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Man, the idea of Deep Fear is WAY cooler than the final product.

Look at this design! But this bitch shows up for like 2 minutes right at the end.

Most diapointing game I've ever played. Had high hopes and i eat up these RE clones like nothing.
Mohit j, and I will
Deep Fear has always been shit-tier and I always hated RE clones. All of them just try to replicate RE/AitD without realizing what makes those games work.
>All of them just try to replicate RE/AitD without realizing what makes those games work.

shit voice acting and janky combat?
Deep Fear is good.
One of REs biggest achivements is how it has no Hud diring gameplay. Deep Fear does amd ot sucks.
Very impressive in theory but in practice all that means is that you need to press triangle every 3 minutes to enter the menu and check your ammunition and health
Kinda why I'm glad that for all its similarities, Silent Hill tried to be its own thing, i.e. letting you move in combat albeit in a way jankier than Dark Souls' rolling.

That design is similar to Parasite Eve's final enemy, and makes me wonder if they stole it from Deep Fear.
most likely they all stole it from the same place

Resident evil:
>Outbreak of a deady bio-weapon virus at a research facility

Silent Hill:
>Some psychic girl is being used to birth a demon god

Deep Fear:
>Some monkey from space was spreading Monkey Aids
This. I suffer from banner blindness, I don care for the HUD until I need to look at it.

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