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>RPG starts off fairly small
>Maybe in your home town, or during something your character would find routine
>Introduce a comfy and relatively charming supporting cast and party members
>They help you through the tutorial and explain the world
>They proceed to die to establish the stakes of the story
It's a storytelling device as old as time but just once I'd like for the starter cast to live through the prologue and even get a happy ending
give two examples
Pillars of Eternity gives you a small cast of three characters. They're simple but honestly I found them more charming than a lot of the actual cast because of that, then they die in a hurricane
Dragon Age Origins does this like three times in a row
Xenogears 1, SMT 1

>SMT 1
Usually there isn't really a great reason to kill off more than 1 major character the audience is invested in if the goal is to establish stakes. Making one of them a villain or forcing them to take a reduced role in the story (perhaps crippled or ill) can be more interesting (and arguably more efficient) than killing them off.
Play Kiseki then.
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It should have been Becky's dad
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>Try not to feel too bad about it...
It really is such lazy uninspired writing
Just started Shadowrun Dragonfall. It happened again
I kind of wanted to argue, but only examples with start casts surviving I managed to come up with are:
Baldur's Gate 1 had Imoen.
Dragon Age II lets half of your starting party to live through prologue (though I am not sure about happy endings).
Mass Effect 1 had Kaidan (but everybody seems to hate that guy). Arguably, it also have literal Jenkins to die right off the bat.
And you could probably argue about why each of them don't count.

Neverwinter Nights 2
As bad as DA2 was about this at least it was spaced. You lose your first party members in the tutorial, then the next at the end of the opening act, then your mother dies in the last act so at least it doesn't feel like they were just there to die.
Origins is much worse with this. Say for example you're starting human noble, you're introduced to your family and friends who all proceed to eat shit and die. Then you're dragged to Ostagar and introduced to your fellow recruits, Duncan, Cailan, and the Ostagar army who then all proceed to get massacred. Then you march to Lothering and meet the templars, chanters, and peasantfolk and help them with their problems before the darkspawn zerg the place and you never see or hear from any of them again
He wrote "two". Also in NWN2 it's only one of them, in NWN1 almost the entire academy is gutted and what follows story-wise isn't much prettier. Unless you're talking about the really bad/fun ending, but then that's entirely on the player.
>It's a storytelling device as old as time but just once I'd like for the starter cast to live through the prologue and even get a happy ending
Almost every Fire Emblem game unless you fuck up.
The childhood friend never wins and sometimes they fucking die
>Introduce a comfy and relatively charming supporting cast
>Pillars of Eternity
>Pillars of fucking Eternity
This is so pathetic I can't even
I liked Calisca

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