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I refuse to play this game because of how stupid and ugly the guy on the cover looks...

That is all.
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>Yes, hello. Based department?
It's for (you)
Always hated this cover, never played it.... Was it due to the cover? Possibly.
Who asked?
This was made when people still bought their games in stores too, so the cover actively hurt sales, as it made it seem like it was some FMV game or something. They should've made the Lady of Pain symbol the focus.
I guess i'm the only anon in the world to like the cover.
intended model didn't show up so guido henkel stepped in, but it was apparently always their idea to have a cover like that.
Fate gave them an opportunity, and they still proceeded to fail... What can change the nature of a bad marketer?
> Plane
> Scape
> Tormet

The name really isn't eyecatching either
I remember seeing this game in store as a kid and thinking it looked like complete shit just from the cover. One day my dad brought it home and I wondered why, but gave it a try anyway.
turned out shit, dropped it
No, I liked it. I even read the novelization, which was incredibly bad and mentioned things on the back that didn't even happen (it talked about how they were joined by some harebrained inventor or something.) I don't love the game as much as I did back then, but I can still appreciate it.
I'm actually an idiot who can't help it and I mandatorily play female protagonists, but PST is one game when you want to make an exception.
I also tolerate Tom from Albion.

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