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File: don-miguel-4-life.gif (30 KB, 320x254)
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In mine monsters outside town were acting increasingly restless lately.
My protag was escaping jail and fighting off guards.
Got any demo to download and play?
Too long of a story to condense. Also, I remember little about the specifics. But I was proud of myself, being 14 years old, with a fully completed and bug free RPG under my belt. It was a lot of fun.
Sorry, this was way the heck back in the early 2000s. I was just a child unaware about file preservation.

I used all the stock assets that came with the RM2K's RTP.
As a 11-12 years old I worked on my RPG for a few years. Stealing maps from other games, stealing map making ideas from other games, making a freaking DBZ plot, going to a pokemon map, a retarded dungeon with invisible teleportable triggers, secret shops, secret encounters, etc etc etc
It was terrible, but it was my kino but all of it was lost because Lycos Multimania went unresponsive for like 10 years, the site hosting data site thing was working, but no data was shown, until they finally closed the damn thing
A chimp named Chimpy teams up with Johnny Bravo to fight an army of evil emus.
my cousin and me were saiyajin kids who stepped on the wrong teleporter in a spaceship and went to earth
I tried to make a Zelda RPG. I need to emphasize that I tried, because holy shit in hindsight it was awful.
I think I had a version of RPGM 2000 that came with a bunch of other assets like sprites based on other videogames and protraits based on said characters or Fire Emblem.
Haven't found it again since, I miss it a lot.
Came? These were probably common assets you could get on other sites
I remember browsing infinite ressources sites in French back in the day
Dunno mate, I said "came" because I downloaded a pack from somewhere that included both the program and all these assets.

I remember making an intro with Cloud, Ryu from BoF3 and Vivi escaping from a dungeon in a castle beign assaulted by an enemy kingdom.
The party would later meet a chick from a SNES Fire Emblem game and find a pod with Zero because of course my game had to have sci fi.
File: fm2k.jpg (43 KB, 512x256)
43 KB
>>9933453 (OP)

>actually pretty decent and powerful for how limited and old it is.
>Games are still being made with it to this day, even when more powerful commercial alternatives (and mugen) exist.
>Kadokawa even made a deal with Exa Arcade to port and modify select games for arcade use.
>and still... it hasnt been updated in FUCKING 21 YEARS!!!!

i get that possibly more people do RPGS than other games, but come on! PGMMV is not useful for fightans.
File: feels bad man.jpg (574 KB, 642x505)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
File: 1682482232202811.png (14 KB, 640x480)
14 KB
2k/3 has never been better than it is in (current year), you know.
I just meant that you could probably see the ressources somewhere else instead of searching for this specific version, that is, unless they had a shitload of preprogrammed stuff
But anyways, does ressources websites even exists anymore? I dread to even attempt to search for any. The last time I tried to search for website ressources I got SEO hell and paywall fucked everywhere, what a disaster. I remember when you could just search for common web resources and get shitloads of free sites with nice gifs, buttons and stuff with just a few common banner ads. Nowadays they want you to pay for a common cat pattern, fuck you
idk how to even sum it all up... but for fun ill try...

its a sequel to a story i wrote.
mc is jailed. doesnt know why.
brings teamates along.
only solution is assassinating the king... right?
get the kings guards to join in.
cant kill the king, hes immortal.
kings protecting a tomb.
inside is the demon lord, ready to revive after a 1000 years.
try to stop his revival
just kidding, hes not coming back.
opened tomb allows a bad guy to harm someone else.
in the process to trying to stop this badguy, you powerup your teamate.
but the badguy is actually immortal.
oops, the powerup also powers up an ancient evil.
thats the final boss. (you met them before, while they were weak)

i think i summarized the key moments w/o going into detail.
File: shuttle.png (34 KB, 320x352)
34 KB
Game #1:
Autistic edgelord xenoarcheologist just wants to research ancient aliens but American and Chinese glowies plus the occasional third world wannabe keep fucking with his shit, forcing him to deal with their cold-but-heating-up war BS and attempts to bribe him with glowie waifus.

Game #2:
Military officer returns to his hometown to fix his broken marriage, but instead of patching things up he finds himself caught in the middle of an invasion by the neighboring country.

Had a bunch of smaller projects, too. Never finished any of them though.
File: 100511.png (143 KB, 1024x512)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
>95 sprites looked like that
File: file.png (208 KB, 300x336)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
You were a janitor that cleaned dungeons and killed all the leftover monsters the heroes were too lazy to kill.
pic unrelated
File: value.png (1.67 MB, 940x1351)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
'95 games had twice the native resolution iirc; on the upside, the 240p res made the '2000 games visually closer to the console RPGs they were basically modeled after.
Mine was about saving a town by raiding monsters tower with DBZ Goku and RTP ninja.
Didn't understood events at the time so scripting, battles and maps were pure chaos that somewhat worked without crashing.
He was a samurai abducted by aliens. It had a custom battle system and Menu. I doubt anyone remembers it.
I remembered 95 couldn't save properly or I was too retard as a kid to do it so moved straight to 2000.
File: based_australian.jpg (134 KB, 465x400)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>Chimpy teams up with Johnny Bravo to fight an army of evil emus.
File: helljack2.jpg (596 KB, 1722x1722)
596 KB
596 KB JPG

It was about stealing a UFO and using it to rape women from every country. I left it open one afternoon to go mow the lawn and when I got back my mom was reading the opened dialogue. She screamed at me, got my dad to read it, he yelled at me, they chose then to bring up that they monitored my search history (which I didn't know was a thing at that age) and spent $$$ to send me to a troubled teens camp in Utah where we worked long hours in the hot sun and had to dig a hole every time we wanted to take a shit, with an accountability buddy watching. One of the staff molested me repeatedly in the supply shed so the camp kinda had the opposite outcome I think my parents wanted, but I learned not to make spicy rpgs
I just copied Mario RPG using ripped sprite sheets from a geocities fansite. I am cringe but I am free
That's interesting, why did they lower the resolution?
is there a reason not to go with 95bthen? can you pump up the resolution on 2k and/or use the 95 assets?

Since I'm asking for spoons know, I might as well ask more about rpg maker and about how much you can actually do with it. It's long been my impression that, besides the coat of paint you can put on it, that the games ultimately end up playing like lackluster clones of early DQ and FF games, maybe less grindy if the designers have a mind for it but more ot less destined to be really unimpressive. Am I right about that, or does the engine allow you to do something more ambitious or complex, say, like SaGa or Ultima games?
You can do some pretty fancy stuff with RM2k's event system and it might even be fun if you're limiting yourself to a proof of concept, but making an entire game with e.g. a fancy action battle system would be a huge pain in the ass.

Newer RPG Maker versions (XP and onwards) use Ruby/Javascript, which largely solves that problem.
File: collage.jpg (2.41 MB, 3824x1908)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG
My game was a shitpost about internet/nerd culture mixed in with conspiracy theory bs. Scientists discover that everything mankind has ever made up is actually a psychic synapse across dimensions. In other words, fictional works are visions of separate dimensions. Realizing the potential of these, a weeby lonely nerd creates a community of slave labor called Anime Town for the goal of extracting fictional entities from their worlds for selfish, private reasons. In a word, making you're own fuckable Chun-Li. What they don't know is that they have essentially awakened The Old One in the process.

Meanwhile, an ancient race of space aliens, called the Luhmos, have been observing human beings since the first atomic bombs began shrooming up from the surface of the planet. The Luhmos begin to worry that humans are realizing their psychic potential, aware of the cosmic dangers that they could inadvertendly reveal themselves to.

All of this is background for where the game actually starts. In a quiet middle class suburb, an independent video game development team are struggling to get their game off the ground. Starving for inspiration, they attend the local comic convention, where fatefully, acolytes of Anime Town are recruiting. During the seminar, a portal opens, sending horrible creatures into our world, and possessing the weak minded. One of the game developers is sucked into the portal. The remaining three get captured on security cam footage escaping the carnage, and are mistaken for being among those responsible for the interdimensional invasion.

Meanwhile, all the devs really care about is finding their friend, and obtaining their midnight release copies of Halo 2 (it takes place in 2004.) The police in their town, concluding that nerd culture was responsible for the invasion, shuts down the local game stores. The first part of the game focuses on the group trying to prove they didn't have anything to do with the invasion.
File: 1677485160856427.png (166 KB, 460x215)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Just use 2k3 with the Maniacs Patch.
A lot of its features bring it closer to what RPG Maker should have evolved into rather than the crap no one asked for with XP and later.
>Show String Picture
display arbitrary text strings as images on the screen
>String Variables
modify and use strings of text t[x] in the same way you would use the v[x] variables, with a variety of options for controlling and changing the strings.
>Extended Variable Control
has native means of performing variable ops that previously required workarounds, such as variable RAND operations, and allows you to write expressions as your operand rather than having to go through the individual variable ops calculation song and dance.
>Improved Conditional Branches
Additional options for conditional branches, and allows you to specify indirect variable reference instead of having to use another variable as a workaround
>Variable Array Control
allows you to perform variable ops like sorting, copying, swapping, shuffling, on arrays of variables, which previously would have required you to event in your own handlers.
>Better Font Support
use variable-width fonts, or fonts that aren't the standard 6x12/12x12 size used by base RPG Maker 2k/3.
>Improved battle events
Although 2k3's default battle system sucks, usage of event commands during battles is extended, and there is now a "Parallel: Battle" trigger option for common events as well.
>Improved performance
Maniacs Patch launchers have significantly improved performance over the base RPG_RT launcher, and there is even a "per frame" option which processes event commands on a per-frame basis rather than immediately.
Me and my friends go through a bunch of natural environments like forests and caves while defeating monsters. Most work went into giving everyone appropriate abilities and equipment based on our inside jokes. I haven't been able to find the project files in a long time, so I think it's totally gone, rip.
Classic rescue the princess quest, except the tweest was that when you got to the end, the protagonist would have sex with the princess, which was depicted by a hentai picture.
I only played with rpgm ages ago.
What are the best of the best, and what is the best way to play them?
It's a scene I never quite broke into, and I'm curious.
File: n98082022b.gif (59 KB, 645x504)
59 KB
95 used a more limited "native" Windows interface framework for the games, with lots of limitations to responsiveness, animation and graphics in general. From 2000 on they went with original engines, and the 320x240 resolution could have hit two birds with one stone: low system requirements and closer look and feel to console rpgs' look and feel.
I used the version with side-view combat. The dragon warrior perspective never sat well with me. MC was a farm hand who was sent to the bar to get something and then some evil empire people appeared and you had to escape the village.
I remember using photoshop, first screenshotting the levels, and then adding bloom and shit lmao, and then importing the entire levels as images. Once you escaped you hit the overworld and then I got bored.
File: battle-one.png (537 KB, 640x480)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
Everybody loved the idea of side-view combat in RPG Makers in principle since Final Fantasy was the most popular template among the user base for sure, but that approach raised the bar to what the users needed to create for an actually "original" game. This was software for hobbyists after all, and creating custom spritesets for the field was already a daunting task.

I believe at some point after 2k3 Makers started allowing the choice of DQ or FF-style battles but I didn't stick around that long.
File: rpg maker info2.png (3.84 MB, 2996x5100)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
I haven't played most of these, but I might as well share it.
File: 1683892366467082.jpg (3.81 MB, 2996x5569)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
The list hasn't been updated in god knows how long.
final fantasy hatena look cool
File: 1667067290571817.png (1.31 MB, 1920x2160)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
You are in luck.
thanks man
>Alter AILA Genesis
>The Way
I can already tell this list is uber based.
I was making one of these earlier this year. I fucked up the switches and broke the entire game. The story was about going into the woods to bring your brother home, only to find him murdered before your eyes by a demon. I was going to make the brother's reincarnated evil spirit the final boss. I don't have a story for anything in between these events.
File: 1638060901906.png (699 KB, 650x657)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
>don't use the F95 translation of Black Souls 2
>it is inferior
Whoever made this graphic has my respect for this alone.
Too bad the official version doesn't have a nice quality-of-life plugin, for stuff like scaling the window size.
File: 1675021006700580.png (186 KB, 750x1000)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Coomers deserve higher quality translations than they usually get.
I'd guess 4 years
thanks for the list though folks. some of these sound pretty interesting.
oh, my bad. 3. didn't see the 2020 releases
A visual novel esque game where females have been genocided to near extinction. The main character saves one from a bounty hunter and has to help her reach some important location while keeping her hidden from his friends, family, and just about every other male character in the world. I didn't know shit about coding so I finessed the turn based combat to be less about big dick levels and more puzzle like where there were always "correct" ways to win the battles. And I had zero art skills at the time so I used the in-game sprites and whatever sprites I could find on the internet to do all the visual lifting.
This was almost 20 years ago. I was 10. Thinking back it was really cringe, but maybe I might revisit the idea one day.
Reading through this thread, it's just as well I've never actually finished any RPG Maker game since nothing I could think of would be half as good as the stuff posted in this thread.
File: poker.jpg (32 KB, 584x284)
32 KB
Mine was really unpolished and I would rewrite it if I revisited it. A king sends his son heir to the throne out into the world on a rite of passage, the ship is wrecked in a storm, the prince winds up in a town shortly before it gets pillaged by bandits. He encounters a trope mysterious swordsman I never got around to fleshing out later in the story. He commandeers their ship after defeating their leader and fending off the bandits saving the village. The prince then goes to see his uncle who is running experiments of the magical kind and has the prince go into an ethereal real to fight shinigamis and reapers and trigger something from the other side. After defeating the big bad guy he warps back but trope everything went tits up and he ages dozens of years and sees himself go into the realm in the first place (which revealed that noise he heard going in was himself yelling at him to not go in, lol) and all I had in the game at that point was
-you now have the world map
-explore the open world and find out where your companions got teleported off to
(speaking of which I forgot who even joined the party, it's been over a decade since I touched this project)
>now playing: metal gear solid
you cheeky cunt
there's a fan patch huh? I remember playing around in 2003 back then and the damn thing would often nuke your project, everything became black
What's this?
File: 1670635392452357.webm (1.87 MB, 640x480)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB WEBM
The shitpost game I've been working on.
This looks great!
I didn't know you could do those kind of background animations on rmk2003.
Is the battle system done through eventing?
I hate janitroon
File: 1661521668780286.webm (3.92 MB, 960x540)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB WEBM
The backgrounds are really just a clever use of looping spritesheets made from GIFs made in different ways. Most of them are just stuff I draw in aseprite and mess around with color palette shifting. From there, I use another tool called dieback to generate a GIF. Then, I cut it down to a looping spritesheet. You can definitely get good mileage out of layering/masking and other things. However, I've learned that it's usually the "simple" stuff you can throw together in a few minutes that tends to look the best. It's pretty heartbreaking to do 5 minutes of easy palette shifting stuff and have it look better than some more interesting mask/bg combo, but that's just the way it is sometimes.
The battle system and basically anything else menu related is all eventing, correct. Thankfully, the Maniacs Patch makes it a bit easier with the String Picture command and better variable handling/conditional handling, so while it's still not something most RPGM users would ever be able to do, it's still less of a hair-pulling time than doing it in the base engine.
Godspeed anon, your work oozes pure sovl.
Got any blog where I can follow your project?
I'm afraid I don't have a blog or anything like that. I sometimes post on /vrpg/ RPG Maker threads, but most of the time I'm in there making informative/advice posts regarding 2k3/maniacs tech.
I swear I've seen these screenshots before, but reverse searching only brings up this thread. Do you have a download for this?
File: beach.jpg (109 KB, 1400x700)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>does ressources websites even exists anymore?
Also if any anons want to play around with it, here are RPGM2K, the RTP for 2K, and 2K3, all Don Miguel translations. Not sure if Maniacs patch works with it, haven't tried.
A remake of Ultima 1 using 2d FF7 sprites, music, and other resources. I never finished it.
I wanted to make something about a society of Grim Reapers.

My favorite games at the time were Grim Fandango and Conker’s Bad Fur Day so it would’ve been a 13-year-old’s shallow mashup of these two beloved titles, and in RPG-maker format, no less.
cool website, but that's uh, not a "ressources" website. Like I said I used to be able to browser thousands of websites with RPG Maker tilesets, chara sets and etc. for hours on end back then. Now? I google that shit and I have 3 pages max (fuck google), mostly linking to the official website forum or himework's wiki and that's about it. The RPG Maker Resource Kit is closing
Fucking hell the Internet sucks
A global supercorp had a monopoly on energy production thanks to their experimental chemical X being used as fuel
You play as a private detective/former secret agent investigating a strange illness spreading among residents of a city bordering one of their power plants and uncover the shocking truth about chemical X
I hated turn based battles back then so the game had no combat, just alternating investigation maps (talk to people, find clues and keys, unlock more areas, repeat) and infiltration maps (avoid guards/searchlights/mutants to go deeper into the facility, if you touch them you lose instantly)
All lost now...
Write in google search bar something like
> rpg maker 2000 charsets
and check out pictures instead of sites. From there you can enter source sites that look promising and rummage through their contents.
slightly better indeed, but the picking are still rather slim
Websites like this used to be dime a dozen. I could spend literal weeks checking these
(insert random Geocities website with a few, or a lot of custom resources)
Well, I suppose that one has a lot, but that's gonna hurt when if it closes
There's probably an immense amount of shit that has been lost and it will keep happening
That's the unfortunate instability of current internet. And in time someone will probably train "AI artist" on remaining free RM resources so source sites will die off in result of this "unlimited resource works" existence.
I don't remember and I didn't get very far with it, however I did have a really shitty game maker shmup/platformer where you had to fight a bunch of turret circles while keeping your ship's fuel up
it was really bad
AI on this might be tough. Every characters and tile will have to be cut one by one and painfully labeled in detail I believe
Then tilesets are a whole new level of possible bullshit, as things needs to fit together when put together and keep a consistent style
On the up side, you could definitively easily fix weird stay pixels in the generation
Here's a short collection of resource links for RPG maker that I found a few years back.

About rural people running into a greater power and getting involved with a global crisis. What else?
It turned into a 9-part fantasy novel series which I still haven’t finished writing
based OP trying to gather boomers for /vrpg/ rm jams
By any chance, do you happen to have a link to Mag Launcher's guide mentioned here in this youtube video? Someone already commented asking the same thing, but the author doesn't have a link anymore. Or if you know any good non-video resources to learn the engine, please share them. Thanks.

i would love to say i made shit in the tool, but i DO have a copy of the guide at least.


maybe i just should accept it will never get a new version, i really know i wouldnt be able to do shit in mugen... good luck to you.
File: Spoiler Image (233 KB, 484x324)
233 KB
233 KB GIF
Wow, that was fast! I honestly wasn't expecting the guide at all, let alone in 20 minutes. I've actually been working on my own fighting game, I've got most my ideas written down. I just need to get around to making some sprites and testing things out.

Here's a little animation test I did for your trouble. I've actually got a recording of a test play I did. I kinda want to post it, but it's REALLY rough. And I think I can't post webms here anyway...
It was Pimp Quest 2000, an absolute Random XD affair. Mr T was the airship pilot and there was a quest to bust out an optional party member from a leather gimp dungeon. Wish I saved it.
its ok, anything to help expand this game. it really fucking deserves it, specially because stuff like this exists:


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