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I hear this is the best Spyro. Can I just play this one and ignore the first two?

Warped was the best Crash so I'm just following that logic.
You heard wrong. Spyro 3 is the worst one and only people who don't actually like Spyro think it's the best. Play them in order instead of being a bitch.

>Warped was the best Crash so I'm just following that logic.
2 is better but I can at least understand why someone might like 3 better, despite being filled with shitty gimmick levels.
in both the Spyro and Crash trilogies 2 is generally considered to be the best because they're the purest example of the series' gameplay and strengths, 3 is stuffed with minigames which can be polarising depending on if you enjoy them or find them annoying

also, if you really enjoy a series why wouldn't you want to play as much as possible, why bother skipping entries?
>why bother skipping entries?

Efficiency, my friend. Believe it or not a shitload of people on /vr/ have spouses, kids and jobs.
lol is see what you did OP.

But Spyro 3 is best enjoyed in a white Subaru Legacy while blasting initial d eurobeat through the speakers.
it's far more efficient not to waste your time playing videogames or browsing 4chan
File: spyro-the-dragon_ss3.png (170 KB, 600x400)
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If you only want to play one game stick with Spyro 1.
it's the most focused on pure platforming unlike the sequels with their miminigames, even though Spyro 2 had slightly better controls.
it was never the same leap in quality as crash did from 1 to 2
>people who don't actually like spyro think spyro 3 is the best
i bet you thought you were really going somewhere with that statement
How can this only be rated 3+? It has a few dark undertones here and there.
I didn’t like how much smaller the maps were in 2, the openness of the first one worked because with the ram charge Spyro is pretty fast and doing big glides was so fun.
Just play them all op and decide for yourself. I need to play the first one since I never had it as a kid. I only had the 2nd and 3rd so I think both of them have their positives and negatives. But honestly play the second one, then play the third. I like them both for different reasons.
Spyro 2: Ripto is a better villain than the sorceress in 3. Spyro 2 has in my opinion better home world's and decent level challenges.
Spyro 3: has playable characters and loads more mini games and challenges to complete and better game mechanics that actually help you complete the game like Sparx upgrades. But to unlock the super bonus world you need to get every gem and fucking egg which is a bitch to do considering a lot of those mini games are difficult as fuck. Not to say unlocking both sides of Dragon shores is a cake walk but looking back I found completing Spyro 2 was easier and more fulfilling than 3.
Tl;dr just play them all op and decide which one is best.
Especially the ethno-nationalism bit
This. Should be rated M at least.
There's nowhere to go, but it is the weakest game of the trilogy. Crash 1 is the weakest actual Crash.

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