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File: capsule_616x353.jpg (74 KB, 616x353)
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Decided to finally play ff15, but I'm a cheap pirate so I didn't even buy it during a 50% sale.

Pirated it, played for 2 hours and thought it was great, but then I realised I was missing dlcs.
Downloaded a new version with Ardyn dlc etc. Save sadly didn't transfer, but I was so early in the game so whatever.

Now tho, the game runs way worse.
I didn't get a single stutter or lagspike with my first install, but now just 10 minutes in I've had 2 big ones. After the first one I even went down from 120fps to 60fps just in case, but still.
While earlier I was fine with 120fps throughout.

Anyone who played pre and post dlc with ff15 on pc and noticed worsening performance?
Curious why this would even be a thing.
Long shot that anyone else has noticed what I noticed, but I thought it was pretty interesting.
>2 hours and thought it was great
No you didn't you fucking retard.
Naeh I actually liked it and did play that modest amount anon
NTA but keep in mind the psychology of the honeymoon period when gaming. Honestly I never trust how I feel about a game until I've played it for a few days
You probably pirated a miner you dumb fuck.
Not RPG. Get fucked.
Bump ;)
I haven't bought this because I can't tell which edition has all of the dlc or if there's dlc not included in any edition or if the actual game is included.

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