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File: Shinobi and Spider-Man.jpg (363 KB, 600x800)
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I often hear people say that these titles feel a lot like one another, and Michael Jackson's title from around the same time also pops up sometimes, it always made me wonder if they had any relation to one another... maybe the same engine or same developers? Still, while both Shinobi and Michael Jackson were developed by SEGA, Spider-Man is a Technopop release, did SEGA let them use the engine? I mean, both Revenge of Shinobi and the Spider-Man title have a final boss where a lady in distress is going to die if you're not fast enough, and you have a way of slowing down her death as you fight... it can't be a coincidence.
>Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin

90s techno fart kino.

File: 1694740648562922.jpg (57 KB, 639x622)
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Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin has a stellar OST, the darker atmosphere is really sold by it, alongside its graphics. I definitely recommend everyone do give this a playthrough, even if they're not really Spider-Man fans... or at least listen to the OST.
>spider-man's roster of villains is so shite they needed to steal daredevil's archnemesis
Kingpin's first appearance was in spiderman actually.
File: Spoiler Image (216 KB, 1028x1280)
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I know most think of him as a Daredevil villain in modern media, but as (>>10258471) said, that's not always the case, he made his debut in TASM comic, and was a running villain on the 1994 TAS.

P.S. If you play this title, don't let him drop MJ in that pool of acid, afterall... she's sexy! SEXY!
File: 1663965488136732.png (254 KB, 549x348)
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254 KB PNG
MJ is a butch millennial in the new games
File: meiu.jpg (9 KB, 217x232)
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I loved both games. Great soundtracks. Spiderman has this 70's gritty crime soundtrack.
Not necessarily true for millenials in every country around the world. Zoomers are typically more low on self awareness and critical thinking skills, not just in the West, but in most of Greater China and Japan as well. One upside; nowadays many Chinese millenials and Gen Z are going beyond "Tang Ping" into BAI LAN.
>MJ is a butch millennial in the new games
Oh... please, don't remind me.

>A journalist instead of a supermodel
>50yo looking hag instead of beautiful and sexy
> Bossy GF instead of a gentle and caring wife
I mean, they ruined her... add to that a Black Cat with no cleavage, Venom not being Eddie Brock, and Miles Morales being pushed down people's throats... and consoomers love it, they eat it up.

I despise modern Spider-Man media.
That's only true for the majority video game and movie media. Most Marvel and DC published comic books these days are terrible preachy garbage filled with self-insert cucklord writers, inkers, and artists, OR at best are flat-out mediocre. Marvel is a few smidgens worse overall in the comic book race to the bottom in this day and age than DC, though Image and Dark Horse, I am not so sure.
I knew the comic book industry was bad in that regard... but I had no idea it'd reach other, more popular, forms of media so soon. It's frustrating, especially with Spider-Man, which was the only comic book character I genuinely adored... every form of media now is multiverse, because that's the new consoomer trend, consoomers love to see other Spider-Men more than Peter Parker... and corporations love it to, afterall, more stuff they can sell. I seriously feel no joy from it now.

We have people going on lines to buy tickets so they can watch Miles Morales, the main example of tokenization in modern media, and Gwen, the quirky zoomer version, of course, Peter Parker's either in the background, or made to be seen as worse than the "cooler" and "hip" new versions of the character. Now every film, TV show, and video game has alternative versions of him just stealing the spotlight, add to that the fact that women have to be girl bosses... and it all sucks.

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