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File: apple-ii-logo-01.jpg (59 KB, 650x434)
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How do I emulate this piece of shit? I just want to play Lode Runner
AppleWin is fucking terrible (can't even remap the keys, something which VBA from 2004 can do)
and MAME won't run .zip or .dsk files, it wants a """SOFTWARE LIST"""
Why do you have to play load runner on apple II? Didn't it come out on a bunch of platforms
thats the first and original version
wasd zoomie btfo

teh tism. Even then it's not a bad thing to want to play the original. But pretty silly to insist on that when you can't even manage to use the keys the developers originally intended.
I don't have a joystick or numpad
The only other option is IJKL or arrow keys and that's buggy as fuck
guess I'll have to write an AHK script
Just play the DOS version friend, or emulate another 8-bit platform that had cartridge support.
>using mame

Even PSP had an apple II emulator. I'm sure you're just not looking hard enough.

>checks wikipedia
>doesn't show psp in the section

hmmmm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_computer_system_emulators#Apple_II

Odd. I recall emulating a fake apple II I guess on my phat psp back in the day.

But there's a few there, not just two. Did you try all of them?

There's a couple for windows, but the one you've fallen for is just something very new that has an article about it. Just because there's no article doens't mean the emulator won't work I figure. Who knows where to download them though in current year?
>and MAME won't run .zip or .dsk files, it wants a """SOFTWARE LIST"""
No it doesn't, you just didn't read the instructions.
mame64 apple2e -flop1 loderunner.dsk
Try kegs
I did that but mame starts bitching about missing required files even though I clearly have apple2e.zip in my roms folder
Well, what files are you missing? It's not like it's some kind of trick, if what is needed is not there it won't work.
Reminds me of when I tried the very first version of wizardry. Wasn't worth the effort.

Did you try Basilisk OP?
>boohoohoo can't remake keyboard keys to other keyboard keys
cry more faggot, if you can't handle the actual controls just don't play it.
Ok I got it working, it's because I didn't cd into the MAME dir in CMD
will do
boomer fucking shit
Why is Apple II emulation so meh compared to C64 or other systems? It's a very much simpler machine, how hard to emulate can it be?
The IBM version of Lode Runner has a playfield which is two columns narrower than the Apple original for some reason.
Being too smoothbrain to use different keys isn't a bug. At least not in the software.
If you're going to write a few lines of "code" why not do it in c++?
because I can't program at all
File: rapemansez.png (163 KB, 602x346)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Mapping keys is boomer shit? What are you, a lady?
File: cap.png (719 KB, 1920x1080)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
That sucks
Can I get the exe please sir
I didn't actually build a joystick choice just for you. I changed some text in something I was already working on. But it is a customizable keyboard so will do what you, and many others, want. But currently no GUI for setting the key code mappings or saving/loading them, which are basic functionality it really needs to be useful. Should be ready in a few months.
“ Apple II Library: The 4am Collection”

It's in a sorry state, to be honest. Applewin reeks of early 2000s and all the lame emu design quirks with it, and while MAME's emulation and video output is better you're gonna have to set a little time aside to fuck with it, and it's shitty and cumbersome to launch games even when you know how to do it.

Sorry bud. One or the other.
The core emulation is. Just all the user interface and video output shit sucks with the current options.
>web emulation
Not if you care about smooth motion or responsive controls at all, but I suppose many Apple games weren't all that arcadey.
Emulate it on the Wii.

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