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Ok so heres the thing.
I played the GBA version when i was younger but i never finished it. Now i wanna finish it.

And i realized that theres a gba verison which is a retelling of an older game.

Not only that but theres a 32 bit remake of the lunar story for te playstation

Now, im asking you: which one is the definitive version? the best, complete version?
I only know that the PS1 English localization was done by probably the most infamous team in video game history
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The PS1 version easily. The Sega CD original is still pretty cool and I'd recommend you play both. The GBA version is dreadful and the PSP version is brain dead easy. It's sequel Eternal Blue is a bit harder to point at the best version because the Sega CD version holds up WAY better than Silver Stars but the PS1 version is good too and if you're off the back of Silver Star PS1 there's more uniformity there. But both are great.

Get a life you underage faggot.
Playstation for sure.
vic ireland won't have sex with you anon
If you know japanese then either the PS1 or Saturn version since the PSP is more of a remake.
If you don't then don't bother. It has one of the most butchered rewrite-tier localization in existence.
Why not just go for the PSP version then? Is the PSP version a bad remake?
>Lunar 1
>Lunar 2
Sega CD
>Lunar Walking School
If you can't wait, translated Game Gear version. If you can wait, just wait for the translation of the Saturn version to finish.
>Lunar Dragon Song
You'd be better off eating a bowl of cum-covered shit than playing Dragon Song.
i had a beer one time with Vic, he's a cool dude that actually has a vision and cares about game. would drink with again.
playstation version.
The patched Saturn version.

It is really slow. Slow animations, long loading times, etc.
Sega CD>Sega Saturn>PSX
All of them have "Unworking Patches" which fix many things that Working Designs fucked up. The remakes mess up the original story, remove some content and actually spoil a few twists early. And while graphically "prettier" some of the revamped gaphics don't make any sense, don't fit the concept art or just clash with rest of the artstyle itself.

GBA shouldn't be an option lmao.
I wish to see Luna's blue gypsy pubes.
File: Luna.Noa.full.801239.jpg (277 KB, 1024x768)
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Lunar had some great girls, I always had a fondness for the character designs in the series.
How far along is the translation for the Saturn version of Walking School/Magic School?
OP here, currently playing the ps1 version. Theresa lot of stuff i dont remember from the time i played it on the GBA, but i did remember nash and the other mage girl that nash has a crush on that had a crush on the protag. I didnt remember luna at all for some reason LMAO

Graphically wise the game is really pretty, i specially adore the old school anime style, not ugly horror anime shit like persona.
combat wise is just ok, nothing big to write home about, not terrible. Although it was a REAAAALLY slow start since it was pretty hard at the beginning due to the lack of money and raw stats to handle multiple battles.

I do appreciate that theres no random battles but the dungeon design is so fucking bad, boring and kills the pacing a lot, just tight hallways all the time with """""optional"""" encounters that block the entire hallway

Music wise is pretty good, i do like the overworld music a lot.

Story is basic as fuck and i was laughing my ass off at the most cliche beginning of all time "cmon protag, lets go back to that place before the waifu gets mad, and shes really scary when she gets mad!! remember!!", but im not gonna complain, im not a story-writingfag, i just want a charming fun story that i can remember.
I recommend playing the sequel, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, as well. It's better than the first imo.
PS1 version, definitely.

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