shot is to follow the build order the pros use as best you can while being ready for a rush.
I run a strong eco but I suck at keeping track of what's going on, so I usually rely on numbers and endurance vs enemies (or devious tricks). But I can't do skirmishing effectively.

So I just play the big team games on Seton's with X2 res mod enabled because fuck 1-hr-plus games on 1X. Is it casual compared to 1v1 random map blah blah? Sure, but I don't care.

Luv me beach
Luv me ships
Luv me nukes
'Ate T1 skirmishin'
'Ate seraphim (not racist, just don't loik 'em)

Simple as.
Yeah me and my buddy usually play against the AI or in the survival mode and it’s great fun. We’ve beat it once and gotten our ass beat a couple other times.

I’ve gotten a habit of looking at old replays to see what I did wrong. I’ve definitely been improving a little bit but still expand way too slowly and get tunnel vision a lot. I come from playing C&C and have ass focus so I’m a pretty micro-heavy player.

That’s the first thing I noticed. Games are super quick in 1v1s actions wise. I might be better off in team games since I’m too slow at the moment.

Are the big team games on Setons fun? I’m reluctant to play them because of long queue times and people might get mad if I’m bad or a low rating.
How is it?
Big team games on Seton's are awesome. I don't know how FAF's matchmaking handles it but on Steam we balance the teams manually since we know the regulars and we can usually account for randoms. If someone's new we don't mind as long as they SAY SO before the match starts so we can balance the teams to compensate for it.

A surprise noob is always aggravating. New players who say so are fine.
I've heard people say the same for FAF team battles. Players want to know if someone is new first and go from there.
FAF team battles just feel so daunting, like you mess up once and the whole team gets pissed. Are they forgiving to noobs?
File: YOUARENOTWELCOMEHERE.jpg (34 KB, 500x411)
34 KB
Could you fucking people just post without bringing fucking reddit lingo everywhere you go?
>im just ironically shitting up the place!
> Yeah me and my buddy usually play against the AI or in the survival mode and it’s great fun. We’ve beat it once and gotten our ass beat a couple other times.

What is survival mode? I played supcom I bunch many years ago but I don't remember this.
I think it’s like a mod or FAF thing but I’ve never hosted it, only my friend has. It’s kinda like a tower defense game. Basically you and your allies get a set amount of time (usually 10 minutes) to set up your base and defenses, and after that time huge waves of enemy units charge you and your base, and this thing you need to defend in the back. It gets insane when there’s like 5 experimentals on the way.

>match like 4
>me (rating -~300) vs another guy (rating 50)
>expand further, hold off the dude somewhat but then plateau after a certain point
>he produces more units and eventually shells my base and production until shields gone
>sends gunships to snipe my ACU

>match 5
>me (rating -405) vs caster's definition of "average joe" (rating 644)
>guy beats me in 12 minutes by expanding faster
>cybran assault bot spam beats seraphim
>lose to a mob of assault bots ganging ACU

I'm starting to think it's me being retarded mostly, that or I just don't understand the economy or build orders. It might also be FAF trying to gauge my play level, but most of the guys I've been going up against have been crazy good. Every replay I review of mine has them expanding faster than me. I think it's because I have a really bad problem of microing and can't focus on a million units at once (I've had this problem with other RTS's) so it might just be me.
Expanding faster will win you most games, yes. If you want to micro in 1v1 go first bomber and\or play Aeon where you get the most benefit from microing at T1.
> shields
> gunships
Seems you're getting to T2 at least. One of your first priorities should be some T2 mobile flak to shut down enemy air.
>FAF trying to gauge my play level,
Yeah your rating is something like average level - uncertainty, the more uncertainty the lower your rating appears. It takes a lot of games where you're playing at the same level before it gets low. That said you honestly shouldn't think about rating at all when laddering, just play the best you can and try to improve.
>I just don't understand economy and build orders
Are you constantly stalling mass or power within the first 5 minutes? If so yes. FAF does have pretty different openers depending on the map, the different sizes play quite differently, but the general gist of "keep money low without stalling or overproducing power" is always true. FAF has some pretty good inbuilt tutorials for 1v1.
>It takes a lot of games where you're playing at the same level before it gets low. That said you honestly shouldn't think about rating at all when laddering, just play the best you can and try to improve.
I've got like 5 more games left till I properly get ranked, so hopefully after that things will be a bit more balanced. Just gotta keep at it I guess.
Can you ask your friend what it's called?
Just search up "Survival" on the maps and you'll find some maps. I did the "Battle of Thermopylae survival" map with my buddy.

Also, update:

>me (rating -422) vs aussie guy (rating -280)
>playing seraphim vs uef
>expand quick and fast out, get build orders done well
>skirmish with the enemy ACU with my own in the middle
>eventually start cranking bombers out and upgrade the ACU gun to take on the enemy commander
>bombers finish him off after a big battle in middle

Finally got my first win.
Good job, anon! It sounds like you had fun.
FAF is redoing the graphics for factories and adding pbr shaders.
lemme know if you wanna play one sometime

join up scrubs
let's have a game
First post best post. Play clown maps with low elo tards and have fun watching big robots go boom, leave the boring shit to sweatlords
If it gives me an option to join, I will. I don't see one
you logged into the site?
File: Screenshot_1.png (671 KB, 2559x1185)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
Yes. It doesn't show me an option to join it anywhere. Pic related.
simply click quicker
this invite link will work for you specifically
if anyone wants one, please reply to this post
Even FAF is limited by the engine in how much they can increase the importance of raw muscle and tendon performance. Or, if they can really hack around that, almost everyone would leave because why play an imitation of Starcraft when they can actually go and play Starcraft.
Didn't work. It just sends me back to the clan search screen

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