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Let's talk about games where you're a guy controlling other guys. Action/adventure games with RTS-like mechanics.
We all know about Pikmin, Battalion Wars, and Overlord, but are there any other good entries into this genre?
Hmm Black and White 2 handles sending your Creature and various platoons and siege weapons out really well if you play the evil way when conquering lands.

There's Goblin Commander on the PS2, I only played a little bit of it and can't remember if it's any good.
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This is what you want right here: Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde. Made by two of the lead designers on Lost Vikings, Diablo 2, Starcraft and Warcraft 3. You control little groups of goblins and send them out to pillage and plunder other goblin clans. Each time you defeat a clan, they join your ranks, and you get to mix and match the different goblins from each clan. You have a base set up for you in each mission (which can be destroyed and repaired), but there's not much base building other than turrets you can buy to defend your base. Otherwise the focus is on action. There are two resources, gold and souls. Gold is obtained by destroying structures (almost everything in the game is destructible), and souls are obtained by killing enemy goblins. You use gold and souls together to unlock new goblin units, buy upgrades, turrets and hero-type units called titans. There's also some other nifty things like runes you can find or buy that let you cast spells, and neutral structures you can capture to give you abilities. It's a really cool little game and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes console RTS games.
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Battlezone and it's sequel are good examples.
Loved the innocent CGI cartoon aesthetics and sound design in this. There is a similar game on PS2 but more like Worms/Hogs of War and characters have normal proportions. Forgot the name
I've loved this game ever since it came out
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City of Heroes Mastermind archetype
An MMO class where the playstyle is you summon a bunch of dudes/monsters/robots to fight for you while you sit back and buff them and occasionally throw in some support fire or crowd control
This games just look like work
do you work retail or fast food?
Future Tactics?

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