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File: Mother 3.jpg (81 KB, 1920x1080)
81 KB
>The juxtaposition of how seriously the game treats itself compared to other entries in the series makes it harder to take seriously and comes across as more of an edgy fanfic, especially when the previous two games could provide the same emotional punch and better beats.

>The cartoony artstyle compared to the Earthbound 64 beta leaves a lot to be desired and provided a better artstyle for the more gritty storyline while this new one is too cutesy to be taken seriously.

>The game has humor interspersed and often included in very inappropriate moments right before or after actual serious events in the game happen, rolling porky before the Claus fight for instance.

>The game has very little development and backstory for a character focused game, especially Hinawa who is overshadowed by George an unseen character in terms of backstory. Claus and Hinawa are only given five lines of dialogue to get us invested.

>The game has an extremely rushed and hamfisted plot with the themes being shoved into your face constantly, the three year timeskip ending a lot of plot threads and starting a bunch of new ones. The entire town goes from loving Lucas to being scornful and resentful of him in a matter of a few minutes thanks to this. Leder being the most pointless exposition dump with his gravity coming across as completely weightless.

>The game has way too little connection to the first two games, taking away the modern day setting and acid trip like atmosphere for a more generic JRPG setting with none of the charm of the first two.
i guess so
Decent RPG, bad Mother title. A Mother title in name only. Failed to innovate in the same ways as its predecessors. Failed to innovate even compared to its contemporaries. Where M1 and M2 were paving new roads and offering QoL where previous RPGs had not, M3 did nothing but try playing catch-up with extant games, and did not implement its features well despite coming out years after the very games whose features it emulated.
It is laughable to me that this game is so desired when it is easily the least desirable not only among its own series, but among games that were coming out around the same time.
I wonder what has to happen in someone's life that they feel like spamming the same thread for years at this
Oh yeah Earthbound totally paved new roads with shitty inventory management, having to wait 20 minutes at a waterfall, one shot bottle rockets, constant phone calls, and a terrible rolling health mechanic that's indistinguishable from instant damage is so revolutionary!
Mother 3 and Mother 1 feel more similar to each other than Earthbound does to either.
I remember when this got translated in the late 2000s. The internet went crazy over it, weebs with awful taste praising it endlessly. I played about 45 minutes and thought "nah", that's when I knew I wasn't a hipster.
File: mother 3 schizo.png (2.92 MB, 999x3891)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
>the jux-
shut the fuck up juxtafag
This is called "soul"
>and a terrible rolling health mechanic that's indistinguishable from instant damage is so revolutionary!
t. Never recovered from a seemingly one hit kill in time
>Objectively bad game design is soul
limiting inventory size to keep items balanced is objectively good design
>no but I need 99 hamburgers NOW
skill issue
>but moving the items is CLUNKY
who fucking cares
Holy schizo
Mother 3 did inventory space objectively better. And that game is far better balanced than 2 is.
File: 1684921289851921.webm (3.32 MB, 1022x448)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB WEBM
Inventory management is only a problem for people who didn't learn Japanese.
The unbearably slow molasses menus from the EN localization kills any kind of speed you can work at when it comes to re-organizing shit.
That's some impressive mental gymnastics lmao.
gtfo its the greatest game of all time

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