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File: PSX-DualShock-Controller.jpg (2.05 MB, 3060x2400)
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I've been replaying Spyro on my backwards compatible PS3 and I am noticing a very slight sensitivity issue.

I believe the DualShock 3's are more sensitive than the original DualShock and I would like to somehow just hook up an original DualShock to the PS3.

Can it be done? Anyone know of any good controller converters?
in like 2007 i got a playstation to usb adapter to play custom guitar hero stuff on my pc
and it worked just fine putting old controllers into my ps3
Okay, do you have any idea what the brand was or what kind of adapter it was? I have been reading mixed results.
some blue triangle lookin thing i found on amazon, it's at my mom's so i can't really look at it or post a picture. some things it did not work for, but most games it did
File: 61wn+QVZZhL._AC_.jpg (84 KB, 1084x971)
84 KB
So something like this?
Raphnet Technologies is hands-down the highest quality adapter brand out there.
I have OP's controller but need to replace the left analog stick, the joystick unit not just the plastic stick. Where can I get one? I see 3 pins and 4 pins for PS3
I had it, worked for years but eventually broke and tried to repairs all welds, it was inside the port the problem. Waiting for another one form Ebay
I have done it before, works 100% fine but no PS button, any adapter works
File: 1474604386518.jpg (10 KB, 200x252)
10 KB
DS1 and DS2 and Sixaxis controllers uses the 3 pin sticks.
also Xbox 360 controllers

DS3 uses the 4 pin ones.

> t. guy who replaced a lot of broken sticks.
Does vibration work with these blue ones? I have a different model and it doesn't seem to support vibration.
everything works with default windows drivers besides vibration, mine came with a driver CD which made rumble work.
Since we're on the subject:

I have a PSOne controller right here and a Sixaxis. The sixaxis, even though it's half broken, has no issues with diagonals on the d-pad. Feels a little mushier (and more comfortable since it doesn't need much pressing), though cheaper somehow.

The one on the PSOne gamepad which I bought refurbished is weird as fuck. Seems sturdier and brand new, the sticks work nicely and all but the d-pad is just not there. I have to press quite harder for the diagonals and going up -> up-right or up-left for instance is much more difficult.

Any ideas there? Think it's because of the board? Its membrane? I just hate it how it does look like an amazing gamepad, all new and sturdy but at the same time it feels like I have to mash the buttons hard.
File: 1523259613420.jpg (45 KB, 600x600)
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>dual shock
dual shock 2 has mushier dpad.
just get that instead since its backwards compatible with ps1/ps2.

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