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Anyone played this game? It's pretty sweet, just straight up hack-n-slash action-RPG gameplay. Kickass music, too. Anything else like it?
I fucking love it. Supposedly it was based on a manga? I have no luck finding it though.

I felt like some of the side-weapons were a little wonky, but for the most part it was pretty cool. Feels a lot like a hybrid of Ys and Startropics to me, though much less jumping puzzles. Still fairly original on its own though. Some of those bigass screen filling bosses were crazy, especially since they moved fairly fast for their size. I love the twist plot-wise, though I feel like the wussed out in the last third of the game or so. I loved the idea of subverting the "super special hero" skin-mark, in that the MC just ends up being an escaped slave of sorts. Too bad he ends up being a prince of a fallen kingdom, which is kinda weak since it just looped back into cliche. His dad turning into a sword was pretty cool though. Guy didn't even know the MC was his son, IIRC but he wanted to look out for his son in some way, so he just trusted the MC that he would do so.

Also, I have no idea what Rieko Kodama helped with, but she's in the "special thanks" section.
Oh, I forgot to note. It's surprisingly colorful, even if it isn't on Crusader of Centy level of visual flair. I also liked how emotional the game was. The moments of triumphant atmosphere are few and far between, and most of the game has a very heavy somber feel to it.

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