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I’m looking for some obscure and overlooked platform games.
this right here. nobody ever talks about this game.
it's a platformer. but it's more. it's non-linear, it has rpg elements, with potions and magic and whatnot. you can be a girl. you can be a wolf. you can be whatever your want! no actually just girl and wolf.

also this was the first commercial game released for loonix (alongside dos). and for some reason everyone forgot about it.
That looks like that one Apogee platformer (Alien Rampage?)
File: Spoiler Image (56 KB, 640x360)
56 KB
Did someone say......HIDDEN GEMS?
File: 8-eye-s_02.png (4 KB, 256x224)
4 KB
not sure how obscure it is but 8 eyes was a decent castlevania clone
File: High-Seas-Havoc-U-004.jpg (82 KB, 640x480)
82 KB
Pop n' Twinbee for the snes
File: Hamelin no Violin.jpg (64 KB, 640x357)
64 KB
SFC game that's pretty good. Nothing too special but it has some some fun puzzle elements.
You mean Pop’n Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures. The first Pop n Twinbee is a shmup.
Damm this one it's actually pretty good
"Hey Guys today im gonna show you some obscure and really good hidden gem, it's called Duck Tales for NES, nobody knows about him and it's a shame cuz it's a really good gaem, nobody knows about him cuz it's obscure, alright, next game it's Super Mario land for the Gayboy, The most obscure and hidden Mario Game EVER made it's actually pretty obscure and forgotten, alright next gaim it's Crash Bandicoot for the Gayboy ADVANCE, ANOTHER HIDDEN GEM, And pretty obscure, never seem before, ok guys that was all for today see ya Next time"

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