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>You are weak - you must feed.
>The old hunger has left me; I have no desire for blood.
>You are changed. Your blood-thirst is replaced by a deeper need - you have become a devourer of SOUL
>What happened was that the Elder God had a colostomy. It was not under control. I said, 'No more yogurt, Elder God!
File: the hub of the wheeel.jpg (68 KB, 1152x864)
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>So what?
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>Look around you, Raziel. See what has become of our empire. Witness the end of an age, the clans scattered to the corners of Nosgoth.
>This place has outlasted its usefulness... as have you.
>Who better to serve me, than those whose passions transcend all notions of good and evil?

I always liked that line. Seems very universal - and appropriate, especially nowadays.
>I will never forgive you for ripping of my wings, never
>...I liked your wings.
>Conscience? You dare speak to me of conscience!? Only when you have felt the
full gravity of choice should you dare to question my judgment!
>The enemies had a new champion, with flaming eyes hmm yes and a tiara aye, it was DRAG REAVER
I cant believe after all the cut content from the original plan for the story, amy henning managed rework it and get it all to make sense and tie together in the sequel,
and then they fucked it up with blood omen 2
>As one of very few women in senior creative positions in the video game industry, Hennig is often asked about sexism and challenges she has faced. But she says it's not an issue. "Usually it has been men who gave me the opportunities I have had. I think this is a young enough and progressive enough industry that there just isn't any of that."

No wonder she got shoved out of today's video game industry
>Truley, you've become a Soul Reaver
What did he mean by this?
I REALLY didn't need to see this picture.
what he said was 'Become my soul reaver, my angel of death...'
I wish she was still writing shit like soul reaver
You: look at me mommy I can quote shit!

Your mom: that's nice dear mommy's busy right now.
l o l
You're a "lol faggot"!

no u
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>Kain, my dog has no nose.
File: downloadfile-2.jpg (31 KB, 474x379)
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>Outrageous! How does he smell?
File: downloadfile-3.jpg (19 KB, 474x355)
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dat waistline though, unf~

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