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Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.


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File: half_life_64.jpg (67 KB, 792x522)
67 KB
What is your dream game /vr/ ?

Also, what are you working on?
How about a dream hack?
I like a Digimon Rumble Arena remake but it's entirely reworked as a Smash 64 hack with SR as a base.

Backport some animations, polish, new stuff and done. We got the roster done, now for the potatoes.
There's a difference between bashing and criticism. Criticism should 100% be allowed as it's how you get feedback to go back and improve your work. When developing games that kind of thing is crucial to actually end up with something decent that people want to play.

The main complaint and criticism with that particular project is the same videos keep getting posted showing the same levels and same mechanics over and over again and don't really show any kind of improvement or new features. It's just more of the same tech demo. If the person posting those can't handle that criticism then maybe the rule should be "Don't clutter the /hbg/ threads with stuff you've already posted before unless there's something new and significant to show off." That would solve both sides of the issue.
File: spaceship_white_6_map.png (7 KB, 480x320)
7 KB
>Don't clutter the /hbg/ threads with stuff you've already posted before unless there's something new and significant to show off.
That's what I try to do. If you show the same thing over and over again, you end up burning people out.
Criticism is welcome, by the way.
File: terry.jpg (150 KB, 800x800)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
i really liked the warped raster effect from the last vod
File: squinty.png (16 KB, 480x320)
16 KB
Nice! Some people say it gives them headache.
File: image[1].png (6 KB, 512x448)
6 KB
How's it look?
Attempting to make some shitty port of rogue 1980 to the NES.

I *thought* it would be a waste of memory to save the tiles of the entire grid (80x24) and instead just figure out what to draw based on the big structures, Rooms and Corridors. Indeed, for rooms you could just keep track of what room the rogue is in, and reveal/hide the room when he enters/leaves, ... but for corridors and dark rooms it seems like you would have to do a lot of computing to figure out what to draw every time he moves, and when I need to scroll it will get even worse probably. Is just using up 80*24 bytes fine? A lot of it may be empty space,. and since here are so few types of tiles I could probably fit the item/monster index of what is on top of the tile in the same byte.
hm with 80*24 I'll be using up nearly all the nes's onboard work ram damn
File: vegas_dream_news.png (5 KB, 372x348)
5 KB
> figure out what to draw
the hell are you on about? you don't have time in vBlank to draw graphics dynamically. You predraw a bunch of tiles and update the nametable with your predrawn tiles like literally Every Other Game On The System does.
> scrolling
Absolutely Fucking Free. Just write an X and Y value to the scroll registers.
> whatever else you wrote
Do yourself a favor and learn about the PPU architecture, what it does, and how to use it:
I like it. Is the chain bridge a unique object?

The status bar numbers getting cut off is pretty gross. At that point you might as well change the outline to a drop shadow, readability on white be damned.
Come to think of it, can't you use custom palettes on levels with white backgrounds to ensure the status bar is always a readable color? No reason to accept that glitchy looking cropping
What's a good first project?
What platform?
>you don't have time in vBlank to draw graphics dynamically.
yes rendering will have to be turned off when you move, there's no way around that, rogue has dynamic visibility
is not free when you your map is larger than the nametable, you have to write new data
>do yourself a favor
nice thought terminating cliché
Do you really need an entire byte per tile of the map when there are so few different tiles? A single byte can have a value from 00 to FF, so that let's you store one of 15 different values in the high and low nybbles each. You could use a single byte to store two tiles, and just have your port read both sides sequentially to draw the full map.
You are right, I thought about it and I think I can just bitpack and only use wall/floor tile, so one bit per tile, then store doors and other crap as objects in the room.
N64 half life would probably be possible if it was rebuilt from the ground up using the engine from perfect dark. Idk if you could port gold source directly to N64 though due to file size and also due to the fact that even og quake had to be nerfed slightly for the N64.

Perfect darks engine could probably do a passable imitation of half life though.
File: tenebra.png (5 KB, 256x240)
5 KB
>Do you really need an entire byte per tile of the map when there are so few different tiles?
In PPU memory? Uh, yes. One byte in the NameTable tells the PPU which tile of 256 in the PatternTable (16 bytes each) to display, and 1/4 of a byte for the AttributeTable determines the palette of a 16x16 area, the entire byte responsible for a 32x32 area. This functionality is physically hardwired into the system. Please educate yourselves on the architecture of the system, like in that lovely 20min video i linked before.
Here is a game, Tenebra, that achieves what i believe you want to achieve: As you walk around, the game is "dynamically lit" writing a few different tile values to the Nametable as you move. This is achieved by swapping "map" 8x8 predrawn tiles during vBlank with "blank" tiles without having to turn off rendering, drawing tiles dynamically, or anything silly like that.
I wasnt talking about ppu memory holy shit
Special greeting. With sound: https://files.catbox.moe/mzmi2h.webm
ok well don't take my advice, try coding it for a weekend, hit some stupid roadblock, smash your keyboard, buy a new one, and move on with your life like everyone else here does.
NES or Master System is you're best bet.
Gameboy is the easier.
Anything that's already popular to hack, Super Mario World, Mega Man 2, Pokémon Fire Red, ext. Every game that's over-hacked has a community behind it who can help you get started.

Most of those games have all of the heavy lifting already done (like code disassembly, level editors and music engines) that drastically lower the bar for entry. Going for something obscure like Little Sampson means doing everything from scratch which can be overwhelming if this is your first shot.
Honestly Saturn, Genesis and Dreamcast aren't too bad either these days.
File: YM2612_Sequencer.png (5 KB, 640x480)
5 KB
About a decade ago I did this YM2612 homebrew. All it basically did was allow you to program a single patch and then input a bunch of notes, microtonal if you wanted, in sequence beforehand that you played live with the Genesis controller. Currently trying to tack on a real sequencer of some sort to it.
File: doschorizacos.png (29 KB, 480x320)
29 KB
>>9932280 isn't (Me), btw.
I've been meaning to get back into working on this project I started a while ago. Basically a Saturn engine using SBL that can interpret the data from the NES Final Fantasy ROM to let you play it on your Saturn. The idea being that people could drop in their own ROM and the game will reference the original ROM for all the data, but all the logic will be redone in C to run natively on the Saturn. This could allow you to do things like swap in new graphics, expand the resolution, use Saturn hardware features, etc.

I got it to the point where I had it so you could make a party, walk around the overworld map, encounter random battles etc. This is an older video where I just had the menus working, but I later did get Fight and Run commands working:

And since it's using VDP2's RBG0 layer, I could enable perspective effects at the push of a button:
That is neat, are the musics from the PSX version?
Yeah, its just CD Audio for now. At some point I'd like to see if I could possibly do something with the SCSP to possibly play the NES and MSX versions of the music through it's FM Synth capabilities, and then do the PSX music as ADX streams or something.

Plus here a demo - https://youtu.be/VFGf-4nulEU
File: If Zelda was boy.jpg (241 KB, 754x1060)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Proper Zeldavania meet Castleroid
if only Zelda was an octopus
can you explain the skeleton algo that you made to make those bosses walk like that with the sprites all lined up? is that some sort of 65c816 translation of an existing animation file type? or did you hand code that? either way fucking fantastic.
nothing commercial on the SNES exists like that.
File: no pornline.png (301 KB, 581x401)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
File: 1684833843735183.png (7 KB, 256x224)
7 KB
>Is the chain bridge a unique object?
>The status bar numbers getting cut off is pretty gross
blame my c64 autism, I tried drop shadows but they were unreadable in busy levels
Ironically what you want to do is even more pointless today than it was 10 years ago. And of course it'd already been done by then. But now you can build a dedicated YM2612+the rest device for a few bucks that fits in a match box and control it from a PC/phone/whatever. You can even just buy one if you're an electronicslet.
Even if you want to drive your original hardware sound chips with an ancient CPU, composing using the dpad is crazy. I wouldn't even use that for 76489 bleep bloops, let alone sequences of 2612 fart noise patches.

Too bad about the numbers. Can you just squash them down a pixel? If you really wanted to be snazzy you could do 8x16 digits for everything (like the bonus star counter in the original) but fiddling with that subroutine would obviously be a pain. I don't remember it being particularly efficient so it might even promote lag
File: 1673307873767958.png (583 KB, 640x480)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
>. Can you just squash them down a pixel? If
Yeah I probably can, though it looks fine on CRT I do guess most will playing on LCDs
Any Zelda64 romhacking faggots in here that might be able to answer this?
>Does the Yaz0 format run slower than Yay0?
I went looking through the gigaleak roms and noticed a difference between the compression in 1080 Snowboarding and Animal Forest/OoT/MajMask.
Both have the same limitations in capacity, but
>Yay0 has the data conveniently arranged for the GP registers to have ease of access/raw metal performance with load/store.
>Yaz0 has the data arranged like a standard LZSS binary, and the routine has additional instructions which looks like they tried to alleviate by unrolling a loop for the copy subroutine unlike Yay0.
The Zelda64 games always received shit for running at around 20fps, so I've been wondering if this unconventional data arrangement had anything to do with it - nevermind the use of jpeg and gzip as they're resource intensive enough.
File: 1682816622256625.jpg (124 KB, 675x675)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Any game boy color homebrew that's especially recommended? I'm looking through a lot of projects and most of them are jank shit and totally unfinished
With sound: https://files.catbox.moe/x31geh.webm
Are we supposed to be laughing with you or at you for thinking this is funny?
Poor kid. He's gonna be into some weird shit when he grows up.
File: 1659098758070543.png (13 KB, 512x448)
13 KB
How did old 8bit games with shit memory size and cpu speed figure out collision with many enemies?
Contra for the NES did object-object collision detection using point-rectangle overlap checks (source: https://tomorrowcorporation.com/posts/retro-game-internals-contra-collision-detection ). Conceptually it's the same as rectangle-rectangle test where one rectangle is shrunk down to a point while the other rectangle is expanded to compensate. This optimization technique is commonly used in collision detection algorithms even today (see: Minkowski addition).

As a side note, Contra also stores object positions in screen-space. This has the advantage of allowing object coordinates to be 8-bit, greatly simplifying the collision math on the NES's limited hardware. However this comes at the cost of making scrolling more complicated (instead of moving just the camera, it has to move all the objects instead).
A lot of the time enemies only interact with the player and maybe the tile grid which is a fast X and Y lookup. If there's enemy interaction it's usually disabled whenever they're not visible, if they don't despawn entirely. Like how kicked shells can "miss" enemies just offscreen in SMB.
CV: CotM: https://youtu.be/hFqlS-x3J6U
God i love Felicia so much
File: 1681389203353.jpg (116 KB, 1440x1080)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
B3313 unfinished 1.0
what happened?
The author is a depressed schizo or something. The romhacker stereotype.
>romhacker stereotype
certainly a tech nerd stereotype
The reason DA is peak gas >>9942918
Homebrews and romhacks!
Ram Gachi really rock.
Shantae (TG-16) or GameCube 3D
Can someone point me to the romhack that another anon in the Super Mario 64 mentioned? I guess you get to Tall, Tall Mountain and there are 2 goombas waiting there to put on a sexhibition for you or something.
Nice & Nice
why is the ppu so retarded
I'm sorry, what?
i assume that guy was shitposting
CPS2/3 port like Megaman Fighter and Final Fight 3 on N64

Really? God dammit. I honestly would have had a pretty good laugh if I saw it.
Go ask him, anon
Ask him what exactly?
File: TMNT_spr0.webm (2.45 MB, 853x480)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB WEBM
now you know why some NES games look so fucked up lol
once you get past the potholes and "gotcha's" it ain't so bad
lol at using an entire 8x16 sprite just for 3 pixels at the top of the head

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