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Who were your retro mains?
Ryu, definitely, Chun Li as a 2nd
Pikachu for N64 smash
T.J. Combo for Killer Instinct
Guile or Sagat depending on version
Raiden in mk
Baraka in mk2
Link or Samus in smash
Blob in clayfighter
Knowing 13yo me, probably boba fett in teras kasi. But I think I liked chewie and thok too.
Kasumi in DoA.
Athena, Iori, Kim
B. Jenet
Captain Commando + Morrigan
link in n64 smash cause im a fuckin normie
bob burnquest in undergroud 2 (i think that was the one)
You ever play 63 and a third? If so, what did you think at the time?

damn you played a lot of fighting games I didn't even know at the time
what's your story?

haha I think it's because OOT was still so huge when Smash came out
somehow I became a Pikachu main because I just found those electrical aerial smashes to be so satisfying, especially with the lag of the first game
THIS based son of a bitch.
I dunno why, but Wolf was always my go to in the VF series (and Fighters Mega Mix). I just like his grappling style. And it only got more refined with each new game in the series.
All of them
Iori, Ralph, Kim
>Raiden in mk
>Baraka in mk2

Whenever possible, I go to Shang Tsung. But sometimes Shang gets banned from the roster because of his ability to be any character (also, no Shang in the PS1 or Saturn versions, because of disc loading interruptions). But in MK1, it was Raiden or Sonya. In MK II I liked Johnny Cage. In MK3, it was Cyrax for whatever reason.
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Same person. I also wanted to add King as one of my mainstays in my team compositions for the KOF series.
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I like Chinese girls.
Uh let’s see...

Terry Bogard
Robert Garcia
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If used right he's a killer. Also I always had a thing for second bananas.

- Ken in SF II: TNC
- Luigi in SMB64
- Cyclops in X-Men
Ryu and Guile
Pikachu in N64 Smash
Johnny Cage/Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat
Jacky in Virtua Fighter
King in Tekken

>what's your story?
It's my favorite genre for many years. I've played way more kof than the others though
Wow I've never really been into fighting games or played a KoF game outside of MAME.
MK - usually Scorpion, Reptile or Kitana. In UMK3 Smoke.
SF - usually Cammy or Chun Li
Tekken - King probably
I played c2, but I never had a 64. I like the earthworm Jim games though, so I'm sure I'd have given him a shot
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mai waifu <3
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Along side roguelikes its by far my favorite genre. Nothing else really comes close.

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