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Talk to me about Fallout ressurection.
Is it as good as nma claims it to be? Better than Fallout Sonora? Even as good as OG? How does it differ from Fallout 2 in terms of mechanics? Also general build tips, since I'm gonna play it tomorrow.
bump for interest
It's pretty good and thematically and atmosphere-wise closer to FO1 than FO2 is.
> How does it differ from Fallout 2 in terms of mechanics?
One, damage treshold has been eviscarated, meaning you take big damage from small guns even when in PA.
Two, you can delay perks indefinitely, so you can take a bunch at level 12 if you're patient enough.
>Even as good as OG?
I've been playing it on and off and it's pretty good, more challenging than 1 or 2 because it's designed for Fallout vets but not full retard hard.
Just watch Warlockracy
File: 1652039262694.gif (962 KB, 171x172)
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962 KB GIF
> just watch a one hour long let's play without any substance bro
fuck off Nesterov
>watching a 2 hour spoiler feat right before playing the mod you are interested in
I hate you zoomer shits.
It would be better to just reccomend playing the damn thing instead of that.
Tag big guns, energy guns and unarmed
thank me later
File: 1655870910736.jpg (62 KB, 700x559)
62 KB
> Is it as good as nma claims it to be?
No idea (never visited it), but it's B-tier in a pretty good way. A solid 7/10.
> Better than Fallout Sonora?
Sonora has better graphics (lel), better OST and more experimentation (small guns nerfed as big guns merged with rifles and shotguns, Spanish language quests, radio mechanics etc.), but 1.5 works better as a Classic Fallout adventure, with actual companions and supermutants. When Sonora looks more like a 1999 Fallout spinoff commissioned to a studio like Troika by Interplay, 1.5 feels like Fallout 1 from an alternate universe where it was made by the Czechs.
> Even as good as OG?
Wouldn't have gained as much popularity if it was released instead of 1, but would still be a hidden gem sort of thing.
> How does it differ from Fallout 2 in terms of mechanics?
Much more emphasis on combat, less companions than usual, caravan jobs are relatively much more effective for gaining wealth or extra skills through books, intended for playing twice as almost every location has two warring factions you can join.
> Also general build tips, since I'm gonna play it tomorrow.
Usual sniper builds are still effective. A sniper rifle + revolver combo carries you throughout the entire thing.
If you take sex appeal and play male character you're in for a fun.
Amount of sexual stuff able to be done in this game makes me think that Bohemians are some kind of percersion lovers.
if i remember correctly when i booted this up like 5 years ago the first thing the game prompted me to do was to gather herbs, lots of them, way too much
so i closed the game and never revisited it
I don't watch commieoids.
I vaguely remember playing it years ago.
It was pretty fun and I think it deserves the title. Some things were a bit whacky, but overall I would have believed this was some unreleased Fallout game.
Comparing it to Olympus 2077, it's a better game, but once you are done with Resurrection you should try 2077. It's a nice change from the usual fallout games in terms of story, but with the same mechanics.
Fallout Nevada is also vaguely in my memory as a good OG fallout mod.
Lately I've been replaying NV and Atom RPG. I really like the genre.
That might have been Olympus 2077, as part of the beginning of the game you help another slave collecting corn I believe, was that it?
OP here.
I went unarmed, speech and science.
Skilled and one handed

So far so good, I've finished the starting area, fight in cave was fairly hard for a beging (harder than rats in F1 and trial temple from F2) but I've used a stimpak and pwned their eyes really hard, I'm like level 3 and already have 70% or so eye hit chance on radscorpions.
Then I went to rathole. There the quests seem significantly harder than in the begining, but that could be due to me not pumping speech (I prefer to go 120% unarmed at first) and I had to spend all my money on bribes, now I'm with no caps, scarce ammo but hey, I've got spiked knuckles.
The doggo is also fine, I like how they added new model, and explicitly stated that this one mutt of a dog is NOT dogmeat related.
Gonna solve Maris murder quest now.
I did found roots and flowers in abundance at first levels (starting village and rat hole) but haven't had a quest to harvest them and I'm pretty sure I've talked to everyone.
It feels like an OG Fallout game but all of the dialogue is terrible/very poorly translated into English and you are given few if any hints on how to solve quests or even where to begin with them.
> Atom RPG
Does the writing in this get any less dogshit throughout the plot? Got to the shroom cult HQ and was asked to check my privilege by the head of the cult after having a discussion with a local retard about cryptocurrency while a bad parody on Russian government TV is blaring in the background. I can excuse the "roll a 7/7/7 or get fucked" combat system copied from older Fallouts but not this. Do they improve on it later or in Trudograd?
File: 120_o.jpg (178 KB, 1192x670)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Warlockracy is comfy, but he's there to give you a taste for old rpgs/mods, not a substitute.
Yeah, you collect corn and fetch jugs of water if you agree to do a tutorial. I gave up at jugs and skipped it, the actual game is much better aside from getting radiation from world map traversal. Probably the only one out of the bunch where skipping is strongly recommended.
I like it how he used Sonora bike sprite in his new Vegas fanart
Fallout a dead.
It's his fucking art you absolute moron.
I thought he would be my favourite yt but all he does is to narrate all that happens like he's doing it for disabled people who can't play. It's stupid
He has terrible opinions whenever he's not repeating whatever is happening on screen.
Nobody on NMA has an ounce of good taste. Fallout in general is overrated as an RPG and in no way a good barometer.
this, sadly
Finishing the quest for Leonard and Julian was a pain in the ass, surely an unarmed of 140% helped to land some neat eye hits, but even leather jacket does shit to those ridiculous automatic weapons. Got killed a few times.
I've made it to the sedit, big ass city with hub vibes strong.
> Took Fryderyk quest
> got 231HP crit in to the face
>Die a horrible death in an instant
>Reload game
> found Keri (nice comeback) she agreed to go with me
>Attempt at quest second time
>Keri got a burst to the face
>Instant crippled eyes
>Reload game
>tell Fryderyk everything is ok and he can go alone
>Fryderyk disapears
>Instant exp

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