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This game is too based and there was even a May update no one told me about. For anyone who doesn't know, a jap Net Yaroze dev found a project they worked on years ago, polished it up, and continues to work on it. It's an action roguelike much like if Landstalker, the prerendered sprites on 3d Ys games, and Ehrgeiz/Tobal quest mode got jiggy. There's 4 different classes with their own strengths and weaknesses, a really good room randomising system, situational music changes, a whole bunch of equipment with special skills, and 2p/early 4p co op. Fine English translation too, if they did it themselves.

Having a bunch of fun as Archer at the monent - Magic Bow is godly crowd control if you have SP for it, and the Hunter Boots are not only for high jumps, they nullify fallstun and can quick airdash you out of trouble for an SP.

If anyone else mains other classes, or even played this thing, discuss. It's free and a lot of gameplay quirks are detailed in its manual on the site.
>May update
Is that true? I don't see anything on the site. I was waiting on another update.
OP fucked up, it's on the downloads section of the site
Oh, nice. Thanks, anon. I still hope we get 4P at some point, but this sounds good.

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