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Title. Untranslated is fine.

I can't think of any Korean RPGs (excluding MMOs) besides picrel. It was meh
Why do you wanna know? Are you learning chinese or korean?
I'm learning Chinese but in terms of Korean I was just curious about how their RPG scene was before it got dominated by gachashit on mobile. Google isn't giving me enough answers
File: 09258904583485.png (54 KB, 320x240)
54 KB
There's a 3DO exclusive SRPG from Korea called Battle Blues. I saw it some video about 3DO games. Someone actually made an English fan patch for it too.

When I went looking for a screenshot I found that hardcoregaming101 has a bunch of pages on Korean games, you could look through them while ctrl-Fing for RPG to find a bunch more games.
Bless you anon
And also I remember seeing some Korean and Chinese RPGs including Magna Carta when I was looking through abandonware sites a few weeks ago. I don't remember anything too interesting, but do a google search for site:www.myabandonware.com + "south korea rpg" or "taiwan rpg" and you can find several games.
>It was meh
What's wrong with it? I was thinking about playing the PS2 version.
It's very clunky/glitchy and all over the place. The story was alright, gameplay took some getting used to. I only played the windows version though so idk about PS2. Give it a try, I might just be an asshole
Troubleshooter is one of the more popular recently made Korean RPGs. It's a singleplayer SRPG. Insane amounts of content, 100+ hours.

The gameplay is basically XCOM but you can grind and steamroll.
I'll keep the clunkiness in mind once I play it, thanks!
>but you can grind and steamroll.
How very Asian.
As for Chinese ones there's just too many to list. In no particular order:

wuxia/xianxia genres:

File: 2975320-arcturusart-1.jpg (240 KB, 720x960)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
MagnaCarta, though you already posted it.
Sword and Fairy series
Astonishia Story
Crimson Gem Saga (Astonishia Story sequel)
The War of Genesis 3
Rhapsody of Zephyr
Also, just remembered, there's an Atelier inspired series of Korean RPGs called Witch Spring.

And here's another Atelier inspired Korean game while we're at it:
File: arcturus.jpg (208 KB, 1024x768)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Arcturus is the one I'd recommend from these, also has an English patch.
Will take 15y at least before they produce quality games
File: psp.jpg (155 KB, 581x1000)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
It's a simple thread with a simple task.
No one asked you to put the no in knowing; but here you are.
I was just curious you dumb niggerfaggot I had no malicious intent
>Insane amounts of content, 100+ hours
That content being
>Fight x-com battle for around an hour
>Watch webtoon tier cringe vn part
>Change equipment and masteries
>Repeat it 100+ times
Extremely fun
You say that, but it's one of RPG Codex's all time favorite games and the Age of Decadence/Colony Ship lead dev (one of the OG Codexers) has 135 hours on it.

Which is ironic, because you can't grind at all in his games.
>RPG Codex's and some schizo dev likes it
And that changes anything how?
If you're fine with doing basically the same thing you did 10 hours for another 100 hours or more then game might be fun and great for you but i honestly didn't find that mmorpg-singleplayer gameplay mutation rewarding in any way
And story had me thinking that i was reading some meh tier manhwa but one page per hour
>RPG Codex's
Who's he, some faggot?
The big 3 Chinese RPG franchises originating from the 90s are fucked in some way.

>Tales of Wuxia
Phoenix Game gathered the Taiwanese devs, Heluo Studio back for a 2016 remake. Unfortunately the publisher booted them once their contract was over and sat on the IP themselves, doing some licensing-related changes and releasing spinoffs without the dev's input. Heluo Studio has since gone indie, released another game and are working on an EA game, Path of Wuxia.

>Xian Jian aka Sword and Fairy
>Xuan Yuan Jian
These two IPs are owned by Softstar and they are a notoriously bad Chinese publisher with practices comparable to EA, Ubisoft, ActiBlizz etc combined, so you can expect problems with all their games on Steam, normally it's them being poorly optimized, buggy ports (Their main platforms are mobile and consoles) or using always-online DRM.

For SaF1, the first version of it released on Steam was a PC port the IOS port of the DOS version, which was ridiculous as it had a functioning Windows version with added content released back in the early 2000s and you can easily download it for free, with an English fan-TL patches even. To their credit they eventually released the Windows version later but people that bought the earlier version weren't gifted it so they were still screwed.

Also the SaF and Xuan Yuan entries have not much to do with each other aside from the Xianxia theme, like FF and DQ but even the devs are different.
File: zephyrps2.jpg (99 KB, 351x499)
99 KB
>simply describes the gameplay as if it's bad
It's too bad the Chinese and Koreans are so incompetent, they make slavs look good, because they have some great setting material at hand.
You're better off playing gachashit if you're willing to have brain damage.
This thread fucking glows too BTW. You shabbos goy glowies should fuck off back to >>>/pol/ .
I saw that is supposed to get a English release soon

Zenonia is Korean.
File: Heroine Anthem 2.png (405 KB, 640x480)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
Parallel World: Belial looks interesting
as does the Heroine Anthem games.
A shame these Korean an Chinese languague games never get translated
So basically nothing has been officially translated on consoles? Except anons game but the ps2 version.
Just got out of EA, some translations still upcoming thou
Princess Maker
Xianxia Farming
Other Heluo games
Spin off/sequel to Ho Tu Lo Shu but slay the spire
Their upcoming game
check out these articles
the guy's twitter regularly posts about them so I follow him
I played this, it isn't very good. The difficulty settings are retarded in that they go from brainless easy to ironman saves with no in between, and there's way way too much grind and not enough random events.
It's a shame Suikoden and Vandal Hearts came out on PC but ONLY in Korean/Chinese
You are a blessing anon
This is one series I really wish got English translations
Witchspring 2 and 3
for new releases, but last update was april

Mount and Blade but anime

Waifu Turned-Based Strategy
What's that chinese rpg on steam that looks like octopath traveler but plays nothing like it?
Wandering Sword?
File: 1605678971367.jpg (82 KB, 616x353)
82 KB
Yeah, that's it thanks
I recommend this one if you want a mostly inscrutable and cheesy 120 VN + detailed build autism. And as people note, there is something endearing about the devs; they never go outlet of their way to annoy you like wrpgs do. Even that ridiculous flashy edgelord grew on me.
what are the best ones?
Ho Tu Lo Shu but it you can only play it in MTL, Path of Wuxia would be my 2nd choice as it has a mostly completed fanTL and last would be Tale of Immortal but wait a month from now for them to iron out the TL and bugs from 1.0 release

For korean games I've sunk most my hours on is Troubleshooter and I tried the Project Moon games but their more simulator/card rougelike than rpgs

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