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File: DtuL7dYUcAAcvHb[1].jpg (170 KB, 996x1200)
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Having finished the whole series, here's my OBJECTIVE ranking of all Ys games:

Origin > Oath in Felghana > Lacrimosa of Dana > power gap > Ark of Napishtim > Chronicles > power gap> Hyperdimension Neptunia > rotting garbage > Memories of Celceta > SEVEN

>inb4 you have to play Lost Kefin and Dawn of Ys
nah, I'm good
for me it's
Origin>Seven>Felghana>Dana>Ark>Ys II>Ys I

still have to play celceta
Celceta is bad.

Basically 8 but worse in all ways that matter. Easy gameplay, bland story, copypasted areas.
let's just not have ys threads anymore, it's better that way
File: Laxia.(Ys).full.3029015.png (2.03 MB, 1200x1560)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
Why not?
origin > felghana > ys 1 > ys 2 > ark > dana
in terms of how much i enjoyed them, given how lame dana was i dont image the rest of the series is any good but i would like to play dawn of ys at some point
Celceta and 7 don't even have a jump button, so don't bother if you hated Dana so much.
Out of the three I’ve played
All were good though
Shit taste
>>inb4 you have to play Dawn of Ys
Too retarded to emulate?
File: 20210112072240_1.jpg (424 KB, 1920x1080)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
Play Origin and Felghana.
I started felghana but I had just beaten 1 and 2 on the same weekend so I’m taking a YS break.
Also because I got way too used to bumper cars so actual combat was throwing me off.
I’ll get back to it after I finish some other games
What exactly makes Celceta so much worse than Seven? I played and 100%’d both and they felt about on par with one another in regards to quality. I preferred the characters and music of Seven more, but that’s about it. The storyline in both felt pretty inessential as they tend to be on all Ys games. They’re games about Adol saving the world from some kind of ancient evil and turning down prime pussy to go adventuring with Dogi and !NotDogi.
File: 20201226135017_1.jpg (484 KB, 1920x1080)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
>just beaten 1 and 2
Then play Origin instead of Felghana while 1 & 2 are still fresh in your mind. It's a direct prequel and features a lot of the same characters and/or their ancestors.
I honestly prefer 3 on snes over oath. Oath is definitely worth a playthrough but snes is way more fun to play through
Lol does it explain 1 and 2 more because the plots of those were very vague (1 in particular)
File: acr.jpg (66 KB, 285x248)
66 KB
Kefin soon
File: 20201220101932_1.jpg (575 KB, 1920x1080)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
Never ever.

At least some of the characters made it to Ys 6. And the best sword from Kefin appears in the prologue of 8 for some reason.
File: image_npc_aoluha.png (632 KB, 938x865)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
>He didn't play one of the best Ys games in the series
>No original Ys 3
What game is this Olha pic from? Doesn't look like fanart.
File: bg_findbackexp_w_01.png (2.39 MB, 2048x864)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
A few days ago some chink developer made a sorta kinda Ys 6 (But not really Ys 6) mobile. It was for a limited few days. So I downloaded it and ripped the assets.


File: 1601057809915.jpg (22 KB, 750x749)
22 KB

>Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Mobile - MMORPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)
Honestly, it looks like a party based mostly single player game judging from the footage. Also pretty neat. I’d play it if it released globally and costs about $20-30 to finish.
I now want a remake of Ys 6 with these assets. They're pretty cute and well done.

But fuck the shitty mobile clicker gameplay.
File: Yunica.Tovah.full.138310.jpg (1.91 MB, 1800x2750)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Yunica is easily one of my favorite female JRPG characters.
Adol looks good in that thumbnail, should slightly buffer though.
i've heard it's a weak entry yeah but i like falcom and i already bought the game so i'll end up completing it. oddly enough despite liking Ys VIII i found it pretty overrated and liked it for reasons mostly unrelated to the gameplay which was kind of a step down from ark engine games and ys seven
i had fun with ys 8 but i couldnt finish it because the game is just way too padded with superfluous bullshit and the gameplay in ys is honestly not good enough to be a 50 hour long game, it's more a short burst kind of series
File: 20210109012558_1.jpg (319 KB, 1920x1080)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Are you trying to say that you played 8 for the story? Celceta's story is much weaker, characters talk a lot but they don't say anything of importance, it's just shitty anime padding like "we have no time", "we should be careful", "thank you, Adol" over and over again with shitty cutscenes in every other corridor.

The roo village at the end of the game is kind of awesome though, very soulful. You can even turn your whole party into roos.

I 100%'d it in 70, and if you don't care about side quests/hunts/raids/etc you can easily do it in 50 or even less.
bros I'm finding seven really hard to get through. The bosses are...ok, the dungeons and overworld are very, very boring. And large.
I also lost my save of about eight hours and had to restart which doesn't help.
skip to VIII or what?
File: unnamed.jpg (60 KB, 512x288)
60 KB
I'm playing Ys Origin, first playthrough with Yunica and I'm almost at the top of the tower (25F).
>pic related
Most fun boss, its fight was too short
>scolopendra and mantis
Tedious fights, especially the first one. Mantis was just a drag
Honestly the story isn't too amazing either. I liked the cast although they don't feel as cohesive as Seven's despite all the campfire scenes. Fuck, did I even like this game? But really I thought the crafting, base building and exploring was cool as fuck. I also should've played on Nightmare instead of hard so they limit my potions, but the gameplay still felt flawed at its core because the bosses were just hp sponges that spammed AoEs which you just heal off, they weren't as engaging as past games with pattern recognition and the like.
All the bosses are the same in the party games, you just stand in front of the boss and spam flash guard/flash move. use normal attack to charge your skill bar, use skills to charge your extra bar, wait for the boss to get knocked out and then use the extra skill. It's an extremely lazy system that offers no creativity whatsoever.
new artwork that doesn't look bad? what sorcery is this?
The tail is clearly too floofy though.
>The bosses are...ok, the dungeons and overworld are very, very boring. And large.
don't play 8
it's fine if you don't finish 7, it's not good and gets tedious really fast
File: 1603390792119.png (930 KB, 1000x1000)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
Are pikkards basically just overgrown guinea pigs?
There’s a ton of optional content in 8 though. I gather a first playthrough that just focuses on the main quest is 20-30 hours, not that much longer than 7 or Celceta, where practically the only substantial thing you can do is the main quest.
Solid ranking, only thing I'd change is Celceta: that garbage deserves to be dead-last, it is somehow worse than SEVEN and is basically an unfinished game.
There's no reason to play any nu-Ys game more than once, half of the game are cutscenes and the gameplay and bosses are meh.

Having said that, it took me 25 hours to do everything in Celceta and 70 in 8. It's a much longer game, the longest Ys by far, about on par with Tales of games like Vesperia.
File: 1412483871433.jpg (166 KB, 466x545)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>mfw just paid $100 for my collector's edition of Ys IX

i'm ready to be edgy
retards who say stupid shit like this have never tried genuinely bad games like 5 or wanderers of ys
Can IX still be good with character designs like this?
File: Eqm4p8FVEAAWdMg.jpg (276 KB, 770x680)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Post more IX cuties.
Celceta is awful dude, objectively bad game design. The ONLY redeemable qualities are as follow: the OST is amazing, Karna is hot and Duren (???) is cool I guess. Other than that...
>Terrible, forgettable story. I know the story of Ys isn't a priority, but it's so aggressively bland that it gives the impression that Falcom barely tried here.
>Absurdly poor characterisation and world-building
>The gameplay is utter horseshit. No challenge whatsoever in the combat, just flash guard, slash, rinse, repeat. OH, and pause + heal if health gets low. This isn't an engaging battle system, even compared to the other party-Ys games.
>On top of this, the crafting system sucks and is utterly painful. The item system itself is tedious.
>Don't get me started on the map design. Copy-pasted areas for days, minimal terrain variety, and a frustrating map progression system (at the end of the game, I had discovered 99.2% of the map. I literally had to go to almost every area in the game, hug the walls and run around aimlessly until it reached 100. Why? That's half an hour of my life I'm not getting back, fuck you Falcom).
>Boring enemies
>Boring bosses (a cardinal sin in this series)
>All of the above leads to an unsatisfying gameplay loop.
>LEVEL CAP = 60?!
I haven't even covered all the problems with this game, either. If you weren't a dipshit, you'd know that Falcom openly stated that they ran into problems developing this game due to unfamiliarity with the Vita. Which, inevitably, lead to a game that is OBJECTIVELY unfinished and unpolished.

Just because you like an unfinished, unpolished game, doesn't make ME retarded. It just means you have abysmally low standards. If you can't see the problems with the game, that's on you kiddo.
>Karna is hot
For me, it's Calilica and Leeza.

>Duren is cool
Literally just not-Dogi because Adol has amnesia and having real Dogi would break this plot device. Trash character.

And the LOTR rip-off ending was just horrible, felt like it was written by a bunch of interns.
>thing bad
>thing bad
>thing shit
>boring thing
there's the extent of your "criticism"
>Literally just not-Dogi because Adol has amnesia and having real Dogi would break this plot device. Trash character.
I can't argue with this, he genuinely is just a Bargain Buy Dogi clone. I still liked him though, his interactions with Calilica especially were some desperately needed entertainment in an otherwise milquetoast story.
>And the LOTR rip-off ending was just horrible, felt like it was written by a bunch of interns.
Fucking hell dude I forgot about that bullshit...that ending reeked of "indie developer" in the worst possible way, even for Falcom.
File: EojdUSeUYAEAFn1.jpg (309 KB, 1754x1562)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Yes? And? I'm not a fucking critic or a journalist mate get your head out of your ass: I'm just stating my opinion. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that the game is flawed, whether you love it or hate it.
Jeez, who let the /v/edditors into this board? Grow up.
Seven > VIII > 2 > Celceta > Dawn of Ys > Napishtim > 1 > Felghana > Origin > Kefin
The objective and factual best to worst list is:
Ys1 > Ys2 > Origin > Felghana > Napishtim > Lacrimosa > Celceta > Seven
File: Feena.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
The bump system, simple, quick, and effective and the best one in the series.
The worldbuilding is great, the mystery of the land of Ys is intriguing and well thought out taking a lot of inspiration from classics and the bible but creating their own mythos.
Feena is the only girl, Adol's one and only that he can't have so all the bitches drooling after him can suffer.
And on top all that the music is some of the best in all of gaming.

Take the Bump Pill, anon.
>nostalgiafag thinks his opinion is objective and factual
This board is aids.
Taking inspiration from the Bible? lmao what
But who's the best waifu in the series?
feena reah and yunica are the only ys girls i ever gave a shit about
Are you literally Toal Fact?

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