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File: halo wars.jpg (94 KB, 616x353)
94 KB
I've seen a lot of conflicting answers when trying to look into it myself. I've been kinda interested for a while but I've never really been sure if I wanna give it a try.
The game was made for console controls and beginner rts players in mind. If you’re in it because its halo then its a cozy game. The campaign I remember being alright and the skirmish ok. It really is basic from what I remember but I enjoyed it
It’s for halo fans really. You’ll like the campaign if you liked halo 1-3. It’s pretty much babies first rts, simple and a bit clunky sense it’s for consoles, but it’s really really cozy for people into the universe.

Multiplayer was fun back in the day but it came down to “pick a end tier unit to spam and click them all over the place.” Unlike most rts games.
it might seem like a weird complaint but i couldn't play more than like 5-6 missions of the campaign simply because the maps were so boring to play in, like the rts equivalent of a corridor shooter. maybe it gets better later on but idk.
other petty things were that i didn't like how much of the screen buildings took up and generally wasn't a fan of the perspective.
otherwise seemed solid as a halo game, with good production values and a neat plot. wish i could like it more because i really liked halo ce and really thought playing a strategy game in the universe would be neat as hell.
It's cool as bonus Halo stuff that you play through in a novel way. I beat it again last year and had fun. Has a few neat situations to work through. Very easy if you know your way around rts, but the point is a new halo story from a unique perspective and maybe a bit of time pissing around in skirmish just to see what's possible.
Very cozy game. I mad emy friend really mad when we played vs because I'd spam ODST and he couldn't think of a counter to my endless sky boys.
Comfy, but feels incomplete, somehow. Probably because they didn't add a Covenant campaign. Also, the second level on legendary is pure CBT.
Its good mindless fun. Hell I will still play a few matches when I dust off my 360 to play something.
Its not a very complex or deep strategy but being a simple strategy game with a halo skin makes it good for a time killer
Feels very restrictive and limited. So many more units possible. Restricting base building is also dumb.
I remember playing on Xbox and having two scarabs obliterated by ODST spam. Really annoying watching those little niggers eat a giant plasma blast to the face.
Forgettable. I remember absolutely nothing about it except for one cutscene, this one specifically:
It's a pretty fun, if easy RT's

Great soundtrack too, for what it's worth.
>Odst spam
kek I forgot how overpowered that was
HW1 is pretty fun. It's very experimental but it still looks super comfy and the ost is fantastic. HW2 is waaaaay better in just about every aspect. Online for both is still very active.
Have you ever played an RTS in your life? a lot of older and newer games out class it

Is this your first RTS? its one of the best to introduce you into the genre.

HW 1 and 2 are very simplistic, but they are enjoyable.
You have to be a Halo fan to enjoy Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2 otherwise you won't enjoy it.
how does it stack up to other console rts like starcraft, command and conquer and warzone 2100?
>second level on legendary
>not that damn scarab mission
That shit fucking sucked.
Starcraft and C&C were ported, not designed for console but I'd say C&C edges out and plays better than SC and H:W, specially on the N64. Warzone 2100 is fairly advanced and difficult in comparison to H:W, plays better but it's a lot more ruthless, the timed campaing also doesn't help with the difficulty.
I love halo wars 2 online, especially the part where i win by spamming grunts
Local Units

>not spaming locus mechs.
>Not pelican dropping them all across the map to the enemies base.
File: 1628311643518.jpg (41 KB, 700x700)
41 KB
I find it very comfy, and I think on some level people would find it comfy regardless of whether they're into Halo or not, simply because the game is nice to look at, has nice sound effects, and music.
As a huge Halo fan myself, I'm actually not so big into the story of Halo Wars. There was some kind of "blizzardification" effect that happened to the universe. Really it's just the story writing and the dialogue is not as tight as it is in the main games, and the cutscenes have more cartoony features, like large Blizzard style shoulderpads and body porportions for several charactrers. It's still decent though. You could do worse.
It's a simple game compared to some RTS games, and it possibly has some balancing issues with some of the factions. There's also some minor pathfinding issues, but that's about it for my complaints. It's all around very solid.

Base building is limited to preset base slots on the map, and each base you build has a limited number of buildings you can build, which I think adds a layer of depth: in a way that's almost comparable to how Halo introducing a 2 weapon limit to the arena shooter formula forces you to make tactical choices about what you want to carry. It's a similar kind of reductionism that forces you to make tactical decisions about what you want to build in the limited space available, and when.
My favorite mode is skirmish (Just basic vs. CPU on mulitplayer maps), with the automatic difficulty mode. Endless replayability because the AI is constantly adjusting to how well you're doing per match.
The skirmish map variety is also kind of fascinating. Each map has preset base zones, but every map also usually has special structures, like teleporters, bonus resource generators, unit healing towers, control points that boost your population cap, factories for special units, switches that allow you to release Flood onto parts of the map, and so on, so almost every map feels unique.

So it gets a recommend from me.
Not the Arcadia evac?
That shit gave me PTSD, you can lose just because the enemy giant cannon decided to target the evac ships

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