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Any mobile Java/J2ME fans?
Java had some good RPGs. Heroes Lore, Might and Magic, Elven Chronicles...
I find it really surprising how J2me game sites are still online. Wonder why because most people are on smartphones now.
Lots of third world countries still have java phones too. Also for some reason there’s tons of Arabs with Symbian/java phones from the 2000s. They have these badass custom ngage shells n shit I’ve never seen anything quite like it.
Weird. I've been in the Emirates from 2009-2015 and I've seen people quickly go from using Nokia phones to Blackberry phones to iPhones. Like right in the beginning of 2010, I've only been seeing iphones in sight. It would be crazy if what you're saying is true because a lot of phone providers have ditched legacy standards (3g and below).
I do t think they use them as day to day phones, just collectors. I was in a few ngage collector club things and they were everywhere with their elusive revisions and shells. Fucking bastards
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Damn, did not expect to see a thread about java games, was thinking about making a thread myself.
Hell yeah, there's some good shit. If you haven't played them, I highly recommend trying them, J2ME Loader is the best emulator for your phone. PC emulators aren't as good.
Here's a list of websites where you can get the games:
Here's a list with some games:
Java games are comfy, kinda like GBA games.
This, UAE and Saudi Arabia have some intense collectors. Their clothes are the standard fare in that area. So millennials and zoomers express themselves with kisch in their pockets or carrier bags.
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>dying thread
Are there games with Gravity Defied gameplay which predate it?
dirt bike flash game
What I remember about dumbphones was that the average person used to have their own custom ringtones. Now I don't hear anyone with their own ringtone. They all use whatever default preset comes on their iPhone or Android phone.
people used to send midis/mp3s via infrared/bluetooth but now everyone has spotify because they dont know how to download music so they just stick with basic shit.
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>people used to send midis/mp3s via infrared/bluetooth

I remember doing that too. Back in the day, a lot of kids would send me a bunch of mp3s of popular dance music like Soudja Boy and other trash that I didn't really like. Just normalfag music.

Though my favorite thing about dumbphones, or the phone I had (Nokia Xpressmusic), was that you could kinda surf the web. A lot of websites didn't load well due to the lack of css and javascript but youtube was functional (though the video quality wasn't that good). You could also download and install java games through the browser as well. Dumbphones had the best games compared to the shovelware that you get on iPhone and Android.
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Yeah friends used to send all kind of shit, funny audio clips, images and of course, porn.
On computer lab classes I used to download a fuck ton of Java games from 4shared and even had an usb with the motorola tool to send them to my phone (pic related), still remember i had to find specific versions of the jar files otherwise the controls would be fucked up and wouldnt let me get past some screens in some games.
tegosNIGGAS.... wwa
i didn't know about dedomil back then. i knew about tegos but didn't use it. i used site called obua or something like that.
mob ua, bro
that shit was based
can't remember a game which i liked back in 2010. it was a beat em up but it had world map, you could level your character and his weapons. it was set in some sort of fantasy medieval desert.
Holy Wars?

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