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Post your fave "I give zero shits about the plot I'm here for the adventure" characters
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The sentiment itself makes no sense. Rephrase?
OP desperately wanted to talk about a game no one cares about except a few online spergs.
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Usually I set them on fire first.
>"I give zero shits about the plot I'm here for the food"
File: 1681654043494556.gif (1.86 MB, 401x281)
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>I exist because Square needed a character to explain tutorials so I guess I'll tag along
Quina Quen, a Blue Mage from the game Final Fantasy IX, is a character that has no real ties to the unfolding plot of the game. Quina's reason for joining the party is that Quina's master suggested Quina should travel the world to experience different types of food and become a master gourmand. Quina is more or less oblivious to all the tumult and political upheaval of the world and simply goes along with the group because it is fun.

OP is asking for other examples of characters who exhibit this lack of connection to a game's plot but still go along with the journey, often in a carefree manner. To answer OP, I liked Gau.
They needed their usual coomer character thats in every JRPG party too.
Basically this. The party members who have no involvement in the plot at all and are just there because they got dragged along. They're usually optional, usually some sort of mascot character, and usually just have their own silly sideplot.
File: 58-keith_(61).jpg (104 KB, 800x600)
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This guy doesn't get hardly any fanservice but he's such a blatant power wank fantasy I couldn't help but love him.
>good stats in everything
>best attacker and highest SP after Yuri
>uses a sword, normal attacks look like Omnislash
>calmly teleports to the enemies when everyone else dashes/runs
>can heal himself with bloodsucker
>no moral or character flaws
>"akshully vampires don't scared of sunlight or crucifixes"
I'm always a sucker for Blue Mages, even if they've never been as powerful as they were in V. Still, Quina was a funny one.

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