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File: rts.jpg (394 KB, 1451x903)
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Left: balance, polish, units abilities variety, great multiplayer, fine singleplayer missions.
Right: atmosphere, detailed maps with neutral cities, nice visual and physics effects, singleplayer missions variety.
Both: nice art style, engaging plot, great music, nice looking graphics.
both are great
Also, retro RTS thread.
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File: 1629473539-171730952.jpg (1.43 MB, 1778x2400)
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Post more obscure and underrated games.
War of the Worlds is pretty nice. One of the first with 3d terrain and 3d units in 1998. Jeff Wayne soundtrack. Units are built on a separate map, like in Total War.
File: 822397-takingdoms.jpg (101 KB, 640x480)
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Total Annihilation Kingdoms is barely remembered and mentioned, much less so than regular TA. I like it better for more interesting setting.
Play Battle Realms or else... well nothing happens but you really should if haven't yet.
I will give it to Tiberian Sun that it has quite. Bit of variety. StarCraft does tend to get repetitive towards the end of each faction’s campaign.
File: age-of-empires-pc-003.jpg (700 KB, 1024x768)
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700 KB JPG
I remember my brother playing this almost religiously back in the day on his incredibly beige setup. Great game, great soundtrack.
I've always liked samurai, but apparently according to an anon here they're pretty crummy in the dragon campaign, that dragon warriors are better for that since they have magic resistance and lotus is the main enemy in that campaign and samurai are weaksauce regarding magic, but samurai should be good against wolf right?
Actually, even Red Alert 1 had a good deal of mission variety. StarCraft was a Dune 2-ish step back in this regard, even though core gameplay offered much more that any C&C prior.
Speaking of core gameplay, direct production buildings control and reliance on hotkeys makes SC feel more like Dune 2 descendant than any Westwood made offering.
been replaying Spellforce, some maps are a bit tedious but it's still a blast
I've only just realized that Starcraft didn't rip off WH40K. It ripped off Aliens vs Predator.
I usually play Serpent but I never felt like Samurai were bad, they do have that magic weakness but I guess every unit has a weak point?
If you start minmaxxing things it often becomes less fun and there will always be that one unit that you can spam with low resource usage, such as Dragon Warriors or Musketeers.
For the campaign it doesn't really matter I think, you can go with mostly samurai and maybe some ranged units + geisha's for healing and do most missions just fine.

I think if you really want to focus on Samurai you can adapt your playstyle to that, by using their skills, you can block some magic and explosive damage by using Dragon Skin for example or put Samurai on horses so they can tank more and are more mobile.
You can also choose the campain path so that you avoid most Lotus encounters completely.
But it really is not needed to be honest.

I think, its less Samurai being bad but Lotus being unbalanced, Warlocks and Master Warlocks lack a clear weakness for example.

Also just saying Serpent(best clan) has Ronin (but they are also weak to magic).
Do you consider company of heroes retro? What are the best retro RTS based in ww1/2?
>Jeff Wayne soundtrack
No kidding? I'll have to look that up.
War 3 refunded got recently cracked, but making custom campaign works is still a pain in the dick
StarCraft rips off just about every popular sci-fi idea created during the 20th century, but at least they emphasized some of the better ones.
Play Populous: The Beginning if you want to experience true SOVL
This thread doesn't work because of those five anons who want to talk about rts games here each one has one game that he prefers and he is not interested in trying and discussing others.
No wonder the genre is dead.
The first CoH is so fucking old that it becomes retro in a year or two. But gameplay wise it's a modern RTS because the genre has stopped evolving since.
Speaking of actual retro, Sudden Strike 2 is great but it doesn't have base building.
Never understood who the Terran on this cover was. Is it a vulture pilot?
Also, I had the protoss boxart as a kid which is the superior choice
Do you people like veterancy systems? i personally think that they provide way too much advantage to players that are already winning, makes it harder to come back for the losing player, and that it forces defensive play.
Looks like a SCV.
Is it really too much advantage? To me, veterancy system provodes a nice little rpg element, while individual veteran units are still usually less powerful than 2-3 regular units so they're counterable.
been dabbling in C&C Zero Hour modding for the last couple of years

learning lowpoly modelling for the most part, the engine is real shit & not mod-flexible at all

forgot link
it's your dad
File: mkii_hires.jpg (2.6 MB, 4096x3072)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
Dragon Skin is useless against Warlocks as their melee can sap stamina. Dragon just suck in general, their ultimate weapon Dragon Strike is not only costly for one time use (Neding 4 Samurai and 4 Yang points) but also weak against buildings and most tier 2 units can survive it. Serpent for equivalent cost can get Necromancer who can resurrect dead bodies as zombies for your army. Hope Zen Edition can fix their suckiness.
Its pretty good. Main problem is finding a physical copy; was released in Germany and Britain and thats it.
Warzone 2000
please fix the fucking disgusting piece of shit pathfunding
I love StarCraft but nothing will ever top the first time I played the commando mission in C&C. That guy is awesome.
Obligatory since there would be no Blizzard of StarCraft without it.
>While not the first real-time strategy (RTS) game (it was preceded by Herzog Zwei), Dune II established a format that would be followed for years to come, and is the first to use the mouse to move units, giving much fluid interaction [1]. As such, Dune II is the founder of the RTS genre in its modern form. Striking a balance between complexity and innovation, it was a huge success and laid the foundation for the coming Command and Conquer (which was nicknamed "Dune III" by some fans and detractors), the Warcraft series, and many other RTS games.
War wind.
Also the terran face to the left looks fucking hideous.
Bro hydralisks are just xenomorph lites and there are even facehuggers. Scourges iirc.
You are projecting. Im interested in trying some games here, specifically dune. Might as well not have any threads at all because people inevitably like different stuff.
If you like Dune (for PC and Sega CD) then also play the first one which is basically a Fremen management simulation. but still enjoyable
War Wind
File: Scourge_SC-FM_Art1.jpg (490 KB, 1297x1025)
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490 KB JPG
This is supposed to be a facehugger? Sure you're not thinking of something else?

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