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File: Sega CD Consoles.jpg (27 KB, 640x153)
27 KB
Is there any other sd or usb solution for the Sega-CD that's not FPGA shit like the MegaSD? I assume you can burn games no problem but I don't trust disc drives that old to last, are they easy to repair?
no one's going to bother making an ode when the megasd exists
Lens is still in production, think it is some JVC design can't remember exact name.
Wouldn't be so sure. As it stands now there's no way of running CD games off of a Mega SD or Mega Everdrive Pro while a 32X is attached, which prevents 100% library compatibility. If you want to experience the glory that is Night Trap 32X, you're gonna need a real Sega CD. I'll admit that the market is slim, but it definitely exists
A more convenient solution would be a flashcart which is inserted into expansion slot, not an ODE installed into Sega CD.
>that's not FPGA shit
Ew I can smell the angsty contrarian zoom through the screen.

Probably the simplest solution. Probably even fairly easy to do with minor HW/SW changes to the existing flash carts.
File: OctomanSF.jpg (8 KB, 100x82)
8 KB
>angsty contrarian zoom
Fuck off mate. I want a solution that gives me full use of the add-on. FPGA doesn't provide that. Flash carts are fine, but hardware emulation always comes with inaccuracies or sacrifices.
>waaaaah waaaaah youtube told me FPGA isn't perfect waaaah
lol. Get a load of this goof. You need to go back. Not sure where exactly that is but from your neurotic rantings I'm guessing tranny tumblr.
can i play non sega cd games if i burn them onto a cd and put them in my cd?
like if i burned a game that was only made for genesis cart onto a cd and put that in my sega cd
Tell me how to use the mixer on the model 1 genesis with the MegaSD. Go ahead, and as said earlier in the thread how do I run 32x games or the few CD 32x enhanced versions. Grow up and stop being a console war faggot about everything
File: OIP.jpg (25 KB, 474x344)
25 KB
Why are Sega CD consoles so expensive now brahs? Outside of a small minority of retro gaming autist like ourselves who really wants one?
>strawman strawman something strawman grow up
lmao at your retarded cope kiddo. It's time for you to go back.

Because Sega CD consoles are pretty rare. While the CD addons sold millions the CD consoles didn't anywhere close to that.
File: IMG_20201125_162509.jpg (647 KB, 1786x2048)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
I asked a question and you're such a console war faggot that you think everything is an argument. The MegaSD doesn't do one specific thing I want, mix cd music. Why are you such an autistic hostile child?
File: Spoiler Image (253 KB, 1080x819)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
My Model 1 Sega CD still works, but at some point I'll need to take it apart and do something about the disc tray (won't spin discs unless I jiggle the unit around a little bit) and replace the save battery hopefully, which I've heard requires soldering. Closest place that could repair it is like a four hour drive so I guess I'm on my own it was also sitting in my grandparents house for years, and they had uh... problems, so I'm kind of scared of what I might find inside after opening the case.
a combination of the console selling poorly and the high failure rate on early cd drives means that the number of working sega cds in circulation is both low and rapidly dwindling.
You know, I could probably cope without the save battery if there were a cheap alternative to pic-related, because I imagine the tray problem will be the easy part. I don't want to shell-out for an Everdrive but I don't think my Chinkshit flash cart has CD Backup RAM functionality (would love to be proven wrong though).
Just keep coping and projecting kiddo. Surely that will get you all the help and answers you need.
>If you want to experience the glory that is Night Trap 32X, you're gonna need a real Sega CD
If I wanted to play the best version of night trap, I'd play the remaster on the ps4/switch
This is the solution. The trouble is that you can't do everything from either the cartridge port or the expansion slot. Toss a 32X in the mix and it makes it even more complicated with bus conflicts and shit. The most comprehensive solution is a two piece set where you'd plug in both a cartridge (with AV out for 32X support) AND an expansion slot accessory that work in tandem. But nobody wants to pull the trigger on a flash cart option that has several pieces to it.
File: Multi Game Doctor_1.jpg (60 KB, 600x437)
60 KB
>But no zoomie wants to pull the trigger on a flash cart option that has several pieces to it
Pic related is an amazing "flash cart" and what I used until modern alternatives became available, which in the case of things the PCE and GB was just a few years ago. It also handles SNES, Genesis, GG and Neo Geo. As we now have several flash carts that cost hundreds of dollars and use the same/similar relatively expensive components I'd love to have a modern version. Imagine paying only once for that FPGA ad SRAM instead of several. It could easily shave a grand off the cost if you have a lot of consoles.
we got it, MSDEXP
and it works with the 32x
MegaSD only works with it though
do your research retards
I bought an aftermarket save backup cart from stoneagegamer and iirc it has like 4x more storage than the official cart.
>do your research retards
That was literally announced today jackass. Dates elude you, calendar or otherwise
Not the anon you're coping to but I heard about this over a year ago. Maybe it was "literally announced today" that it started shipping or something? I dunno. But it was announced as being a thing long ago, which is what announced means IRL.
I heard about that, but they fucking discontinued it and I can't find it for sale anywhere so I might be fucked.
"Maybe we'll release an adapter sometime in the future but we're not gonna tell you when and oh by the way we're not even going to be the ones manufacturing it if it's released at all" isn't an announcement dipshit
File: Humpty Dumpty.jpg (211 KB, 499x555)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
But it is kiddo. If you read/watched anything other than zoomie shit you'd know that companies regularly announce things before they start selling them. For example, your first console was released on March 3, 2017. However "On October 20, 2016, Nintendo officially announced the console under the name Nintendo Switch"
And no amount of coping and or zooming will change reality or history
Why bother? Emulation for the genesis is pretty much perfect, being this obsessed with original hardware is unhealthy.
I'm older than you, tourist. Go shit up /v/, you'll be more comfortable there
Top kek kid. You're literally so young you've never heard of something being announced before it hit the shelves Have you ever even bought a game off the shelf, or it is all steam and ebay? You need to up your larp 12yo boomer.

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